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Max: The Curse of Brotherhood First Look

by Bryan Dawson

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is a platforming puzzle game that uses both 2D and 3D elements to create a fun and almost magical world. It definitely has the soothing feel of other popular XBLA puzzle games such as Braid, but Max is a very unique title that’s sure to keep puzzle fans entertained for quite some time.

The basic gameplay elements of Max are that you can draw things into the environment to help you on your way. You can draw various earth and fire elements (streams, flames, etc.), or things such as wines and branches. For example, if there’s a pit blocking your path, you may be able to draw a vine hanging from a tree above, then swing across the pit.

There’s an immersive camera that shifts as you draw various objects and manipulate the environment to your needs. While the last Max title didn’t use a controller (and wasn’t available on Xbox 360), the new game is strictly controller operated to make console gamers feel more at home.

Curse of Brotherhood is expected to have a very strong story with 20 levels to play through. In addition, the game does not use a health bar. When Max dies, he dies and you’ll start over from the last check point or save. 

There’s no set release date, but the game will sell for 1200 points when it becomes available sometime in the future. That said, we’ll have more on this charming title in the months ahead.