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Remember Me Walkthrough – Part 1

by Prima Games Staff

Episode 0 – Rebirth/Reboot

Nilin awakens by a torturous disturbance, leaving most of her memory wiped out. As the drone approaches her in the cell, perform the button cues to get your feet wet with basic controls. When ready, stumble and follow the bot through the hallway. Continue tracking to the destination trail until you unite with other prisoners in the next room. Unfortunately, the line waiting leads to an intimidating machine that completely removes Nilin’s memory. Lucky for her, a call from a mysterious fellow has plans for escape. Move forward in the line until the unknown messenger puts a cease to the machine; creating a distraction. As the man says, look to the left side shutter; its bottom part will open. Crawl underneath to escape the madness – and to watch a short cinema. Head past the large robot and down the corridor. Shortly in your jog, an automatic security alarm will detect Nilin’s restricted presence. As this happens, the robot will activate and attempt to put you down. Don’t waste time here: RUN FOR IT! Making it to the end of the corridor will trigger another cinema, where Nilin crashes through a vent from the right-side wall. As she stumbles back to her feet, proceed into the next room. Inside there, the unknown messenger will command you to slip into a coffin. Approach the mobile mechanism, enter the coffin, and you’re home free.

Episode 1 – Low-life/Low-Tech

First Taste of Combat

Nilin’s coffin ride will woefully land in a vehement area infested with deranged-memory subjects. It’s not a warm welcoming, so get familiarized with the dodging and striking elements of the game. To begin a form of offense, access the menu by pressing Select. From there, click into the Combo Lab. Tip: Moves in Remember Me are called “Pressens.” As you progress, you’ll unlock new and unique maneuvers for Nilin. Customizable combos can also be created here in different slots. For example, for the 360 version, a 3-hit combo can be created with X,Y,X, or X,X,X. Though limited, the choice is yours to which you’re comfortable with. The only two available moves are the Power Pressens, so assign the Pressens within the 3-button combo. When that’s done, test out the combo on the foes that ambush you. This is basic fighting here, so be sure to dodge the enemy threats after an attack! Tip: To determine the proper moment in dodging a foe’s attack, look for the “!” symbol above their head. Even enemies off screen – including bosses – display this notion. Once the Leapers have fallen, Nilin will witness a figure running off from the shadowy distance. Begin to follow the figure through the sewer tunnel. Tip: Along the chase, you’ll stumble upon SAT Hatches. These, in a nutshell, are stationaries that replenish your health. Boost any wounds that need attention then move down the tunnel. After the chat with Edge via codec, head to the end of the tunnel. Here, check out the destination arrow on the upper-left hand wall. Nilin can grasp onto ledges just like Lara Croft from Tomb Raider! Grab ahold of the wall and scale right. At the ledge, pull yourself up. It’s a bit dirty in here, isn’t it? Scale the next wall (where the marker is) and move left. Don’t mind the drone flying here – it’s harmless. At the poles, leap upward then pounce over the wall to land on the other side. Tip: There’s a Mnesist Memory lying around in the corner below the marker here. These are collectable documents of Neo-Paris and information about its history. Keep on the lookout for ’em! When it’s all said and done, begin climbing the stacks of metal cages. Creepy masks are hung by strange wires above, but they don’t prevent Nilin from continuing. Scale along by leaping to each ledge, and then take another leap to the left-side structure. From there, move left and surface to the top. Now that Nilin has escaped Leapers’ Lair, it’s time to traverse to the Leaking Brain.

Get to the Leaking Brain

After Edge contacts Nilin, follow the blue pipes in the tunnel. A sideways train lies ahead; venture inside (stick right to discover another Mnesist Memory). That same mysterious Leaper will run off from Nilin. Follow him outside and witness a cinema. A dark and eerie city lies ahead. Once the cinema concludes, drop down the ledge and onto the street. Jog on the catwalk from the right side. The mysterious Leaper will flee again, so run past the homeless man and cross the small bridge beyond there. Check the building’s wall with the graffiti on it here – it’s climbable. Scale and surface to the building’s roof, then continue chasing the fleeing Leaper. Tip: On the roof, you’ll stumble upon a “memory picture,” in which Errorists leave behind. In general, these are pictures scattered throughout the game that give locations to hidden areas with nifty items. It’s optional to scout for these (you have to study the picture pretty well), but they’re well worth it! For the first hidden stash, it looks to be in an alley way. Funny thing is, it’s across the next catwalk nearby. Cross over the catwalk leading up and stick right to find a SAT Patch. Tip: SAT Patches are like Zelda’s Heart Containers; collect five to increase your item capacity. Now, look for a neon cube light on the left side. A climbable ledge rests above it. Scale up and wrap around the building. From the left side of the building, perform a back jump (position the joystick towards the direction and press the jump button). If succeeded, Nilin will hang from a rigidity fence behind you. From there, simply hop over it. More Prowlers infest the next area. Unfortunately, Nilin’s health will drain to one block from a surprise attack. The good news is there are new Pressens to purchase, known as “Regen Pressens.” These Pressens allow Nilin to reboot health when deploying offense. It’s a life saver, and is certainly needed at the moment! Develop a regen-combo slot for yourself. If performed right, Nilin’s health should boost up a block or two each time. As usual, these are standard enemies that do not cause much threat, but since health is critical here, use your combos carefully! Now that the area is clear, approach the red and brown-colored wall in the corner. Climb and hop on the other side of it, and then perform a back jump to the building behind there. Hanging from the building’s ledges, work towards the left side and then drop to the lower ledge. The lower path leads to a ledge in which can be surfaced by pulling yourself up. A gap lies ahead that only requires a simple jump. Before going, however, scout behind the train cart for another Mnesist document. When ready, pounce over the small gap, replenish any health, and then ascend the stairs. On top of the stairs, examine the blue panel and activate its switch. Doing so will mobilize the cart blocking your path. After, follow the catwalk down from the right side and pounce over the gap at the end. Note: The next room contains another picture hint for a hidden item stashed somewhere. You’ll be heading there soon, so don’t worry! Jump over the gap ahead and pull yourself up the catwalk. More enemies will threaten your travel here, leaving no choice but to fight. These foes can easily be dealt with by knocking them off the edges. Call it cheap, but hey – it works! After the victory, launch and climb over to the next platform. On here, check the lower-left corner (near the machine) to collect another SAT Patch. Next, approach the red pipe on the large wall (straight ahead) and begin climbing it. Not everything will go to plan on your way up: Prowlers will ruin the peaceful climb. Once the pipe is bent sideways, use it as a ledge and pounce to the set of stubs to the right. At this point, the main goal is to reach the top of the building using the stubs and pipes. Be careful climbing here as well: the pipe’s steam can result in instant death. Be patient and wait until it passes before moving up!

