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Pikmin 3 Combat Tips

by Prima Games Staff

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When Precision Counts, Throw Your Pikmin

Throwing Pikmin allows you to assign individual attackers to a specific target. This technique is most effective when you only want one Pikmin type to engage an enemy, or when you need to target a specific spot on a creature’s body.

When you encounter a fire-breathing enemy, for example, throw your Red Pikmin onto the creature while you keep the rest of your squad safely out of the enemy’s attack range. Throw Yellow Pikmin at creatures that use electrical attacks, and throw Blue Pikmin at enemies that shoot water. Throwing Rock Pikmin is almost always more effective than letting them charge as a group, but this technique is particularly important when you’re battling an enemy that can crush or skewer the less durable Pikmin in your squad.

If an enemy has a known weak spot, throw your Pikmin directly onto this vulnerable area to inflict maximum damage. If a creature is protected by crystal armor, throw Rock Pikmin to shatter the armor and expose the creature’s flesh. Smaller enemies like Dwarf Bulborbs and Female Sheargrubs can generally be defeated by throwing a single Pikmin onto the creature’s back.

When Brute Force is a Viable Option, Use the “Charge!” Command

When an enemy doesn’t have a specific strength or vulnerability, it’s often best to send your entire squad charging in to attack. Lock onto the enemy, then dismiss your squad to have all of your Pikmin attack the creature at once. This technique is particularly effective when you’re facing a more durable enemy—many of the game’s most dangerous creatures can be overwhelmed by a large squad of Pikmin.

Charging is much less accurate than throwing individual Pikmin, but you can position your squad to increase the chances that your Pikmin will attack a specific point on a creature’s body. When you issue a “Charge!” command, your squad rushes straight at the target. If a creature’s weak spot is directly in front of your squad, most of your Pikmin should be able to attack that vulnerable area.

Whenever Possible, Flank Your Enemies

Attacking an enemy from the front will usually result in at least a few casualties. As a rule, it’s best to attack most creatures from the rear. Flank sleeping enemies before you attack, or use a few thrown Pikmin to distract an enemy as you move the rest of your squad to a safer position.

Use Your Whistle to Rescue Struggling Pikmin

During longer battles, your Pikmin will often be knocked to the ground, tossed into hazards, or affected by a creature’s special attacks. Use your whistle to gather stray Pikmin, to calm panicking Pikmin, or to rescue any Pikmin suffering from elemental effects. If you’re quick, you can usually regroup and resume your attack before you suffer any Pikmin casualties.

Maintain a Supply of Ultra-Spicy Spray

Ultra-Spicy Spray is a special substance that gives all of the Pikmin in your squad a temporary boost in attack power. To maintain a supply of Ultra-Spicy Spray, it’s important to collect any Ultra-Spicy Berries you find out in the field, as well as any Ultra-Spicy Nectar you earn by attacking Nectar Eggs and special enemies.

Ultra-Spicy Spray is obviously useful in most boss battles, but it can be a big help any time you encounter a particularly durable enemy. Gather your squad, apply a dose of Ultra-Spicy Spray, then attack your enemy for heavy damage.

Use Bomb Rocks to Deal Massive Damage

Bomb Rocks are powerful explosives that can make short work of even the toughest enemies. It’s sometimes best to save Bomb Rocks for use outside of combat, but they can be a great help when speed is a priority

After a Pikmin collects a Bomb Rock and rejoins your squad, it’s treated as a separate Pikmin type. To detonate a Bomb Rock, simply throw the Pikmin that’s holding it. A Bomb Rock deals heavy damage when it explodes near a creature. However, if you manage to trick a creature into eating a Bomb Rock, the resulting explosion is absolutely devastating.

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