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Madden NFL 25’s All-25 Breakdown

by Prima Games Staff

When players pick up Madden NFL 25 next week, they’ll be able to choose their favorite team right off the bat, as well as experiment with other teams to see what they offer in terms of skills and performance. However, one team that shouldn’t be ignored is the Madden NFL 25 All-25 team, which is available in the game’s Play Now mode. The 26 players – and their coach, a younger version of Madden – will bring power, strength and speed to the team, working in both an offensive and defensive manner that other teams will find nearly impossible to overcome. They’re ideal choices, especially if you’re just getting started with learning the Madden ropes.

With that, here are the 26 squad members, including positions and how well they do in the numbers…


Sean Taylor, Free Safety, Washington Redskins

This Washington Redskins safety is ideal for the secondary, not only providing a great deal of strength, but also height in his jump – ideal for blocking field goals.

Brian Dawkins, Strong Safety, Philadelphia Eagles

First making his appearance in Madden NFL ’99, Brian brings plenty of secondary power to the field.

Deion Sanders, Cornerback, San Francisco 49ers

With all the high strutting he’s been doing in the end zone, Sanders has been a Madden legend for several years. That makes him an ideal fit for this team.

Champ Bailey, Cornerback, Denver Broncos

Still a vigorous part of the Broncos’ defensive squad, Bailey has the numbers to prove he’s a vital part of the All-25 team. Watch out for him on interceptions.

Derrick Thomas, Linebacker, Kansas City Chiefs

Thomas has been a star in the Madden series since the late 90’s, and can take down a quarterback with ease, thanks to his impressive speed and strength.

Ray Lewis, Middle Linebacker, Baltimore Ravens

Lewis was a vital reason that the Ravens did well with their Super Bowl run last year, and even though he’s in retirement, he’s still doing on-field damage virtually here.

Derrick Brooks, Linebacker, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Running backs have plenty to fear from this guy, as he’ll cut through a line with ease and make an impact on the quarterback that’ll have him thinking it’s next Tuesday. For reals.

Julius Peppers, Defensive End, Carolina Panthers

Ever since Madden NFL 2006, Peppers has been doing major damage on the field, especially with his ridiculous accuracy with defensive plays. Keep an eye on this guy.

Warren Sapp, Defensive Tackle, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Recently assigned to the NFL Hall of Fame, Sapp shows every bit of his worth on the football field here, especially when it comes to sacking quarterbacks. It’s good to see him back in action.

Albert Haynesworth, Defensive Tackle, Tennessee Titans

Though his on-field behavior can be questionable at times, Haynesworth still brings exceptional power and strength to his role as defensive tackle.

Dwight Freeney, Defensive End, Indianapolis Colts

With an overall rating of 99 (out of 100) and plenty of quarterback sacks under his belt, Freeney is a perfect addition to the defensive line-up.

Randy Moss, Wide Receiver, New England Patriots

Over the span of his career, Moss has proven time and again he’s one of the best receivers out there. Throwing to him in the game is a winning bet.

Orlando Pace, Left Tackle, St. Louis Rams

Pace is a good guy to have in your line-up, as he can easily protect a quarterback right up there with the best of the defenders. He opens up some very good gaps for runners, too.

Larry Allen, Left Guard, Dallas Cowboys

With an overall rating of 98 and massive size and stature, Allen is a good go-to guy when it comes to keeping a quarterback protected – and moving the ball across the first-down line as well.

Dermontti Dawson, Center, Pittsburgh Steelers

Making his start way back in Madden ’96, Dawson remains a strong central player for the offensive line-up, especially when it comes to opening up space for a running play.

Steve Hutchinson, Right Guard, Minnesota Vikings

Talk about quarterback protection. Hutchinson has so much size that he’s like a moving brick house – but one that will no doubt crash down on any foolish defenders trying to knock him over.

Jonathan Ogden, Right Tackle, Baltimore Ravens

Since the days of Madden NFL 2005, Ogden has been doing a fair amount of damage, and his selection as right tackle makes the offensive line feel more complete.

Antonio Gates, Tight End, San Diego Chargers

With soft hands and physical dominance under his belt, Gates makes for a strongly recommended tight end on the Madden all-star line-up.

Michael Vick, Quarterback, Atlanta Falcons

Despite a dodgy legal history, Vick came back to the NFL in style, with strong passing skills and plenty of numbers that show he can still lead a team to victory.

Brian Finneran, Wide Receiver, Atlanta Falcons

A good right-hand man to Vick’s skills, Finneran brings his Madden NFL 2004 skill set to the new game – and he hasn’t lost any edge in his step.

Mike Alstott, Fullback, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Despite fullbacks not seeing too many “big” plays in the NFL these days, Alstott is considerably still one the best out there. He definitely brings something to the team here.

Marshall Faulk, Running Back, St. Louis Rams

If you need yardage, the “Greatest Show On Turf” is definitely the way to go. Faulk’s statistics speak for themselves, as well as his speed and agility. If you want to make a dash to the end zone, go with him.

Devin Hester, Kick Returner, Chicago Bears

Hester is the man when it comes to taking the ball in the end zone off a kick and running it back for a ridiculous amount of yards. Most of the time, he ends up scoring with ease.

Adam Vinateri, Place Kicker, New England Patriots

If you’ve got to go for the game-winning field goal – or you just want to get three dependable points in a hurry – there’s nothing better than relying on the golden foot of Vinateri. It’s that good.

Shane Lechler, Punter, Oakland Raiders

Finally, if you need to get the ball deep on kickoffs or fourth down plays, Lechler will give the yards necessary to get it into the distance.


Madden NFL 25 releases on August 27th for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and later in the year for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


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