Skin the Skinner

The Skinner is a large, pretty jacked-up guy with powerful offense. When the fight starts, get ready to dodge as he charges. Try to get a three-hit combo in before backing off. If you need any health, remember to use your Regen combos. Soon within the fight, he’ll call for backup. His minions will come and join the fun, making this fight a little uneven. As this occurs, the Skinner will be in “berserk mode,” which is a pretty clear way of saying: keep your distance. He cannot be damaged while in this stage, so concentrate your jabs/kicks on the Leapers. Once the Prowlers are put down, his berserk mode will be deactivated, and he can be taken on mano-a-mano. As before, stick to three-hit strikes (this will break through his blocks), and avoid being pounded with his powerful fists.

Your Winner: Nilin!

After the victory, run over to the crane control panel and activate it. Doing so will rotate the crane and make it reachable enough to climb. Scale to the top of it and then wrap around its backside. From there, back jump to the ledge above the wall. Take the elevator ride to arrive back outside. A large TV screen on the other-side building can be seen. Perform a well-timed leap to the metal beams below the TV and then continue climbing right/up to the bridge ahead. On top of the bridge, move onward (right) and drop down from the opening at the end. A pole can be seen here; swing onto it and descend to the ground level. So the city has a little life left in it… Anyway, replenish any health that needs attention and then traverse through the market (none of them can be interacted with). A couple things worth collecting are noted below: Hidden Mnesist: In the first section of the market, stay right and look for a boat resting against a wall. Behind it lies a Mnesist. SAT Patch: As for the picture hint, head over to the “Low Cost Proteins” store and snag the SAT Patch on the right side (behind the pillars). Hidden Mnesist: Another Mnesist rests inside a nook near the ladder (just below the “Happy Place” sign). That should do for the market area. Proceed up the ladder (where the destination marker is). Run past the labeled-catwalk for a sec and collect the SAT Patch found around the corner (next to the cyborg). After, head back to the catwalk and activate its panel which will extend the path. Do the same for the other one ahead. From the second catwalk, pounce to the building’s ledge and go right. Approach the metal boards to trigger a scene. Perhaps this could be Nilin’s own version “bullet time.” Not only can she climb like Lara Croft, but she’s also capable of freezing time. As Edge mentions, her memory hasn’t fully recovered, but will in due time. This is the only time – for now – you’ll be able to use tactic. Think of it as a tease. Bummer, right? Test out this nifty element on the pesky Prowlers that appear. They can easily be taken down rather quickly. When victory ensues, move forward and exit the room. On the balcony, take a leap to the metal beams. Use them to reach the face poster on the right, which can be climbed over. From the other side, descend to the lower beams and scale onward/upward to the next area. Another easy jump is required in the following section. The idea here is to work towards the building’s window (on the left), and then back jump to the wall from there. Although Nilin will have a rather faulty grasp to the other side, she won’t fall. Work upward/right (using both jumping and climbing skills) to reach the upper zone ahead. High voltage threats your next path, but it shouldn’t be too much of an obstacle with proper timing. Be sure to run and jump across immediately after the electricity stops, which will be enough time to grasp onto the pipe on the ceiling. Use that same pipe to reach another one and continue climbing right. The catwalk ahead will tremble upon your landing, so make haste and pounce over the pieces that collapse. Also, stay on the left side since most of them fall from the right. At the end of disaster, get ready to leap to the wall! Scale along the building using stubs and a pink sign. Climbing to the lower section on the left-side building leads to a Mnesist (and creepy child laughter). Other than that, scale to the rooftop; it’s where all brains are leaked.

The Leaking Brain

Finally arriving at the Leaking Brain, head past the man on the catwalk (to the right) and activate the mobile cart. A quick cinema takes place and the cart leads Nilin to the main part of Leaking Brain. Walk over to the bar labeled “24/7” and talk to the bartender. Nilin won’t remember him, but he’s for sure a close comrade. The good news is you’ll acquire your real attire here, and witness another cinema. Following the cinema, Nilin will be attacked by a woman named Olga Sedova; a lost memory of hers. As she holds the knife to Nilin’s throat, press the button cue to enter the memory.

Make Dr. Quaid kill David.

Inside the lab, your objective is to change history – that being, have Doctor Quaid kill David, Olga’s husband. To do so, you must cause Dave to go a little insane – and in order to do that, objects in the room must be fiddled with. Hold the Left Stick and rotate it counter-clockwise. Tip: Not every glitch is required to be tampered with. In fact, alternating memory scenes is more of an interactive cinema and puzzle. Triggering certain glitches can change the outcome of the memory and can result in failure. Luckily, you have infinite amount of tries to toy with objects since time can be manipulated! When rotating the stick, time will rewind and the cinema will play backwards. Shift time backward all the way (at the start of the scene). This is well before the doctor approaches David at his bed. Note: You can also fast-forward memories as well. Glitches will also be notified when fastening time. Memory glitches are highlighted in red. In this case, the manipulative glitches are the environmental objects listed below. Follow these steps to put Dave down for good. – Switch the Capsules on the machine. – Move the Trolley (surgeon tray) closer to them. – Activate the Ping machine. – Ignore inverting the Memory Flux. – Untie the Anaesthetic Mask. – Release the strap on Dave’s wrist. If done correctly, the doc will feel a little threatened, and Dave will meet his demise. Man, how cruel! Thanks to the ability to change the past, Olga’s cold shoulder will rub off, and she’ll join Nilin in her quest.

