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The Last Of Us: Top 10 Tips for Survivors

by Prima Games Staff

In The Last of Us, the obvious threat is the infected. These human hosts to viral parasitic fungi are the main threat throughout the game. When faced with a disease like this, the human species should band together. Instead, the humans become the real monsters. The infected cannot control their actions, humans can. Here are our 10 tips on how to deal wit the human element of The Last of Us.

Massive Damage

When dealing with human survivors, they never travel alone. Groups and packs of humans will, mostly the Hunters, will attempt to take your life. Instead of wasting ammo on each individual, try to make a larger impact.

While in cover, use a bottle or brick to draw their attention to a certain location. Then, use a Molotov cocktail and throw it at the group. This will cause massive damage to the goup and produce fear in the others.

Use Fear To Your Advantage

The human A.I. in The Last of Us is very smart and very responsive. They are already on the look out for the infected and are on edge. Joel can use this to his advantage to gain the upper hand.

By throwing a bottle or brick in a certain area, the humans will become paranoid of the threat that may be approaching them. Also, by taking a human shield or delivering a gruesome kill, the others in the group will be weary of attacking you. This gives you the advantage when facing groups.

Make Them Come To You

The human enemies in The Last of Us are smarter than the infected and the A.I. shows it. You can use this to your advantage to gain the jump on your adversaries. With a little patience, you can take control of any situation.

Upon entering a building or new open area, throw a couple of bottles or bricks at certain locations while behind cover. This will make the humans come out to investigate, and leave them open for the kill.

Conserve Ammo

Conserving ammo is very important. Unlike other games, there is not a wealthy supply of ammo or weapons in the environment. Due to this, every shot must count and combat has to be approached in new ways.

Stealth is the best way to save ammo. Sneaking up behind someone and choking them to death or hitting them in the head with an object saves the bullets for when they are really needed. When you must resort to using a gun, take your time to find cover and aim for the head. Make every shot count.

Kill Or Be Killed

While the infected are focused on killing and infecting every human being that they can, you may grow a soft spot in your heart for humans. Even after they try to kill you, you may want to attempt to save their lives. In this world, that cannot happen.

In The Last of Us you must kill or be killed. Moral conscious has no place in this society, and neither does mercy. You must be prepared to do whatever you have to do, and kill whomever you have to kill in order to survive. Remember, humans are even more dangerous than the infected.

Avoid Traps

Human survivors, especially hunters will set traps throughout the game. Whether the traps are for other human survivors or the infected is unclear. Either way, it will kill you if triggered.

Keep any out for trip wires in the environments. Not only can these kill you, but also alert the humans and infected in the area of your presence.

Scavenge For Supplies

Scavenging is a part of life in this game. You must scavenge to survive for food, currency, and weapons. Doing this keeps your inventory stocked and will keep you alive.

While it may be tempting to continue to move forward through the environment as fast as possible to avoid confrontation, you will quickly run out of supplies and ammo. Search for tools, items, and collectables. Taking the time to search a building or alley way will save your life in the future.

Search For Safes

Believe it or not there are a lot of un opened safes in the environment. These safes could contain treasures to aid you on your journey, or cause you to use a lot of wasted time. In any event, they are worth the gamble.

Every safe needs a combination to open it. So before wasting the time trying to examine one, once you see it search for the combination. It should always be close by and there will be clues in the environment to lead you to the location.

Upgrade Joel’s Skill Set

While Joel is prepared to do battle with any human at anytime, his skills can always be improved. By searching the areas in the game, Joe can find supplements. These items can assist him in advancing his skill set and becoming a dangerous threat.

Whether its upgrading his health meter or his Listening Mode, these advancements are crucial in achieving success in the game. With Joel maxed out; there will be few humans who can pose a challenge.

Choose Your Battles

The most important tip that we can pass on, is to choose your battles. While battling the infected and the humans in the game, you often have the choice on how to handle the situation. This can be the choice between life or death.

If you are low on supplies, ammo, and you are weak try to take the stealth route. Only take out those you absolutely have to and continue on your journey. Although, if your inventory is stocked and you want to explore the area, then you may choose to take a more direct approach.

These are only 10 Tips for survival in The Last of Us and there are many more. Explore and find some for yourself when The Last of Us releases on June 14.