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The Last of Us Trophy Guide

by Prima Games Staff

If you picked up The Last of Us for PlayStation 3, we’ll help you unlock all of the game’s trophies.  A word of warning: only the most hardcore fans may survive.

No Matter What

Surviving the infected in The Last of Us takes skill, bravery and a bit of luck. After your first interaction with a Clicker, you will never want to experience it again. Playing through game once is horrifying, but can you do it multiple times? The following trophies will test your skill and resolve as a gamer. In order to achieve these trophies, you have to be a survivor. 

This trophy is awarded to the chosen few who can survive the infection in The Last of Us. There are four of them. While many will attempt to accomplish this feat, few will achieve it. Completing the game may seem simple, but with Clickers biting at your flesh and Bloaters attempting to infect you with spores, you will believe otherwise. It won’t be until you catch your breath from the game’s epic conclusion that you will truly enjoy your victory. 

The Last of Us

A man trying to forget his past. A girl who may carry hope for the future. Joel and Ellie’s journey is a scary thrill ride from start to finish. The story will make you laugh, shriek and sob. A plot this engaging demands to be experienced again. Being able to experience the narrative of The Last of Us is its own reward, but a few more trophies wouldn’t hurt. 

These trophies are rewarded for those brave enough to battle the infected twice.  After completing the game on a chosen difficulty, you unlock the Plus mode for that specific difficulty. There are four total. This mode allows you to play through the game again with all of the weapons, abilities and skills you gained during your first play through. Some may think this makes the game easier to predict, but don’t be fooled. Even with a fully stocked armory, the infected and the Hunters are still a serious challenge. 

Artifacts of the Infection

Throughout Joel and Ellie’s adventure in The Last of Us, you will have a chance to explore the devastation of the infection. When you are not battling infected or protecting yourself from Hunters, Joel and Ellie are able to step back and really take a chance to soak in the horrors of society. These moments are presented in letters, journals and pendants you will find throughout the journey. Below are the types of collectables in the game and strategy on how to find them. Only by archiving the present can you preserve the memories of the past. 

It Was All Just Lying There

Artifacts are classified as items left behind by those attempting to survive the infection and the subsequent breakdown in society. It can be in the form of a letter, recorded or written journal. Artifacts offer Joel the opportunity to catch a small glimpse at the struggles and sacrifices others have made. It puts the outbreak into a entirely different prospective and the story feels more enriched knowing this information. 

Artifacts are normally found in areas where people used to live or possibly made camp. Any time you have the opportunity to search an apartment, building or house, you are sure to find Artifacts on tables or counters. The place they are found most often are in the bedroom. These artifacts are the most revealing. 

Look for the Light

In our opinion, the only more important collectable than Artifacts are Firefly Pendants. There are 30 in all. The Fireflies were not named after the cult Joss Whedon television series. The group of rebels chose this name because they seek to provide light to society to allow them to escape the darkness. They seek to overturn the tyrannical rule of the government and find a cure for this infection. The problem with fighting a war is that there are always casualties. 

Throughout your travels, you will find Firefly Pendants. Think of them as the rebel version of dog tags. The first can be found after meeting Ellie in the game. This should give you an idea what to look for. Whenever you encounter a dead body, be sure to check the area for a pendant. Also search for the Firefly symbol painted on any wall or structure. When you see that symbol, search the surrounding area for a pendent. 

I Got This

When faced against opposition such as the infected, most people would break under the pressure. Joel evolves. Throughout the game, Joel will learn different skills. Everything from using a Molotov cocktail to crafting homemade bombs can be learned and used to protect you from the infected. Training Manuals improve these skills and make Joel even more dangerous. 

The location of Training Manuals is a little harder to predict, but they are very easy to spot in the environment. The manuals are a dark yellow, normally with a black spine. The books can be found mainly on tables or counters throughout the environment. 

Endure and Survive

Comic book culture has not only seeped into the conscious mind of popular society, but also video games. In The Last of Us, Ellie comes across books and magazines during a car trip with Joel. After the adult magazine is quickly thrown out the window, Ellie finds a comic book. At that moment, Ellie is able to escape the horrors of the world around her and dive into the fantasy world that only comic books can provide. Joel seeks to find more of these items of escapism for Ellie.

Comic books are normally blue in color and end up in the weirdest places. Make sure to check every nook and cranny of a house, apartment or camp if you want to find one. When searching these areas, look for a room that used to belong to a child or teenager. The posters on the wall should give it away. Search in this room and you should find a comic book. 


Scavenger may sound like a dirty word, but it is a necessary personality trait in The Last of Us. Every successful scavenger is a survivor, and vice versa. To survive you must scour for supplies and search high and low for protection. Items that people hold dear to them quickly become a form of currency to barter for food or medicine. 