Episode 2 – Microwave

Meet up with Bad Request at the St. Michel Rotunda

A man with a codename of Bad Request has some information for Nilin. Make your way through the alley and enter Michel’s square at the statue. At the square, steer right, descend the stairs, and discover a Mnesist behind the staircase. Now, proceed to the open alley from the opposite side (left of the statue). Though intended to secretly enter the rotunda unnoticed, Nilin will run into a cyborg. Her cover isn’t blown, however, and there’s no need to file a complaint on the bot. Head inside the tunnel (where the cyborg came from) and enter the next alley. Here, Enforcers will spot Nilin and attempt to bring her in. Use your combos and standard fighting tactics to defeat them. Tip: At this point, the Memory Overload maneuver is accessible. With enough damage to your foes, you can perform a finishing move for additional PMP. It’s rather easy to perform while enemies are in a groggy state. Take note you’ve got only one chance on the Enforcers here to use the overload maneuver. Once the Enforcers are dealt with, go over to the corner of the alley on the opposite end of the blue doors. A stash picture can be found here. There are stubs on the corner of the building that can be climbed. Use them to scale the side of the building and perform a back jump from the ledge to reach a red pipe. SAT Patch: Before ascending the pipe, drop down to the alley. The patch can be found next to the stack of boxes. (To get back, hop over the fence and use the stubs again.) From the top of the red pipe, side-jump to the left stub and then perform another back jump to building behind you. Upon grasping the ledge, more Enforcers will appear and scout the area from the streets below, but they’ll leave rather quickly. With the coast clear, pull yourself over the ventilation grid and surface to the rooftop. On the rooftop, ascend the ladder and heal any wounds from the SAT case. When ready, drop down over the railing on the other side of the roof. Upon landing, your cover will be blown and Enforcers will raid in. Good news, though: Nilin’s memory will start coming back, and a new ability will be granted. Known as the Sensen Fury (or Special Pressen), this allows Nilin to enter “fury mode,” where her mobility and attacks act as a rampage. Combos cannot be executed in this state, yet they’re not needed since your offense power increases tremendously. Test out the new ability and dismiss the Enforcers with ease. When the three are dealt with, more will rush in. Your Sensen Fury will need to cool down (with a 99 second timeframe), but the time lapse can be upgraded in the combo menu. You should have enough to unlock one of the Cooldown Pressens, so by all means do so! Cooldown Pressens: These Pressens reduce the cooldown time for performing the Sensen Fury. Be sure to assign them in one of your combos – each slot (or strike from an enemy) deducts five seconds! After the battle, ascend the red pipe nearby. The advertising screen flips each of its section and isn’t crossable without proper timing. Wait until it begins flipping and then side jump to the ledge above the screen. From there, hold RB to cross over quickly. On the other side of the screen, simply jump to the grid bars and enter the building from the open window. Arriving in a bathroom, Edge calls via codec describing the characteristics of Bad Request. Perhaps the most useful one is the dumb haircut he mentions, but then again, this is the year 2084… There’s nothing important inside the apartment besides a health kit in the bedroom. Exit the area from the open screen door leading to a patio rooftop. Outside, move forward and leap to beam hanging across the edge of the roof. Climb and jump left to land on another rooftop. On the other rooftop, scramble up the wall nearby. From there, leap across and grasp the beam. Notice the “Danger” icon on the ledges? Electricity runs across each one, so using precautions and good timing is your best bet. Wait for the electricity to clear on the ledge above, and then pounce upward. When the other electricity disappears from the right, move quickly across (hold RB) and jump to the pipe at the end. Slide down the pipe to land inside a small café. In there, head down the corridor, which leads to the Saint Michel Rotunda.

Saint Michel Rotunda

First things first: Go left on the rotunda’s balcony and snag the SAT Patch next to the gate. Then, head over to the other side of the balcony to meet up with Bad Request. It seems Edge was right; the fellow does have a stupid haircut. Even though he’s Nilin’s biggest fan, she’ll end up stealing his memory (for good cause, of course). As the cinema concludes, a new objective is presented: Follow Bad Request’s Remembranes. Remembranes are similar to the Memory Transfusions where you can manipulate memories. Additionally, Remembranes require you to reenact and repeat the steps of the memory – what you see, what you do – per say. In this case, follow Bad Request to the panel at the end of the hall and then synchronize (by holding LB/L1 button and tapping B/O rapidly) the information from a decent distance. By doing this, you’ll gain the access code to the panel. Once the information is synchronized, access the panel to open the door. After, head inside the following hall and eliminate the Enforcers. When clear, ascend the ladder leading to a construction drones site. At the site, trigger the Remembrane and watch Bad Request lower down a ladder. Though synchronizing the panel opens the door above you, the ladder will be too rusty to climb. Instead, scale up the red pipes to your right. To gain higher elevation, wait for the floating drone to get in range and then grab ahold of it; the bot will glide you to the next wall. From there, climb and jump upward to access the ladder leading to the next area. In the following area, attack drones that patrol the rooftop across from you. Accessing the Remembrane shows Bad Request’s trail and how he got around safely (and also displays the drone’s radius sensor). Before leaping to the railing, be sure to replenish any health as need be. Note: Another stash picture can be seen here. When ready, pounce to the railing and side climb all the way to the right. As you surface, stay to the far right of the patio; the drones will be unaware of your presence. Continue forward carefully towards the next Remembrane. Trigger the next Remembrane and witness your next obstacle. First, scale up the cage and descend the lift to the left – there’s a SAT Patch lying around. Now, head over to the right side of the cage and follow Bad Request’s footsteps (by jumping onto the glass roof). Unfortunately, Nilin will crash through the glass roof and into an apartment. This isn’t the route she planned on taking, but there’s no choice now. Inside the apartment, head into the dining room where a robot is playing a piano (I don’t know about you, but this seems a bit freakish). There’s a staircase in the back worth walking up since it carries a Focus Boost. Tip: Focus Boosts increase your Focus gauge, much like SAT Patches increase your health capacity. When ready, jog past the piano player and proceed into the next room. In there, one of the screen doors is open on the balcony. Hop over the balcony and back jump to the pipe on the other side. Begin climbing the pipe (a large drone will spot you here, but won’t do any harm). At the top of the pipeline, pounce back onto the rooftop of the previous apartment. As you land, that large drone ship will deploy a bunch of Enforcers. Remember to perform your Special Pressen abilities as well as the Overload to finish them off. After the fight, scramble up the nearby wall to enter the interior of a tower. Use your jumping and climbing skills to reach one of the top floors. The ledge above will lead to another rooftop section. In the following area, run up the staircase and access the Remembrane. Keep an eye on Bad Request’s route and steer clear of the attack drones patrolling here (you’ll have to move in a diagonal direction). Once passed the drones, climb the vines in the corner. At the top of the ledge, trigger the Remembrane and synchronize the door panel. Now that the door is accessible, activate the panel to open it. Inside the apartment, synchronize the following panel from Bad Request’s Remembrane to close the shutter nearby. Doing so will block off the drone’s sight from the outside. Now, head back outside and shimmy across the ledges in front of the shutter. Hidden Item: At the second gap (in front of the shutter), you’ll see some stairs below you; drop down and collect the SAT Patch. To get back to higher ground, gain access to the apartment’s entrance from the back room. Once across the ledges, leap and grasp onto the railing on the other side to arrive inside another room. In there, climb the ledges above the door to reach the next floor.

