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LEGO Legends of Chima Laval’s Journey: Top 5 Animals to Unlock

by Prima Games Staff

The Free Play mode in LEGO Legends of Chima Laval’s Journey becomes a lot easier as you have more animals from the nine different tribes. Here we list the top five animals you can unlock as you play through Story Mode and after you complete it. While you unlock some types of animals during Story Mode, there are still some tribe which you must unlock separately. In order to unlock an animal, you must first find its token which are hidden throughout the various levels as well as the hubs. After collecting a token, you then have to pay the cost in studs to unlock the animal and add it to your collection.

Animal 1: Ewar

Ewar is a member of the Eagle Tribe. His token can be found in the third level—Eale Library. While you already have an Eagle in your group at this time—Eris—Ewar has the Cannon ability since he carries around an Eagle Canon. This fires a powerful projectile. Plus, if you hold down the fire button, Ewar shoots out a beam of energy which you can use to attack several enemies at once. To get Ewar’s token, Roar as Laval next to a wall in the final boss battle to get into a secret room. Then break open a chest to get the token. After completing the level, head back to the Lion Temple hub and unlock Ewar for 200,000 studs.

Animal 2: Bungey

During the fourth level—Sanctuary Forest—you can find the token for Bungey from the Bear tribe. It is located near the end of the level. As a Gorilla, swing across some poles to get on top of the home. Then cut the rope to release a bear which has been trapped. Once you have the token, return to the Lion Temple hub and unlock Bungey for 200,000 studs. The reason to get Bungey is for the Bear Tribes unique ability of Fishing. This lets you gain access to some items in later Story Mode levels that you would normally have to wait until Free Play mode to get.

Animal 3: Raven Bomber

Raven Bomber\
This anima is also found in the Sanctuary Forest level. While you can also find the token for Razcal, another animal from the Raven Tribe, it is much cheaper to unlock the Raven Bomber. You can find the token for the Raven Bomber towards the end of the level. After using a Wall Run pad, destroy a plant near where you end up to reveal the token. Then you can unlock the Raven Bomber for a mere 30,000 (as compared to Razcal for 200,000). All Ravens have the Pick Lock ability. This can come in handy during later Story Mode levels so you can get collectibles before you complete the Story Mode and have to go back in Free Play mode. In addition, the Raven Bomber is one of the few Ravens with the Sharpshooter ability.

Animal 4: Furtivo

Furtivo the Fox from the Nomad Tribe really comes in handy. In addition to his ability to climb to get up to higher areas, he can also crawl through small hatches to get to secret areas to find more collectibles. Furtivo’s token can be found in Level 8: Croc Swampland. Once you get inside the Croc Fort in the middle of the level, use Rogon the Rhino to break three stone Crocodile head traps that drop down on you. Move under the head and use the Rock On ability to surround Rogon with a rocky barrier. Then when the stone head falls on you, it breaks. After breaking all three stone heads, the Furtivo token will appear to the left. At the end of the level, go back to the Lion Temple hub and unlock Furtivo for 600,000 studs.

Animal 5: Dom de la Woosh

Dom de la Woosh
If you want to have all of the abilities represented in your group, then you need to add Dom de la Woosh to your collection. After you unlock Furtivo, head back to the Spiral Mountain level in Free Play mode. Near the end of the level, before you jump up onto a platform leading to the boss battle, use Furtivo to crawl through a small hatch to find the token. For the PS Vita and Nintendo DS versions of the game, you must then switch to a Wolf and follow a scent trail to find the token. Return to the Lion Temple hub and purchase Dom de la Woosh for 600,000 studs. This animal’s Dazzle ability can temporarily distract nearby enemies making them easier to defeat.

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