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Rollin’ Back the Week’s Best Tips: Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and Soul Sacrifice

by Prima Games Staff

It’s time for another Rollin’ Back the Week’s Best Tips and while this week isn’t packed with a bunch of big retail releases, we’ve got plenty to do on the digital front with Ubisoft’s Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and Sony’s spectacular Soul Sacrifice.  So without further ado, here we go with some helpful tips!

Soul Sacrifice

Don’t Be So Hasty To Sacrifice Everyone

One cool tactic in Soul Sacrifice is being able to take the souls of enemies you vanquish and either sacrificing them to give yourself a quick magical boost or saving them and restoring some of your health.  In some situations, you may think that your health is doing just fine and want to reign down all sorts of hell on your opponents, but just consider if you really need it.  Playing the “savior” has its own rewards towards the end of each stage (though sacrificing does as well) so it’s best to take a look at your levels to see where they stand, then make your decision.  Besides you never know when you’re going to need an ally to bring down the bigger bosses.

Use Special Abilities Only When You Need Them

Another sacrificial play you can make in the game is using one of your body parts to execute an attack that can lay waste to anyone within their range.  A novel idea, but there’s a drawback such as a slower speed or vision that isn’t as sharp as it used to be.  While these special attacks can really help you balance things out when you’re overwhelmed, they can also leave you short-handed later on in the game.  Use these sparingly, because you never know what bigger, badder enemies are around the corner.

Don’t Be Afraid To Try a Little Co-Op

Though Soul Sacrifice doesn’t come with a full-on cooperative story mode, it does have various side missions that you can play with others either online through the PlayStation Network or locally via AdHoc.  We can’t suggest trying these enough, because the game becomes enormously fun when you team up with others.  You might be arguing a little bit over who gets what loot, but the sheer satisfaction of bringing down the larger beasts in the game by working together simply cannot be matched.  If you’ve got some fellow Monster Hunter-style players and want to do some major damage to the extra missions, this is definitely worth a try.

Onto the next game!

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

This futuristic shooter (by 1980’s terms) has a lot going for it and here are some tips that will help you out in the long run.

Take Time To Explore the Side Missions – Or Let Off Some Steam, Bennett

Even though the side missions in Blood Dragon don’t sound nearly as exciting as the main story ones (including stuff like rescuing “nerds” and shooting exotic animals with special weaponry), you should tackle them anyway because you unlock additional currency and experience that will help you out with the game’s later missions.  You’ll also be able to buy in-game weapons a lot quicker than just running straight through the general missions.  Don’t be afraid to explore either.  It never hurts to let off some steam on a Omega Squad patrol with a mounted gun on your car.  Just don’t make one explode when it’s parked right next to you or you’ll die in the chain explosion.

Blood Dragons Are Your Friends…Sort Of

One enemy that you’ll run into early on in this game is the Blood Dragon, a neon-lit Tyrannosaurus Rex whose mood can be determined by his skin color.  If he’s green, he’s at peace amd not noticing anything around him.  If he’s in the yellow, he’s cautious and begins looking around.  If he’s red, run or you’ll be scorched alive by his laser attacks.

The Blood Dragon is quite a vicious beast that chases after you relentlessly, even if you think you’ve escaped its grasp but you can actually use him to your advantage.  Early on in the game, you’re told that you can lure the Blood Dragon into a base after you shut off its defense shields by using robotic hearts that you rip out of dead soldiers.  By aiming and hurling with the directional pad, you can make this thing do your dirty work as it runs down enemies and feeds on them.  Keep in mind that once it’s done, it’ll still be on the hunt for you, so you may want to use an explosive canister or a grenade in order to finish it off.

Practice Your Chain Kills, They Pay Off

One great new feature that’s exclusive to Blood Dragon is being able to chain kills together if soldiers are within the same vicinity.  You do this by executing a kill on an enemy you sneak up on, then targeting the next as the kill is taking place and hitting the coordinating button.  By doing so, you can take a group out conveniently and quietly.

Using these melee kills not only gives you a quiet advantage over alerting someone, but it also saves you precious firepower for later battles in the game when you have no choice but to shoot someone.  Learn this skill well, along with awesome aerial melee strikes, and you’ll be doing damage with Rex Colt in no time flat.

Soul Sacrifice is available now for PlayStation Vita, and Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is available for download on Xbox Live Arcade, Steam/PC and PlayStation Network.

We’ll see you next week on Rollin’ Back the Week’s Best Tips!