University of North Carolina standout Quinton Coples has some big cleats to fill for the New York Jets. Coach Rex Ryan believes the defensive lineman could be a key to the Jets having a successful season--and that says a lot given Tim Tebow’s now on the team.

The first round draft pick proved his defensive prowess with the Tarheels and now is gearing up for his first season in the NFL. Coples talks about one of his other great passions, video games, in this Prima exclusive interview.

What video games did you play growing up?

I definitely was a Madden man and NBA Live fan. Those are the two sports games that I played most.

What are your thoughts about video games being part of your NFL Draft experience this year?

I think this video game is going to be great. EA SPORTS did a great job as far as the cover, RGIII.  They did a great job from what I’ve seen with the graphics and gameplay. The NFL Draft experience was great. It’s something my whole family enjoyed.

What advice would you give to someone who’s  going to play as UNC in NCAA Football 13?

I would just tell them to ground hard. Play hard, and whenever they play that game, play it with a passion.

What’s it going to be like when you see yourself in the new Madden NFL 13?

It’s going to be great. It’s  going to be a dream come true. That’s one of the things you look forward to coming into the NFL.

Have you thought at all about what you’d like your player ratings to be?

99 all across the board.

Are you going to talk to the EA SPORTS guys about your ratings?

Yeah. I’m definitely going to talk to them and definitely see if I can boost my ratings up and my speed up and everything. I want to be 99 across the board.

When it comes to Madden these days, it’s got all the real playbooks and all of the realism. Do you think as a rookie that could help you?

Oh, definitely. It’s another way of understanding the other teams, or the people that see in your conference playbook, and helping you get an advantage when it comes game time.

Have you found that your video game skills and your real life football skills have translated as you’ve grown?

I think my hand-eye coordination has improved. I think playing video games help you work on some of that, but other than that there is no comparison to the real thing.

What’s team do you like to play in Madden?

For Madden, it’s the Pittsburgh Steelers. The steel curtain, baby.

Who’s your go-to team for NCAA Football?

In NCAA Football 12 it was Ohio State, but I don’t know who it’s going to be this year. You can’t go wrong with North Carolina.

When it comes to your video game playing, how do you view the extra free time you have as a pro, that you used to spend on homework and studies in college?

I think it’s going to be great. With no more classes or studying, there should be more time for gaming.

What other games have you played lately?

NBA 2K12. I play as the Miami Heat. They’re unstoppable, unbelievable. It’s show time.