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Pokémon X & Pokémon Y – Pokémon Amie

by Prima Games Staff

Battling with Pokémon is great fun, but have you ever wanted to just relax and play with your Pokémon? Maybe pet them and feed them tasty treats to show them how much you care? Well, you’re in luck, because Pokémon-Amie lets you do just that!


Pokémon-Amie is a unique Touch Screen mode that becomes available early in the adventure. Using this mode will make your Pokémon more affectionate toward you through a variety of fun activities, including petting your Pokémon, playing minigames with them, and feeding them delicious snacks called Poké Puffs.


Playing with your Pokémon makes them more affectionate toward you. This can have numerous benefits in battle, from Pokémon spontaneously curing themselves of status conditions to avoiding attacks or landing more critical hits. Battles will go better than ever if you play with your Pokémon a lot!

Getting Started

Use [L] and [R] to bring up the Pokémon-Amie menu on the Touch Screen. Then simply tap “PLAY” to begin your Pokémon-Amie experience.


When you first begin playing Pokémon- Amie, your party’s lead Pokémon will be automatically selected. Tap this Pokémon to bring up three options: “DECORATE,” “PLAY,” and “SWITCH.”

Switching Pokémon and checking stats


To switch out your Pokémon for another one in your party, first tap your Pokémon to select it, and then tap “SWITCH.”

While examining your party Pokémon in this menu, pay attention to their three Pokémon-Amie stats: Affection, Fullness, and Enjoyment. If you want to keep your Pokémon happy, make sure these stats are in good standing. See below for how to increase each stat.

Affection: This stat increases when you pet your Pokémon, play the Making Faces game, or feed it Poké Puffs.

Fullness: This stat increases when you feed Poké Puffs to your Pokémon.

Enjoyment: This stat increases when you pet your Pokémon, play Pokémon-Amie minigames, or the Making Faces game with your Pokémon.


Some actions can also lower certain stats. Playing Pokémon-Amie minigames or the Making Faces game lowers your Pokémon’s Fullness stat, and petting your Pokémon can sometimes lower its Enjoyment stat instead of increasing it.

Playing with your Pokémon

Playing with your Pokémon is what Pokémon-Amie is all about. Just tap your Pokémon to select it, and then tap “PLAY.” The scene then changes to a close-up of your Pokémon.


First, you may need to get your Pokémon’s attention. If your Pokémon is faced away from you, just tap it a few times until it turns around.

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