Here's all the info you'll ever need on Jak and Daxter's combos and more advanced moves. You're pretty unlikely to stumble across these powerful attacks by pure button-mashing alone so pay close attention; these tricks could win you the game.




Note: All combos assume your character is facing the right side of the screen.

I. Against grounded foe: ,,


This combo requires you to have Jak approach his enemy at point-blank range, fire an uncharged Wave Concussor (), and then immediately transition into the Dashing Forward Punch with an Uppercut finish (,). The timing is pretty easy on this combo, making it easy to whip out on short notice, and you have several different options after successfully completing the Uppercut. You can perform an aerial Uppercut () to gain some extra air and prepare to do an Air Super Dive Attack () directly over your enemy’s head, or pitch a Gyro Buster () into the air to deter your adversary from jumping again.

II. Against grounded foe: ,,


This is an extreme close-range combo. When Jak is almost close enough to touch his enemy, input to levitate them and then immediately input to trap them in mid-air. If he’s close enough, should just barely tag the opponent, knocking them higher into the air while Jak falls to safety. This is a good combo to pull off when an adversary is determined to stay in Jak’s face. The start-up time is a minor issue, so soften your enemy up or use an item to make them vulnerable before trying it.

III. Against grounded foe: ,


This combo requires sufficient spacing and fast timing, but it’s a great way to force an enemy to give Jak some breathing room. Try to catch your foe at the outer edge of the Mass Inverter’s () field to secure the best positioning for the Beam Reflexor (). If you try to activate the Beam Reflexor while the Mass Inverter is still functioning, nothing will happen. To avoid that situation and the inevitable punishment that comes with it, take a moment for the Mass Inverter to finish lifting the target, and then immediately activate the Beam Reflexor.


, 40 Perform this combo in the corner.
, (air) , 55 Timing is crucial for this combo. Pressing (air) too soon forces the third hit to whiff.


Use the Gyro Buster to deter aerial Attacks.

Use ejections to keep yourself safe.

Jak is not a particularly combo-heavy character. Too many of his moves have a start-up time that isn’t conducive to lengthy and massively rewarding COMBOS. Jak isn’t like Fat Princess, who can combo from almost any move into any other move. No, Jak must be played differently, and a close look at his moves reveals one possible route toward success.

Even with the start-up times, Jak has several moves that can affect several characters at once, earning him a nice AP bonus. He can also avoid air COMBOS by performing an Uppercut () or Air Super Dive Attack () to launch himself higher into the sky or slam himself to the ground. This adds up to Jak being efficient as a disruptive character.

Playing Jak with the goal of hitting several opponents at once instead of focusing on one at a time makes all the difference. Someone who can disrupt other characters can easily take the lead in a match. Disrupting other characters involves stopping their Attacks before they can come out with an attack of your own, interrupting their COMBOS, and closing off their lanes of attack.

Use the Gyro Buster () to keep your foes grounded and prevent them from escaping to an upper level. Charge the Wave Concussor () during a double jump, and fire upon landing to take on several enemies at once. A fully charged Wave Concussor hitting three characters at once nets Jak 32 AP, a nice haul for a single attack.

Take advantage of the fact that Jak can move to the left and right while using Daxter Spin Kick (). If Jak’s close to one character but just out of range of another, try to attack the closest character and then slide closer to the farther character by moving during his attack. If you get him close enough, you can force all three of your adversaries to eject tornado away from Jak. In the worst-case scenario, you can eject one or two enemies and then immediately lift the remainder with Mass Inverter () to set up further Attacks.

Jak needs to stay in the thick of battle, and preferably in situations where he is either outnumbered or has easy access to several other characters at once. Jak’s at his best when he’s controlling the stage and his enemies, and he can’t effectively do that from far away. Staying in the midst of battle is a risky prospect, as other players are definitely going to attempt to score AP off you, but it’s necessary to properly employ Jak’s attacks and Super Attacks.