Steal Kaori Sheridan’s Memory

Another battle will ensue on the next floor with a couple Enforcers. Nothing special here; use your standard attacks to put them down. When they’re gone, climb over the brick wall ahead to land in the next room. Follow the way point up the stairs and boost up your health if needed. After, pounce across to the next building (in-between the inactive drones). Hanging from the building’s beam, climb right and move upward towards the lady in the window. The woman’s name is Kaori Sheridan, and you’re in close enough range to steal her memory. Doing so will trigger a cinema.

Get to the Roof

Once you steal Sheridan’s memory, move along building by climbing right. When you reach the red electronic poster, simply jump through it. (This is the future you know.) Continue climbing right and try to leap to the next ledge. Some drones will distract your travel and you’ll fall down to a pillar below. At this point you’re faced with another flipping poster board. This time, however, the board moves in two sections. Wait for the first two sets to halt their movement and then quickly climb to the blank part of the board that doesn’t move. This is a safe zone, so take the time to memorize the next movable boards. Tip: If you slip from the flipping board, don’t worry: you’ll fall down to the lower section that allows you to surface back to the top. You have unlimited attempts here so there’s no need to be intimidated. The second section of the board flips from one side to the next – and back again. Once the pieces shift back to the left side and stops moving, move with haste to reach the other side. At the end, simply jump to the beams to the right. Work your way upward and scale to the top of the beam to reach a platform. Pull yourself up a couple of walls to enter a ventilation room. Drop down to the lower floor below and follow the dark corridor leading to the roof. Hidden Item: Upon exiting the dark hall, look to your immediate right – a Focus Boost rests on a crate. Arriving on the roof will pit you against the first “real” boss, Kid X-Mas.

Boss: Kid X-Mas

Do not let his name fool you; this guy doesn’t mess around. Lucky for you though, he moves rather slowly.

Phase One

The first segment will be familiar to you. At the start of the fight, he’ll charge at you like the Skinner and perform this multiple times. Simply slide and jump out of the way. There are two ways to break his shield and unleash some damage on him. The easiest way is to build up your Special Pressen and strike him repeatedly (you can roughly deal seven to eight hits on him). This should initiate the second phase. The other method is to use your set of combos, though be aware you’ll have to dodge his attacks in-between them. Tip: After he charges at you, he’ll be vulnerable on his backside. This gives you an open opportunity to perform some offense while also building up your special gauge.

Phase Two

Once you shake him in his boots for round one, he’ll form a “turret” on his arm that shoots data bursts. This damages your Pressens build up, so be careful. He usually fires three sets from the turret, so avoid getting close to him at this point. Stay a good distance and evade his attacks. Keep moving! Other than pulling off more defense, the same strategy applies: build up your special offense and attack him from behind when possible.

Phase Three

The main event! At the third round, X-Mas will change his game by adding explosive attacks (perhaps a form of grenades) to the table. He will scatter them around the floor. These can easily be seen with the circle boundaries displayed – just be sure to stay out of their radius or they’ll blow you off your feet. Additionally, X-Mas will fire his turret as well. As long as you switch your position frequently, it shouldn’t be too much trouble. Tip: Remember, assigning health and special boosts are your best friend. Use them to ease the battle. It is recommended to wait until his explosive attacks clear around you before striking him. This is because you may fall into one of the traps while trying to dodge his blows. You can easily be distracted here. When enough damage has been inflicted, you’ll have the option to “terminate” X-Mas. This triggers a QTE (Quick Time Event). Pay close attention and follow the prompts. If you’re successful, you’ll have the option to overload X-Mas’ memory – putting an end to him for good. New Ability: Winning the fight against the Christmas man gains you a new ability: the Spammer. Like a turret, you can fire and shoot foes from a distance, damaging their Sensens. As always, this ability also has a gauge and a limit. Future Pressens you acquire will increase its potential!

Deactivate the Force Field

After you celebrate your victory, target the three force field anchors surrounding you and shoot them with the Spammer. This deactivates the barrier. With the barrier gone, approach the emergency door and shoot the switch on its top part to open it. Head inside to complete Episode 2!

