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Rollin’ Back the Week’s Best Tips: The Last of Us, Tekken Revolution (PlayStation 3)

by Prima Games Staff

Welcome to Rollin’ Back the Week’s Best Tips.  We took last week off to cover the Electronic Entertainment Expo, but we’re back in full force to look at two new PlayStation 3 games – The Last of Us and Tekken Revolution.

We already provided a number of great The Last of Us guides, including Beginner’s Tips.  However, we wanted to post a brief primer in case you missed or just need a quick guide to help you along.  On top of that, we’ve got some first-time tips for Namco Bandai’s free-to-play Tekken Revolution.

The Last of Us

Conserve Supplies

You can play however you wish on the easier settings, but on higher difficulties you’ll need to be cautious if you want to keep Joel and Ellie alive.  The first thing we’ll tell you is to conserve whatever ammunition you come across.

Though you can usually find them on enemies you take out, bullets are scarce throughout the game, so you’ll want to use your pistol or whatever gun you have on hand carefully.

Most situations you can handle using melee attacks, especially if you’re able to jump someone from behind or catch them off guard when they enter a doorway or window.  You’ll often need to counter an incoming blow, but most of the time you can take them down if you strike first.

You’ll want to save the bullets during firefights.  There are situations where you’ll alert a guard – whether it’s accidental or on purpose – and the only way out is to shoot.  Steady your aim when you use a pistol because the closer you get to the head, the less bullets you’ll have to finish enemies.  Consider sneaking around this enemy using cover, then striking with a physical attack from behind.

In addition, use medical kits sparingly.  Save these for when you need them most.  For instance, when you deal with a member of the Infected or think you’ll have to take a pack of looters head-on.  This will let you absorb some hits.

Sometimes it’s Best to Fight Another Day

There are situations in The Last of Us where you don’t necessarily have to fight – you can simply continue on your way.  Case in point – during one scenario, you’ll find yourself in a house ransacked by looters.  Most gamers will take the physical approach, taking them out one-by-one with weapons.  However, there is another option; using tools to distract them, like throwing a bottle to divert their attention and then making a run for it. Considering you have Ellie in tow and your health is quite vulnerable when it comes to gunfire, you might consider taking the stealthy approach whenever you can.

Tekken Revolution

Achieve Balance with Power, Endurance and Vigor

One advantage to Namco’s awesome free-to-play fighting game is being able to level up your character as you proceed through both arcade and online matches.  You do this in three areas – power, endurance and vigor.  While some people may think that power is the way to go, we personally think that balancing all three helps level up your character overall.  Sure, power goes a long way to becoming an unstoppable warrior, but that doesn’t mean the other two elements should be neglected.  In fact, endurance helps you get back on your feet quicker and vigor ties right in with power.  Try to keep them equal and watch your character grow.


With Tekken Revolution, you’ll find that online combatants vary.  Some are true fighting masters that can chain a 10-hit combo in their sleep; others are masters of the “tap, tap” system, where they mash buttons like crazy.  While it’s important to study their fighting patterns, it’s equally vital for you to know your own arsenal.

Before you hop into the online lobby, we suggest dominating arcade mode.  Here you’ll be paired up against formidable AI you can test your moves against, including chain-able combos and throws.  In addition, while you wait for an online fight, you’ll have the option to take on an AI opponent.  Feel free to accept the challenge, as you can practice before hitting the online ring.

Remember, you have a ranking in Tekken Revolution that tracks both wins and losses.  

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