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Just Dance 2014 First Look

by Prima Games Staff

Ask someone to list the highest-selling video game franchises and he or she will name the usual suspects, like Mario, Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty.  There’s a good chance Ubisoft’s Just Dance won’t even receive a mention since it’s only been around since 2009.  Just because it’s relatively young, however, doesn’t mean the series lacks staying power.  Combined, the original and its sequels have sold over 10 million copies.  On that note, it’s time to see what we can expect from Just Dance 2014.

The game’s biggest feature is online play.  For the first time in Just Dance history, you’ll join a crew comprised of buddies and other players around the globe.  From there, you’ll compete in a series of different challenges, like crew-versus-crew or boys-versus-girls.  In addition, you’ll be able to view personal information and other player stats while at the same time receiving news from Ubisoft.

On top of that, the all-new Stage Mode lets gamers show off like never before, dancing, controlling back-up dancers and even singing if the mood strikes them. Beyond that, the customized Sweat Mode allows users to create their own play lists and track calories burned. In fact, they can look up calorie info across all the game’s modes.

Wii U owners, meanwhile, can become the Party Master. Using the system’s GamePad, they can switch up challenges for other players, change the songs and upcoming dance moves.

The biggest star of the game is the soundtrack, and it appears Just Dance 2014 has a great one. Although Ubisoft has yet to release the full list of songs, so far you can expect Pitbull and Christina Aguilera’s Feel This Moment, Psy’s Gentleman and Starships by Nicki Minaj, to name a few.

That said, Just Dance 2014 arrives October 8th for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii and Wii U, with releases for next-generation consoles soon afterward. Based on what we’ve seen, dancing fans have plenty to look forward to.