Episode 3 – High Tension/Deep Exit

Return to the Leaking Brain

Though it’s not the best news, Edge informs you to return to the Leaking Brain. Begin by running up the staircase leading back to the market. The market is deserted upon your arrival, with the exception of some cyborgs hanging around. Proceed onward and approach the gate with the “Warning” symbol. Equip the Spammer and shoot panel to the right; it will open. Hidden Item: Before heading through the gate, go right and discover a SAT Patch on the red sofa in the lit room. Head through the gate leading to a dark alley. In the alley, you’ll encounter a Scaramech; collectable parasites that earn you PMP. Tip: There are a total of 55 Scaramechs in the game to find and will aid you in building up new moves/abilities. Target and shoot them repeatedly with the Spammer. Descend the stairs from the alley. At the bottom, a Mnesist can be found behind the quarter-opened shutter to your right. Proceed further down the alley to witness a figure running from the distance. Follow the figure’s tracks down another flight of stairs leading to a group of Prowlers. Dismiss them (if you’ve unlocked a 6-hit combo, try deploying it here for additional PMP). You should also earn another combo slot at this point. After the enemies have been dealt with, scout for a SAT Patch behind the staircase on its left side. Then, run past the flames and open the rusty door to the right (near the “Memo-Swap” sign) using your Spammer on the panel. Traverse a quarter through the following alley. A Prowler will block your travel with a wire running electricity. There is no way to jump over it, but you can take a detour. First, look across puddle beyond the wire; a panel rests above the door you can shoot. Snipe it with your Spammer to unlock a door inside the pawn shop to the right. Then, go through the shop and exit from the door you opened to get around the electricity. Carry on down the alley until you reach a set of stairs. Before descending them, walk over to left side balcony and look at the second-story window ahead. You can open it with the Spammer and snag another Scaramech. Navigate onward through the street and take a left at the end. This leads to a back alley with Prowlers hanging about. A Skinner will also join the battle, so be sure to build up your Special Pressens. Tip: As the game notes, some Prowlers climb on walls. To take them down, shoot them with your Spammer. With the area cleared, check the two opened-shutters on one of the buildings. Close them using the Spammer, making them ascendable. Begin scaling up the building and use the environmental objects (the sign) to advance. Deploy your jumping and climbing skills from the structures from the building. Then, leap to a metal beam. Hidden Item: When you grasp onto a metal beam – instead of dropping down to the balcony – climb left. After jumping and scaling the back buildings, you can slide down a pipe to a shack area. Here, discover a SAT Patch in a small room. Hidden Item: A Scaramech can also be found the shack area (across from the room with the SAT Patch). Look for a closed-shutter that can be opened with the Spammer. If you decide to collect the additional items above, scale back up the pipe and work your way back to the metal beam. From there, drop down to the below balcony and pull yourself up. Continue forward and you’ll run into “Jax the Panda” recording ad. Heal your wounds from SAT station. Then, hop over the railing in front of the panda sign. Back jump to the sign and then climb over it. From this position, execute another back jump to reach the other side. On the other side, snatch a Mnesist on the table then ascend the ladder. When you surface, an unknown outbreak can be heard. Ignore it for now and shimmy across the shack rooftops. Landing on the second rooftop will pit you against some Prowlers and a Skinner. Again, some of the Prowlers will crawl onto the structures, so don’t be shy to use your Spammer! Build up your Fury ability and concentrate on eliminating the Skinner first. With him gone, your other opponents can be put down with ease. New Pressen: At this point you will earn a new Pressen ability known as a Chain Pressen. This emulates the previous Pressen that’s executed and strengthens its impact. When you become the victor, look for an interactive panel on a wall that can be shot with the Spammer. Shooting it will drop down a ladder for you. Climb up it. At the top of the ladder scale the building structures from the left side to gain higher ground. Use your back jumps and such to wrap around to the other side. Here you will run into a pole you can swing across – don’t to so yet. Check the hidden item below. Hidden Item: Before swinging across the pole, simply drop down to the lower platform from the opposite side to obtain a Focus Boost. Use the pole to swing to the other side. Proceed down the hall and unlock the door with your Spammer. Hidden Item: The following room consists of ventilation fans. A Scaramech can be found in the far-left fan. Leave the room via the other exit and have a chat with Tommy. When the conversation ends, follow the catwalk and jog past the flames. Descend the stairs there and you’ll see a crane panel across from you. Using the Spammer, activate the power from the panel and the crane will move. With the crane out of your way, jump across and land inside the building there. Follow the walkway, replenish your health, and then raise the panel at the endpoint with the Spammer. Doing so will open the large shutters ahead, enabling you to jump over. The next area will be dark and an eerie cutscene will take place. Hidden Item: When the large shutters close back up (after you land behind them), turn around; a Scaramech hangs on the middle shutter. Something lurks in these halls, so put your game face on and walk down the corridor. A floodlight can be activated with the Spammer; turn it on to scare off whatever the creature may be. What you do know is it’s not too fond of light. The problem is you don’t have much of it… Continue down the corridor and activate the next floodlight. Yikes! The figure will once again flee. Proceed further and wrap around the hall. You can feel some presence behind you, so keep moving. Activate the floodlight at the end of the corridor. The light will shine on a ladder. There are actually two ladders here; ascend both of them. At the top, unlock the shutter and head into the next room. Here you will encounter another type of Leapers known as Stranglers (whom skulked your entering). Stranglers seem tricky, but they’re actually cake – as long as you have a source of light, that is. The floodlight is your best friend here; keep it active and constantly turn it on when they shut off. You won’t be able to see (or attack) these foes without it since they’re invisible in the dark. Other than that, your standard combat and defense applies. Tip: The Enemy Information menu mentions if there’s no source of light available to use your Sensen DOS, which is an ability you haven’t acquired yet. You will be getting this soon, so don’t worry! When victorious, open the shutter to gain entry back outside. Other than a SAT health station on the shack rooftop, scramble up the nearby wall and leap across to the next building. Since the rain is really starting to come down, a high voltage hazard will prevent you from climbing for a moment. With good timing, wait for the voltage to clear and then scale quickly upward. Using consistency, move and pounce to left-side ledges at the top before you’re fried! Continue scaling and using your back jumps around the building structures. Nilin’s last jump won’t go to plan and she’ll crash down into a cargo area.

Cargo Area

Go forward and unlock the gate from a panel in the corner. Outside, “corrupt” the locking bar panel with your Spammer to make it ascendable. Hidden Item: A Mnesist document lies at the entrance of the “Rent a Box” store. Ascend over the locking bar to gain entry to the other side of the street. Run over to the door panel and open it – Stranglers will rush in and ambush you. The first set of Stranglers won’t be a problem since there’s a floodlight in the corner (on the right side of the door). Once you dismiss the first two, however, more will come in – and one will temporarily disable your light source. It must be Nilin’s lucky day, because at this point she’ll learn the Sensen DOS ability. Sensen DOS: This bad boy freezes all your opponents and also reveals those pesky Stranglers. When all your opponents are dazed, use the time to unleash combos. Though there’s a long stretch for the cooldown time, it’s quite efficient when trying to regenerate your boosts and health. Give the DOS a go on the Stranglers. Enemies will not attack you here, so get as much offense as you possibly can. The moment the Sensen DOS reaches its limit, you’ll have to kill some time. Opportunely, Prowlers hang on the walls around you; shoot them down and use them to boost up the DOS at a faster pace. You will not have enough time to terminate all your foes in one shot, but the floodlight will soon be operational again. At the fight’s conclusion, activate the monitoring platform from the panel. This lowers a cube-like structure above you. To get there, climb the green-highlighted wall closest to the structure and perform a back jump.

Puzzled? The Four Walls

When you land on top of the cube structure, activate the panel to trigger four locking bars on the far wall. The idea here is to “corrupt” each wall and form a climbable pattern. The green lines can be placed either vertically or horizontally and must be connected. You want to have the green lines lead up to the ladder in the upper-left section. Follow the steps below for the correct pattern! Tip: Stay on the cube structure to solve this puzzle. If you don’t, the top wall will not be in range. – Shoot the bottom-right wall five times. – Shoot the middle-right wall three times. – Shoot the middle-left once. – Shoot the top wall three times. Note: The blue wall (bottom-left) is where you must begin your climb. It cannot be altered, but it still effects the pattern for the bottom-right block. When you’ve created the right pattern, scale/jump the walls as far up as you can (to the left corner). There, back jump to the ladder and ascend it. The platform above leads to the ventilation system of the Leaking Brain.

Even Brains Need Ventilation

The ventilation area, as you would guess, is quite breezy. Start off by pouncing over to the wall across from you and then move along to the left side. This area is a matter of your traditional climbing and jumping skills, so don’t sweat it. Just take note you must drop down to the lower ledges to extent the other side (and back jump to the ladder). Hidden Item: After ascending the ladder, turn around and look at the generator. A Scaramech document hangs on it (in front of the turbine). After the climb, approach the turbine and halt its movement with the Spammer. You have limited time, so hop through the turbine while it’s safe. You arrive back on the streets. It’s still pouring rain, and the town has seen better days. Ignore the flames and descend the stairs nearby. Hidden Item: The stash picture hints the location of this one. Just to the left of the delivery drone is a wall you can climb that leads to a small balcony with a SAT Patch. Trigger the delivery drone in the following area to open the door next to you. Head inside and venture through the dark building – you’ll find a hole in the wall you can exit.

