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The Last of Us Walkthrough – Part 2 of 2

by Prima Games Staff

You’ve finished Part 1, now for The Last of Us Walkthrough – Part 2 of 2



Search the beach for items. Check the boat for supplies, a comic, and a Firefly pendant. Then head back the direction you came until you see Sam. Follow Sam up the rocks. Help Henry open the gate, and enter the sewers.

Follow Henry and Sam until you come to a crossroads. Take the path to the right and continue forward until you reach a dead end. Open the vent on the bottom right of the room for Ellie to crawl through. After she opens the door, proceed inside and grab the items you need. Then leave the room and use the hallway to access Henry and Sam. Follow them down the other path to a open room.

Jump in the water by the large gate on the right and dive towards the wall. Swim to until you find a pip obstructing the gate. Remove the pipe and Henry will raise the gate. Swim under the gate and to the left go up the steps. Climb the ladder on the left and push the wooden palate into the water. If you want supplies, open the door on your left. There are Clickers in this room. Throw a Molotov cocktail in the room to take them out. Then enter and collect the items. Next climb down the ladder and enter the hole on the far right. Take the supplies there then return to the water.

Push the palate back to Ellie. She will jump on. Then take Ellie to the generator. She will start it and Henry and Sam will get across. Then, Henry will help you up. Follow them and enter a room before the end of the hallway on the left for more supplies. Then go to the door at the end of the hall and open it. You will trigger a sound trap.

Enter the room and collect supplies. There is a gun called Shorty on the table to your left when you walk in. Enter a hallway on your left and open the door. Continue down the stairs. You will be attacked by infected. Head back up the stairs and let Henry and Sam due the grunt work. Take out any infected who come up the stairs. Then continue to the path down the stairs on the right. Collect supplies and then return to the entrance. Head right and up the stairs. Enter the door on the left for supplies. Then, continue down the sewer. Continue forward down the stairs and open the door on the right.

Now the teams have switched. It is now you Sam against the infected. You are locked in a Stalker den. These infected monsters are fast and voracious. You can attempt to sneak past them, but the Stalkers will find you. We suggest going to the right past the blue crates and up to a little bedroom on the left. This will give you an advantage. You can keep your eye on both entrances and kill the Stalkers. Choose a gun with a heavy impact like the Hunter rifle. Take them out and explore the area. Find the large room with the water filtration system. Go left and boost Sam up to get the ladder. Climb the ladder and jump down.

Immediately begin running to the door at the end of the hallway. Continue running and climbing until you reach a dead in. When Sam and Ellie are out of the room, prepare to take on Stalkers and Clickers. There are Molotov cocktails on the table as well as a bomb. Use these to gain the advantage. Once the infected are dead, grab what supplies you can and then head out of the door and out of the sewers.


Search the residential areas for supplies. There are no infected here so just search through the houses for any items you need and listen to the amusing talk between Ellie and Sam. Once you reach the dead end, turn around and head to the house to the right of the ice cream truck. Go through the front door and out the back. Go towards the yellow stairs on the right.

There is a sniper trying to take you out. Use cover to get closer to the sniper. Enter the house on the left and take out the Hunter inside. Then exit the house through the back Continue to the right and take out the Hunters in your way. Continue forward and to the left until you reach a platform. Climb the platform and climb over the fence. Ignore the Hunters if you can and just run to the top floor to find the sniper. Take him out and then take over the rifle.

Use the rifle to provide cover for Ellie, Henry, and Sam. Continue to shoot the Hunters until the turret returns. Concentrate on the Hunters and when the driver of the turret opens the top and exposes himself, shoot him. Once the turret is destroyed, infected will attack Ellie, Henry, and Sam. Take them out. More infected will appear and soon you will be overrun. Continue to shoot until Joel stops.


Hydroelectric Dam

You now end up in Jackson County on a search to find Joel’s brother who is a member of the Fireflies. Head straight down the road until you reach the end. Then turn left and follow the river. You will come to a dam. Head up the right side where the stairs are to turn the wheel and create a bridge. Next, climb over the rail to your right and jump in the water. Head to your right and dive. Swim inside the shack at the bottom and then push the wooden palate out. Use the palate to get Ellie across to activate the other half of the bridge, and then cross.

After a awkward high five, continue forward and go left where the railing opens. Search for items and a much to shallow grave. Return to the walk way and climb the stairs. Search the shack for supplies and a gun called El Diablo. Then head for the large doors to the right.

Follow Tommy and catch up with your brother. While taking a tour, feel free to grab any items that you see along the way. At the end of the tour, Tommy and Joel have a heated conversation.

The camp is under attack by bandits. You and Tommy along with some of his other crew members will help you take them out. Kill the bandits until you reach Ellie.

