Earning 100 percent game completion in LEGO Legends of Chima Laval’s Journey isn’t easy—trust us, we know! Use the following tips to help achieve this goal as quickly as possible.

Tip 1: Obtain “Stud Multiplier” Extras

Stud Multiplier
Several Extras have the power to multiply the standard value of studs you collect during your adventures. Seek out these extras as soon as you’re able, and every stud you claim will be worth much more than the norm! The sooner you claim a stud multiplier red brick, the faster your bankroll will grow. The “Studs x4” extra require no special abilities to unlock, and can be claimed by finding Leonidas’s Lost Sword on the Spiral Mountain level, then bringing it back to Leonidas at the Lion Temple hub. Save up 300,000 studs to unlock this extra and it will make collecting additional studs a lot easier. Also be sure to look out for those purple studs which are worth 10,000.

Tip 2: Beat Story Mode

Story Mode
Beating Story mode—all 10 levels—is the first thing to focus on. While it’s easy to become sidetracked in the hubs between missions, avoid spending too much time hunting for goodies in the hubs until you’ve beaten Story Mode. Claiming collectibles is much easier to accomplish when you have several different types of animals in your group with all their diverse abilities.

Tip 3: Unlock Animals

Unlock Animals
With plenty of studs and extras in possession, the time has come to begin unlocking animals. Start with those whose special skills will aid you most in Free Play, such as Furtivo or Skinnet who can crawl through hatches or a Raven or Bear for their special abilities. Check out our previous LEGO Legends of Chima Laval’s Journey post, “Top 5 Animals to Unlock,” for more great choices.

Tip 4: Finds and Collect Treasure

In addition to looking for tokens to unlock animals, you must also be on the lookout for treasure. There are two treasures in each of the 10 levels. While most can only be acquired during Free Play, some can be collected during Story Mode. Treasures, once collected, can be given to specific animals in the hubs. Talk to them to find out what they want. Then when you bring that treasure to the animal, he or she will reward you with an Extra.

Tip 5: Own Free Play

Free Play
With a group containing all the different types of animals, the time has come to revisit those Story Mode missions in Free Play. Go back through all 10 missions in Free Play, and use your animals to easily find all the tokens and items that you couldn’t claim during Story Mode. As long as you have all different types of animals, you can find all the collectibles with a single play-through during Free Play.