Fend Off the Leapers

Nilin picked the perfect time to reunite with Tommy. Leapers have taken over the city and spawned their own lair in the subway. Tommy will need some time as he develops a special “cocktail,” so you’re on your own against the Prowlers (what a jerk!). This fight can easily be won using your Fury. The battle ends rather shortly and Nilin will get a nice prize for her victory: the Junk Bolt. The Junk Bolt: This nifty upgrade allows you to grapple environmental objects with structural weaknesses. You can also use it against enemies as well!

Seal the Leapers’ Tunnel

A bunch of Prowlers will raid in. Though the odds are against you, concentrate on moving the tunnel seal cranes with your new Jolt Bolt ability before taking on the Prowlers. You have limited time sealing off the tunnel, but more than enough to gain some PMP against the Prowlers. As always, Pressens lessens your challenge. After saving the day (though the Leaking Brain will officially be close), Nilin ventures off into the sewers to search for Johnny Greenteeth.

Remember Me: TMNT

At the sewer tunnel, heal any wounds from the Health Patch and then examine the metal gate. The top-left portion is weak – remove it with your Junk Bolt to create an opening and then climb through. Transverse down the nasty tunnels; the path is pretty streamlined. Once you reach the hung-cyborgs, check out the second gate to the left; there’s a generator and its grid that can be moved in the room with the Junk Bolt. Pull it towards you then continue down the tunnel. If you’re having trouble through the sewers, use the guideline below. – Left – Left – Right – Straight – Left Hidden Item: Take a right from the question marks on the wall. A bunch of unfinished-cyborgs rests at the endpoint. Pick up the Focus Boost in the right corner. (A Strangler will also get up and disappear here; no need to worry yet.) Looking at the question marks on the wall, proceed left to discover a large water shaft. Drop down to the lower level and dismiss the foes lurking the area. Tip: The sewage is toxic here, so watch your footing. Stay on dry land (or the wreckage, for that matter) in this section! Move along the central path until you find a climbable pipe on the right-side wall. Use it to crossover the hazardous water. At the end of the pipe, back jump to the pole and land the central debris. From the central wreckage, lock onto the gate across your position (its top part) and pull it open with the Junk Bolt. Now, simply jump pounce over there. Ascend the ladder in the pipe vault to reach the next floor. Boost up any health then take the stairs down. Creepy voices echo the subway, so you know something’s about to go down. Enter the train from the far-left door. The door shuts behind you. Note: You may experience a glitch here; both train doors will shut. Johnny Greenteeth is in the last train cart and the door should be open. If this occurs, simply go to the Pause Menu and reload the last checkpoint.

Get to the Choppa…er, Cabin!

Nilin will meet up with Johnny Greenteeth in the last train cart – or what’s left of him. You cannot fight him, as he’ll vanish from your presence. Do as Edge tells you and get back to the last train cart. In order to open each cart door, shoot the panels with the Spammer. You will be pitted against some Prowlers in each cart. It’s recommended to save your special attacks for the last train cart since you’ll have limited time to clear the room and prevent Mr. Greenteeth from entering the train. In the last train cart, Greenteeth will attempt to enter the train. If he does, it’s game over. Though 20 seconds doesn’t seem like enough time, trigger your Sensen DOS to freeze the Prowlers. By doing this, you won’t be distracted. Head over to Greenteeth and break one of the two door panels with your Junk Bolt. The door will shut on him and you’ll be free to battle the Prowlers. Greenteeth won’t resist as he goes for a second attempt to enter. You need to shut the door using the other panel with the Junk Bolt as before. It’s unlikely you can boost up your Sensen DOS in time, so give your Fury a try when it recharged. Remember, though: Your number one priority is to stop Greenteeth from entering! If successful, the door will shut on Johnny and he’ll be trapped in between it. Use this time to eliminate any remaining Prowlers and then approach him. He will be stunned, giving you the opportunity to steal his memory and finish him off!

Get Out of the Subway

At the conclusion of the Greenteeth event, Nilin finds herself surviving the train wreck. Head over to the door in the far corner and open it with the Spammer. Hidden Item: A Scaramech hangs on the wall just right of the door (above the tracks). Open the door using the Spammer and enter. After a chat with Edge about mutations, replenish your health, snag a Mnesist Document, and then descend the stairs. Mnesist Document: This document rests in front of the gate before you descend the stairs. Run past the hung-robot and make your way to another train tunnel. Climb the ladder from the distance to reach a boardwalk you can jump to from higher ground. The boardwalk leads to a slanted-train cart (sound familiar?). Go through the cart to reach the other side of the tracks. Scaramech: After you go through the slanted-train cart, surface the small ledge. Steer right and look behind the rubble; it hangs inside the train cart here. Once you reach the other side of the tunnel, you’ll hear something ruffle through some wreckage. Go over to the staircase in the far-right corner and ascend it. There, approach the gate and crawl under it.

Safe Path to La Bastille

Some Prowlers and a Skinner will greet you upon exiting the subway. Defeat them and then hop over the nearby railing. A Remembrane can be triggered in the alley ahead, where you’ll witness Johnny Greenteeth’s path to La Bastille. Continue onward to the next Remembrane. Here, follow Greenteeth’s footsteps to cross over the mines safely. Tip: One trip on a mine will cause great hurt to your health. Stay a close distance to Johnny as you trigger the Remembrane; the mines can be seen while it’s still active. Once you safely cross the mines, ascend the ladder at the endpoint. Hidden Item: When you climb the ladder, scale right to the first ledge. From there – instead of leaping right – back jump to the ledge behind you. You will find a SAT Patch on the roof here.

Find the Entrance to La Bastille

From the ladder, scale and jump your way right towards the ledge beyond the building. When you surface the ledge, you’ll need to make a semi-big leap to the central beam ahead of you (where the crow is). Scaramech: This one can’t be missed. After you scale the building above the mine field, you’ll see this Scaramech on the roof of a small shack next to the central beam. Hanging from the beam, climb and leap to the building to your left. Move along to the other side of the building until you reach another beam on its left side. From there, drop down to the ledge below; the catwalk will be a little bit too shaky and Nilin will crash down to another mine field. This mine field is quite larger, but luckily there are multiple Remembranes that can be activated to aid your path. Follow Johnny to each section. When you reach the third Remembrane, a control panel can be seen that Johnny messed with. With the Remembrane triggered, quickly synchronize it with the Spammer. Once synchronized, access the control panel to deactivate the mines. Now that it’s safe to roam the field, approach the manhole from the distance. Unfortunately, one of those Zorn robots (from the memory prison) will put a halt to your travel.