Ellie makes the stupidest mistake of the game. She rides off without you. You and Tommy grab horses and try to find her. Continue to ride with Tommy until bandits attack you. Take them out and then search the area for supplies. Then jump back on the horse and track Ellie to a ranch.

Ranch House

Search the house for supplies. Ellie is located in the last room upstairs.

Bandits attack again. Stay upstairs and take a defensive position. Let them come to you. Your ammo is getting scarce, so use melee attacks whenever possible. Take them out and then exit the house.


Go Big Horns

Joel decides to stick with Ellie until the end. Ride the horse into the University. Take time to explore. You will find a garage with a car inside. The garage is rich with lots of supplies and a flamethrower. Collect the items then return to the horse. Continue to the left into a building with a wall missing. Keep going until you reach a gate. The horse will get scared; there are Runners inside. Head upstairs to take out the Runners and then activate the generator. Simply follow the yellow cord on the ground. Then return to the bottom level to lift the gate. Head out and then left and up the stairs and over the barricade.

Explore the area here for supplies. Continue forward until you reach a gate. Joel must dismount the horse and search the dormitory to find a generator. Search the dorms for supplies. You can search freely here as there should not be any infected. Continue searching until you reach a hole in the floor. Drop down. There are Clickers and Bloaters in this area. Take out the Clickers using stealth and a shiv to the neck. Once the Clickers are dead, you can avoid the Bloater or fight it. Either way, head to the door at the end of the hallway on the left and open it. Go up the stairs, search these dorms, and then return outside. Find the generator on the other side of the gate. Push it over to the circuit breaker and open the gate.

Mount the horse and ride through the open archway on the right. Keep going until you reach a security zone with tents and barricades. Search the area for supplies and then mount the horse and jump over the barricade on the left. Keep going straight and then head left. Grab the dumpster and push it down the hill. Then pull the dumpster over to the truck on the right. Climb both and enter the building.

Science Building

Search the building thoroughly for supplies; there are a lot here. Then head over to the steps and go up. Search this area too. Follow the yellow cords on the floor to a hallway with a Exit sign above. Go down this hallway. Search this room and then enter the room on the right. Search this room until you come to a door that is barricaded from the other side. Force the door open.

Bandits are attacking the university. Fight them off and continue forward. Once you reach a certain point, Joel will be severely injured. After this, you are very limited in what you can do. Shoot when prompted and let Ellie do the heavy lifting. Continue until you make it outside.


The Hunt

It is winter now and Ellie seems to be on her own. You now have to hunt a deer, similar to Tomb Raider, in the woods. Avoid stepping on branches so you will not alert the deer. Follow its tracks and then shoot it with a arrow. Now, that it’s bleeding follow the blood trail and shoot again. Eventually, it will lead you to a shack where Ellie will meet two other survivors.

Ellie and David must defend the shack from the infected and protect the deer. Place your back against the wall and keep your eye on all windows. Shoot the infected that approach. Watch out for Clickers. When the infected become too much, you will leave the room. Follow until you are separated by a collapsed walkway. Take out the Clickers and then proceed forward. Climb the yellow ladder on the left side of the area. Rendezvous with David. Head straight and receive a boost to catwalk on the right. 

Make the first right on the catwalk and follow the sounds of a Clicker. Take the Clicker out and then search the room to the left for supplies. Then, head out of the room and straight towards the ladder. Drop it down to the ground. Follow your David down a hall and into a room. This will be a standoff between you two and the infected.

This room has a lot of entry points so be careful. Take out the infected as they come in and listen out for the Clickers to make sure you shoot them with the rifle. Once the Clickers are clear, a Bloater will drop down. Use your bombs and Molotov cocktails on it. Runners and Clickers will still enter so keep moving. Keep hitting the bloater with bombs and cocktails until he is defeated. Then follow David to the walkway.

Cabin Resort

Now that we know Joel is alive and safe, Ellie must lead the bandits away. Ride on the horse and ride to the left to avoid being shot. Prepare to fight off attackers who jump on the horse. When you make it to the end, continue down hill and jump inside the window of a house. Gather supplies and prepare to fight off more bandits. Make use of the bow and arrow here to save ammo.

Once all of the bandits are killed, continue forward until you reach a gate. Use the red pipes on the side to gain access. In the second pipe, you will have to remove an obstruction. Kill the bandits here. Continue forward and around to another cabin. There will be a dead end here. Move the trashcan to the left and crawl into the cabin. Take the supplies here and then go up the stairs. Exit to the right and keep moving forward. Bandits will attack. Take them out and then head left to the exit, which is barricaded from the other side. Force it open.

Joel is awake, and he is trying to find Ellie. Gather the supplies in the house and then head out the front door. Go out the door and to the right. Hunters will attack you. Stay to the left and take them out. Enter the house and gather supplies. Exit through the other side. Jump over the barricade.