This trophy is attained only when you have collected every other collectable on this list. If you do not gain this trophy on your first play through, you can do so when playing on Plus mode. 

Tools of Destruction

In The Last of Us, Joel’s items can evolve and change. Although you start off with little knowledge on how to craft a bomb or medical kit, these items can be altered to create a completely new tool of destruction. Crafting these items leads to a trophy. 

Let’s Gear Up

The Let’s Gear Up trophy is obtained by crafting every item that Joel has. The items that can be crafted are listed below:


-Medical Kit

-Molotov Cocktail

-Melee Weapon Upgrade 


-Smoke Bombs

You gain these items during story mode, with smoke bombs being the last one. This is a trophy that cannot be missed and everyone will get during his or her first play through. Collect items in the environment and craft each item as least once. Then you will achieve this trophy. 

Master of Unlocking

Throughout The Last of Us, you come to realize there is literally danger clicking behind every door. Opening doors becomes just as heart racing as approaching a Clicker. Locked doors hide the biggest mysteries. Find these doors and explore their contents, and you will receive a trophy. 

When trying to open a locked door, a triangle will appear. This is what is known as a shiv door. These doors are all around the environment and can give Joel and Ellie ammo, supplies and even collectables. The doors are normally silver in appearance. You must have a shiv to unlock the door, so search for supplies to craft this item. 

Everything We’ve Been Through

The Cordyceps virus has evolved and infected the human species. The result has created a pandemic in our country. The resulting outbreak has turned portions of the human species into flesh-eating monsters. In order to combat this fungal virus, Joel must evolve as well. 

This trophy is acquired once Joel has fully upgraded and maxed out every skill that he has. From his Listening Mode to his Maximum Health, these skills can be upgraded to help Joel evolve. Finding capsules around the environment can evolve his skills. Once you find these capsules, choose carefully what skills you evolve. Choose the ones that fit your play style the most. This is a trophy that can only be attained after multiple play throughs. Make sure you upgrade according to your play style so you can actually make it to the end and unlock the Plus mode. 

For Emergencies Only

While journeying through The Last of Us, Joel will acquire some pretty cool weapons, from the Revolver and Bow and Arrow to the Shotgun, but these items are not going to combat the infected alone. They must be crafted and upgraded to truly battle the infection. By doing this, you will achieve a trophy. 

This is a difficult trophy to get, and it may require playing the game multiple times to achieve. While playing, Joel will collect gears that allow him to alter his weapons. Gears can appear anywhere but are normally in drawers and on shelves. Search every drawer and shelf. Then search areas for worktables where you can upgrade your weapons. These tables have a light and are always inside.  Approach the table and press triangle to begin upgrading your weapons. 

I Want to Talk About it

When society implodes due to an outbreak, the human element of conversation becomes even more important to the survivors of the infection. Conversation provides levity, exposition and security. Being able to open up to another sane human being creates a sense of normalcy in a world where there is none. It also gives you a trophy. 

Some conversations in The Last of Us are optional, but provide useful and insightful information about the environment. In order to achieve this trophy, pay attention to what is being said to Joel during the game. Some comments are not statements but introductions to conversations that could be missed.  Walk up to the person and press triangle to begin the conversation. 

Multiplayer Trophies

The Last of Us features a multiplayer mode that allows you to choose a Faction and take the role of Hunter or Firefly. The below trophies can be won by playing the multiplayer mode. 

This is the easier of the trophies to win in multiplayer. All you need is to win a game of Supply Raid and Survivors in Find Match. To do this, make sure you choose a capable team within your Faction. 


To achieve this, you must build your clan to 40 members or more. This can be done by winning matches and gaining a positive and powerful reputation for your clan. 


Completing the Firefly Journey in the game will allow you to gain this trophy. Remember that you will have to build a strong clan and win matches in order for this to happen. Without a strong clan, you will not gain this trophy. 


After completing the Hunter Journey you will earn this trophy. Be sure to work hard and win every Supply Raid. Supplies are crucial in surviving the multiplayer. 

This Is The End

As with every PlayStation 3 game, gaining all trophies will result in a Platinum Trophy, which will show that you are a true survivor. 

Secret Achievement

That’s All I Got

Ellie is the catalyst for most of the action in The Last of Us. She is also the source of levity and comedy as well.  Along your travels, Ellie will find a joke book. Listen for her queue to tell a joke. 

When she does, walk up to her and respond by pressing triangle. These jokes normally come in very quiet areas or after a big battle. Respond to her every joke and you will be awarded a trophy. 

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