Boss: Zorn Robot

Phase One

The Zorn moves fast and strikes consistently. Keep moving at all times to avoid its fists and when he throws crates at you. The only way to damage the Zorn is with the Spammer (for the first phase). You must be in fair distance to cause any damage. Its weakness is his arms; target them with the Spammer. A good strategy the game points out is to cast the Sensen DOS. Doing so will freeze him momentarily and gives you the opportunity to deploy some offense. Take note that you’ll have to let the Spammer recharge for each use. While you’re waiting, evade his threats. There will be times where the robot will try to pound you with his fist. If he misses, his arm will get stuck in the ground; giving you a chance to fire the Spammer.

Phase Two

Once both of his arms are destroyed, he’ll begin releasing an energy ball from his body. Keep your distance to avoid being hit. Immediately after the energy clears, approach him and lock onto his body. At this point, fire the Junk Bolt a couple times to severely damage his body. If your cards are played correctly, the Zorn will be stunned. Go in and press the button cue to initiate a QTE. Follow the prompts to dethrone him.

The Sewers… Again

At the conclusion of the fight, open the manhole at the minefield. Nilin will venture into the stinky, unclean sewer Ninja-Turtle style.

Episode 4 – Panoptic Icon

Find Madame

Nilin finds herself in the La Bastille maintenance area. Edge informs her to find the crazy (insert any-profane-word here) Madame and break into the Errorist’s server. Scramble up the ledge ahead leading to a construction zone. Head past the working drones and stash picture. An attack drone is patrolling the area ahead. You don’t have any guidance from a Remembrane here, so wait until it turns around. Then, proceed into the room to the right to avoid detection. Hidden Item: At the end of this hall (where the attack drone patrols), run to the end of the hallway and look for an open passage on the right side labeled “07”. In there, scavenge a Focus Boost. When ready, wait for the coast to be clear and climb up the ledge on the left side of the passageway. Drop down to this construction site and you’ll be faced with some Prowlers and Stranglers. Use your Pressens to give you an advantage, as well as the DOS ability to reveal the Stranglers. Take note that activating the turbine panel will give you a source of light, so don’t be shy to use it when the DOS drains! With the room cleared, scale up the pipe around the corner of the turbine panel. Cross over the ledges here to land higher ground. When you land, Edge will call in and mention the attack drone can be used to aid you in detection. Examine the broken-drone on the ground to obtain the Drone Detection Plug. With it, your Sensens can display attack drones’ visual radius. Shoot open the door and walk through the hall here. There’s an attack drone patrolling the next wing, so cautiously make your way around the corner. Wait until the drone turns around, then run down the hall. Use the corners of the hallway to avoid being spotted. In the following cavity, two attack drones roam the area. Your destination is the ladder in the left corner. Hidden Item: In the room with the two attack drones, you’ll find a SAT Patch in the far-right corner. Wait for one of the drones to pass then run in-between the two of them. You need to move right and work your way around to the ladder. If you don’t, you’ll be spotted. Ascend the ladder quickly and then back jump to the upper platforms. Continue right and climb the ledges behind the dock machinery. Jumping and climbing to each ledge will lead you to the ground above. When you reach the upper floor, activate the cell docking panel. This will clear a path for you. Head over to the central catwalks and enter the cell lift on the right side. Ride it up to the next floor. More attack drones will be flying watch on the next floor. Work your way counter-clockwise around the dock and use the cells for cover. At the other side is a door you can unlock with the Spammer. Proceed through. Walk through the jail staff area and head down the right wing. From there, descend the stairs and you’ll run into the tech room you can unlock. There’s nothing in here besides a stash picture (and a poor prisoner being beaten by Enforcers), so return to the hallway. The drones patrolling this hall are a bit trickier, but if you study their pattern and stay on the outer edges, you’re in the clear. You need to make it to the stairs in the right corner of the hall where the drones fly, so check your surroundings before moving in. Hidden Item: A Focus Boost can be found in the far-left corner of the hall (behind the tech room). Stay on the sides and watch the clone’s movement before attempting to get there. Take the stairs down to the next floor. Recover your health from the SAT station then approach the administration office gate. Shoot it open and head in the following chamber. Here you’ll be presented with a cutscene.

Steal Vaughan’s Memory

After Doctor Quaid leaves, follow Vaughan into the locker room (the door can be unlocked with the Spammer). Inside, you’ll be introduced to semi-new enemies, the Prison Enforcers. They are much the same as regular Enforcers, yet they can execute an ability known as the Brain Lock. This drains all your Pressens down to zero, so stay clear as they attempt to grab you. Sergeant Vaughan acts more of the same, but performing your Fury attack makes this battle a breeze. More Enforcers will come in and join the fun, so keep your combos up when it’s cooldown time. When victorious, approach Vaughan and steal his memory. Nilin has a deep grudge against the sickening sergeant, but who can blame her?

Back to Finding Madame

Exit the locker room back to the previous hall. Trigger the Remembrane here and synchronize the door labeled “Administration Office III.” Doing this allows you to unlock it. Head down to the next floor from the office and enter the Enforcer Headquarters. Inside, a Prison Enforcer wielding a shield will attack Nilin. Use the Junk Bolt to break his shield and finish off with well-performed combos. Mnesist Document: This document lies on the desk inside the storage room. Proceed to the training room by going through either of the doors. In there, a gauntlet of Enforcers awaits. Clear the first wave of foes (remember to use your Junk Bolt to shatter their shields) and you’ll learn a new Sensen ability: the Logic Bomb. Logic Bomb: Perhaps the best one yet, the Logic Bomb is a handy ability that can blow multiple enemies at once. On top of that, it will blast away any shields that enemies carry. Make sure you jump backward to avoid being blasted by the explosion. Take note you can also shift your targets, but not the ones that wield shields. Test out the new Sensen on the Enforcers. Again, the Logic Bomb is a real step-up to your offense and can make larger battles much more forgiving. When the Enforcers are eliminated, unlock the door leading to Sector III. Follow the fleeing Enforcers down the stairs and trigger the Remembrane here. While the Remembrane is active, synchronize the Sector III gate and unlock it. Proceed inside Sector III. Enter the following door to reach the detention zone, where you’ll be greeted with a cinema. Madame will trigger a large core machine in the room that disrupts one’s memory. Stay out of the core’s light by using the pillars for cover. Move counter-clockwise around the core with caution. You need to enter the very last cell in the far-right corner. In the cell, trigger the Remembrane and watch the sergeant reveal a hidden switch near the toilet. As he does this, synchronize it; the cell will act as a lift that brings you to the next floor.