Its time for Ellie to escape her captors. Run away from the man shooting at you. Head left to a gate. Blocked. Enter the door on the left. Move the bin and crouch under the beams. You will now enter a pet store. Wait until a Hunter enters and kill him. Take his gun. Then head out the window to the left and into the next store. Stay hidden and take out the Hunters. Collect the supplies in this room and then head out the open window and towards the burning trash can. Take out the other Hunter.

Next, head towards the burning trashcans on the left. Continue down this ally until you reach mail trucks. Take out the Hunters here and climb the stairs. Head to the burning trashcan and through the hole to the left. Take out the guard by the truck and go through the fence. Continue to the left until you reach an ally. Go down the ally and enter the arcade. Take out the Hunters and continue through the front door. Look for a building with a burning trashcan. Travel to the right of it and down another ally. Find a trashcan under a window and use it to escape the blizzard.

You are now in Todd’s Steakhouse. Collect the items you can and then head to the front door.

David is back. You must stab him three times with your blade. After the first, he will pull out his Machete. Sneak up on him two more times to stab him. Avoid stepping on the plates on the floor. It will alert him to your location.

Joel is now close to finding Ellie. You will past a gas station. Enter it and wait for the Hunters to strike. Take them out and then head outside. There are guards in the towers to your right. Sneak into the trailer below them and exit the other side. Use your bow to take them out. Continue until you find a ally with a burning barrel. Take out the Hunters and continue forward. Joel will enter a building.

Joel will find Ellie’s backpack. Continue through the butcher shop to witness the horrors. It is final. The survivors, the hunters, are the true monsters.

Now as Ellie move towards the Machete, even after being kicked. When prompted, press triangle to see what this horrific world has done to Ellie.


Highway Exit

You are now in the home stretch. Talk to Ellie when prompted and continue down the highway. When it ends, jump down and continue into the Bus Depot on the left. Talk to Ellie again once you are down the stairs. Search for supplies and find the ladder over to the right. Boost Ellie up to get it. Climb the ladder and follow Ellie to a surprise discovery. Continue to follow her. You can enjoy the view as long as you want. When you are ready head to the door to the left.

Continue down the stairs and head to the bathroom on the right for a comic book. Then continue to follow Ellie out of the building. Loot the medical tents and then head for the bus. Ellie will stop you and hand you something. Joel realizes he can no longer run from his past. Continue through the bus and enter the tunnel to the left.

Underground Tunnel

Keep climbing over the cars and busses. You will encounter a lot of infected. Runners, Clickers, and Bloaters. There are rooms on the right that have supplies. This is where everything you have learned pays off. Tactfully take out the Runners and Clickers without making a sound. Then, you can simply sneak past the Bloaters and never have to battle any of them. Once you reach the last two bloaters, and you have killed everything else, head to the trailer. Boost Ellie up to drop a crate. Use the crate to climb over the trailer.

Jump down and head towards the fire truck. Jump in the water and swim underneath it. Climb up the other side. Grab the ladder and drop it to Ellie. Then travel to the end of the air ducts on the right for a comic. Then jump in the water and swim over to the door.

The door is locked. Ready your strongest weapon and boost Ellie over the wall. A clicker will attack her. To the left of the boost spot, there is a hole in the fence. Take out the Clicker and go through the door. To the right is a shiv door. Open it to get supplies. Then leave the room and head straight. Jump in the water and five to the right to enter a underwater door. Keep swimming until you reach the other side and pull yourself up. Continue forward, squeeze through some pipes, and go to the walkway. Knock the palate into the water. Jump in and use the palate to grab Ellie. Take her to the other side. She will let a ladder down for you at your original starting point.

After the ladder breaks, take it to the opposite side. Climb it, pick it up and take it to the other end of the walkway. Drop it and then use it as a bridge. Go up the stairs to meet Ellie. Cross the water on the platforms provided. Keep going until something bad happens.

Press triangle to grab a bar. Keep climbing up until the bar breaks. Ellie will come save you. Press triangle to open the door. To the bus. When the bus topples over, swim out and swim towards Ellie’s body in the water. Swim to her and Joel will grab her. Keep swimming.


The Hospital

Joel awakes to see a familiar face that delivers alarming news. Joel must now fight his way through the Fireflies to Ellie. You can use stealth or force to get this done. Kill the man in the room, and then enter the hallway. Continue and choose to either sneak past or kill the Fireflies.

Head towards the West Ward and climb the stairs. Open the door and search this area for supplies. Then, head through to surgery and either sneak past or kill the guards. Open the door at the end of the hallway to the Pediatrics Ward.

Open the door to the right for an emotional Artifact. Then continue to the end of the hall and open the door. Ellie is about to be cut open. Open the door to surgery. Open the door and grab Ellie. Run.

Turn left when you leave the room. Keep running. You will go through a locker room and then the elevator will be right there. Run into the elevator.



Follow Joel as Ellie to complete the game.

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