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Mario & Luigi Dream Team – 5 Must-Have Attacks

by Prima Games Staff

Despite its scenic vistas and pristine shorelines, Pi’illo Island isn’t the relaxing resort it’s cracked up to be. The island is teeming with numerous hostile creatures eager to engage Mario and Luigi in battle. While our heroes are more than capable of defending themselves with standard Jump and Hammer attacks, the more powerful Bros. Attacks and dream world-based Luiginary Attacks provide more offensive options.

Attacks 1

Collecting items called Attack Pieces unlocks these new attacks. Attack Pieces can be found both in the real world and dream world, so keep your eyes peeled. Once you’ve collected ten Attack Pieces in a particular region or dream world, you learn a new attack. Collecting Attack Pieces and learning these attacks is purely optional. But without a diverse arsenal of Bros. Attacks and Luiginary Attacks at the ready, battles may prove extremely difficult, particularly during the game’s late stages. Here’s a few attacks you shouldn’t do without.

1: Dropchopper

Attacks 2

Unlock: Collect all 10 Attack Pieces in Mount Pajamaja

This simple aerial attack requires you to tilt the Nintendo 3DS to collect both brothers before unleashing a powerful overhead attack on your enemies. For best results, line up the crosshairs with your intended target to ensure optimal damage. In addition to dealing damage to the target, a radial effect spreads outward, damaging all nearby enemies. This overhead attack is very effective against Mammoshka as well as Bowser Jr.

2: Bomb Derby

Attacks 3

Unlock: Collect all 10 Attack Pieces in Driftwood Shore

During this Bros. Attack, Luigi lobs a series of bombs toward Mario, prompting him to strike each incoming bomb with his hammer, launching them toward a distant group of enemies. This is a very powerful attack ideal for dealing damage to multiple enemies. However, it can be difficult to master—use the Circle Pad to toss bombs while pressing the A button to swing Mario’s hammer.

3. Star Rocket

Attacks 4

Unlock: Collect all 10 Attack Pieces in Neo Bowser Castle

As Mario and Luigi sit on the Star Rocket, it’s your responsibility to steer it by tilting the Nintendo 3DS up and down. Collect the little stars along the way to gain more power. At the end of the attack, press the B button as Luigi lands on top of the targeted enemy. Follow up by pressing the A button when Mario lands to inflict even more damage.

4: Luiginary Wall

Attacks 5

Unlock: Collect all 10 Attack Pieces in Dreamy Wakeport

In this Breakout-style dream world attack several Dreamy Luigi clones, called Luiginoids, appear to assist Mario. The Luiginoids form a three-sided box as Mario uses his hammer to knock Dreamy Luigi across the floor. When struck by Mario’s hammer, Dreamy Luigi bounces against the Luiginoid Wall, smacking enemies along the way. The idea is to bounce Dreamy Luigi off the three enclosed Walls—use the Circle Pad to move Mario around so you can strike Dreamy Luigi from different angles, causing him to fly in new directions. At the conclusion of the attack, the Luiginoids form a massive vertical Wall in the background. Knock Dreamy Luigi into this distant Wall to cause the Luiginoids to come crashing down on your enemies.

5. Zee Egg

Attacks 6

Unlock: Awarded by Eldream for rescuing all 52 Pi’illos

This is the most powerful Bros. Attack and is awarded near the end of the game. At the start of the attack, the Zeekeeper swoops in and picks up Mario and Luigi. Once high above the battle, the Zeekeeper releases a large egg-shaped Wakeorb. As the Wakeorb falls, align the Zeekeeper with it by moving the Circle Pad left or right. Once aligned, Mario and Luigi automatically jump off the back of the Zeekeeper, plunging toward the Wakeorb below. As Mario approaches the Wakeorb, press the A button to whack it with his hammer. When Luigi approaches the Wakeorb, press the B button to strike it with his hammer. Mario and Luigi may jump at the Wakeorb simultaneously, requiring you to press the A and B buttons at the same time. With each successful hammer strike, the Wakeorb picks up speed, causing it to inflict more damage upon impact.

These are just five of the attacks. For more information on all Bros. Attacks and Luiginary Attacks, including BP costs and unlock locations, check out the Mario and Luigi: Dream Team Prima Official eGuide, available now.