Time for Some Interrogation

Your next row of business is to get to the interrogation block. Hidden Item: A Focus Boost rests in corner of the cell lift room (where the drone patrols), on the left side of a generator. Make your way to the next area (avoiding the drone) and you’ll encounter an Enforcer as well as a new foe: the Seraphim. Seraphims can be a little challenging. Keep your movement ongoing because the robots will launch energy bolts at you. The only way to damage them is by firing either your Junk Bolt or Spammer. The Junk Bolt deals greater damage to the bots and will stun them for a second or two. Concentrate your game on the flying bots since you can dodge the Enforcers pretty easily. Seraphims also cast a shield barrier that isn’t breakable. Use this time to take on the Enforcers while this occurs. Tip: In the near future, you’ll acquire the Rust in Pieces ability. With it, you have the capability to “hack” into Seraphims and form them into an ally. At the battle’s conclusion, ascend the stairs and enter the interrogation hall. Hidden Item: In the interrogation hall, a robot can be seen mopping a floor. Scout around the cleaning machines near it; you’ll find a Focus Boost to the right of the machines. Take a right from the interrogation hall an head down the red-colored corridor. From there, enter the room labeled “Interrogation Room 06.” Wait for the next door to open and you’ll meet up with Bad Request and Madame.

Steal Madame’s Memory

While Madame toys with Bad Request in the interrogation room, steal her memory through the window. By doing this, you can unlock the door ahead of you. Mnesist Document: In the room labeled “Storage Room,” you can snag a document behind some gallons of chemicals.

Get to La Bastille’s Memory Servers

Proceed through the next door on the right to arrive in the courtyard. Edge compliments on Nilin being a grade-A hero and informs her fiddling with the servers further acknowledge their reputation. From the courtyard, enter the door straight ahead into the correctional programs hall. Continue onward and enter the door leading to the main courtyard. At the main courtyard, you’ll be pitted against a new foe: the Nephilim. These bots can put a real hurt on you, but they move rather slowly and their attacks are easy to evade. Stay out of the Nephilim’s blast radius to avoid damage. Like the Seraphims, these bots also cast a barrier to protect themselves – wait for the moment their shield vanishes and then blast them with the Junk Bolt or Spammer. Rust in Pieces: At this point, you’ll also acquire the Rust in Pieces Pressen as mentioned earlier. Once you boost up your Pressen gauge, unleash the ability on one of the bots. The bot will aid you in your fight but, unfortunately, self-destruct after attacking your foes. This battle is a tad more challenging than previous ones, but you should triumph using your more-recent Special Pressens. After all enemies are dismissed, unlock and go through the door leading to the tower entrance. Mnesist Document: At the tower entrance, walk through the right wing of the hall. This document rests on a desk at the end of the hallway. Jog left at the tower entrance and trigger the Remembrane. Follow Madame and the fellow down the hall and ascend the stairs. The next Remembrane you activate will display two Madames, and each one will walk into both rooms on the left and right. Synchronize both doors where the Madames stand – one will fool you – while the other gains you entry to the next hall. In the next hall, trigger the Remembrane. Doing this will spawn a bunch of Enforcers. You can’t use your Special Pressens here, so rely on the Junk Bolt (for the shield-foes) and combos. When the Enforcers have been dealt with, ride the elevator up to the main server to meet up with Madame. These won’t go to plan for Nilin, and she’ll find herself in a corrupted server room. Jog your way forward and shimmy across the pits. Try to leap to the “Memory” text, only to be treated to a cinema – and your battle with Madame.

Boss: Madame

Phase One

Madame watches you battle some of her minions while hiding behind a pixelated-barrier. Cast your fury and use your combos on the Enforcers. When they’re dismissed, put your attention to Madame. Tip: Occasionally, Madame will fire energy bolts at you. They are easy to dodge; just keep your eyes peeled for the attack (!) icon! Madame’s barrier can easily be shattered with the Junk Bolt (usually within a shot or two). Once it’s destroyed, go in and strike her with as many combos has you can. Be aware though: She’ll strike you with her sword after so much damage (jump backward to safety as this occurs).

Phase Two

The only difference in the next session is Madame will shift and teleport around the room. To break her barrier this time, you must cast the Sensen DOS. As usual, this will freeze all your enemies, but it will also cause Madame to collapse to the ground. Like before, get as many hits in as possible before back flipping to safety. While waiting for the Sensen DOS to recharge, defend yourself from her minions using your other abilities. She won’t attack you here, so don’t be shy to waste time.

Phase Three

Madame will cast a bunch of whirlwinds at your position. Keep moving to avoid them. This time, she’ll shoot a sword beam at you while you fight the Enforcers. Be sure to rely heavily on your Fury and Sensen DOS – combining both abilities will bring her down rather quickly.

Phase Four

The final phase requires a bit more strategy. Like the first phase, Madame will be protected with a barrier. As before, this can easily be broken with the Junk Bolt. However, when she falls, she’ll spawn three clones of herself. It’s easy to determine which one is real since the others are pixelated, while she remains in solid form. When she forms her clones, deploy the Sensen DOS to freeze them. Then, approach the “real” Madame and strike her with the Fury. Just like the previous phases, Enforcers will distract your attention towards Madame. As always, use them to replenish your health and boost up your Pressens. The only attack she throws at you (while in air) is energy bolts – keep yourself mobile to avoid them. Bringing Madame’s health to zero will give you the opportunity to terminate her. Approach her and attempt to do so. This will trigger a QTE; follow the button prompts to finish her off.

Release the Prisoners’ Memories

Defeating Madame wins you the Force Spammer. This tool allows you to move structural objects. In this case, to win back the prisoners’ memories, you need to move the memory server into each memory bay. Lock onto the memory server and release it from the first bay. Then, slide it down the track leading to the next bay. Placing it in the bay wipes out the prisoners’ memories partially. Now, slide it further down the track. The server will stop at one section of the track. Target the track missing to create a trail; this allows the server to reach the second bay. Saving the prisoners’ memories will initiate a lengthy cinema. At its conclusion, you’ll be faced with another memory transfusion that you can manipulate.

Memory Transfusion: Make Forlan kill Alexia

Similar to the previous memory transfusion, you’re required to shift Forlan’s memory by manipulating memory glitches within the room. There are many possible outcomes you can have depending which objects you corrupt. Follow these steps to change history. – Knock over the bottle. – Corrupt the suitcase – Remove the gun safety – Retract the side table With all the objects fiddled with, Forlan’s madness (and drunkenness) will result in cold-blooded murder.