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League of Legends Warding Guide

by Prima Games Staff

Thanks to the introduction of trinkets, League of Legends players cannot make the excuse that it’s only the support’s job to ward. Each lane has responsibility on warding, and yes, even the ADC can help. 

You can boil down warding into two basic categories: aggressive warding and defensive warding. Defensive warding helps you spot ganks and gives you vision of potential threats while defending an objective like your tower. Aggressive warding helps you spot ganks and gives you vision of potential threats while you are pushing your lane or in the enemy jungle. 

Early Game League of Legends Tips 

Let’s start at the top lane. Warding river is vital to prevent ganks. A ward in your own lane bush discourages the enemy to sit in your bush. Warding the tri bush is slightly different depending on whether you are attacking or defending. If you are pushing to tower, drop a ward there to guard yourself against their jungler from saving the day. If you are being pushed to your tower, a ward in the tri bush will clue you in if they are going to try and tower dive. 

Be smart when warding the river. Where you place it can help or cripple your advantage. Warding at the start of the river won’t do much for you, but placing it a little further down lets you have better vision of the routes a jungler can take to come and gank you. 

In the mid lane, warding the two lane bushes gives you a small heads up to any danger. They are not the most ideal choices, but sometimes it’s the best you can do. If you can, try warding the entrances of the enemy jungle. This will give you more time to react to an attempt on your life.

Bot Lane is very similar to Top Lane, but you now have an extra hand to help you ward. Your lane bush and enemy bush are more important here, since you are more likely to play tug of war in the bot lane than top, so vision is key. Warding river bush is useful, but it is in your best interest to ward closer to the dragon. This gives you vision on upcoming attacks and allows you to monitor the dragon. And of course, vision on tri bush is always important. 

As a jungler, you will wear many hats when it comes to warding. You can provide anti warding support by destroying enemy wards using your sweeper. Help Mid and Top lane with warding, since they will most likely drop one ward at a time, or scout in the enemy jungle. Wards at the enemy Blue and Red can give you an advantage when you want to counter jungle. It is also recommended that you ward your own buffs in case you are worried about an aggressive jungler. 

Mid Game League of Legends Tips

Just because the laning phase is over doesn’t mean you give up on warding. This is when warding dragon and Baron become absolutely vital. When trying to kill either dragon or Baron, try and put a ward deep in their enemy jungle, usually by the Blue or Red depending on what side you’re on. You don’t want to get ACE’d at Baron just because you had no idea that the other team was barreling in on you. 

Late Game League of Legends Tips

Once the match transitions to Late Game, warding becomes crucial for sieging. Ward the bush next to the Wraiths, and the bush outside of blue buff when attacking or defending. When base sieging begins, place wards in-between the stairs outside your base to grant fuller range of view of the enemy team when defending. Do the inverse when you are the attacker. This will give you optimal vision of the teams, especially if there is a champion you want to watch out for, like a Blitz or a fed Kat. 

Keep these tips in mind and you will have complete map awareness on the fields of justice. Don’t forget to check out our beginner’s guide and underused champion spotlight on Urgot. We’ll post more League of Legends tips in the weeks ahead.

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