Hyrule Warriors has playable characters from Zelda titles new and old. Below, the guide writer for Prima's Hyrule Warriors strategy guide highlights three Warriors who are some of the oldest and newest characters from The Legend of Zelda franchise.


The Source of all Monsters himself, Ganondorf is the perfect antithesis of Link. Instead of being fast and acrobatic, Ganondorf is slow and cumbersome, but not because he’s incapable of a speedy assault, he just prefers a less hurried approach to combat. After all, why rush when you can spend time really enjoying the agony of your foes? He only wields his Great Swords, as opposed to Link's arsenal of weaponry, but that’s all he needs to conquer Hyrule. He is one of the most powerful Warriors in the game without a doubt. Ganondorf is perfect for those of you who’ve got a bit of an evil side to them. He was in my top three Warriors to use when I needed to get through a Scenario as quickly as possible. Brutal and powerful, Ganondorf plays exactly how I imagined The Great of Evil would.

Princess Ruto

Princess Ruto is one heck of a Warrior. Despite her constant need to be carried around in Ocarina of Time, she’s no slouch here. In fact, when it comes to clearing Keeps and large groups of enemies, she’s stands side-by-side with Link and his Master Sword. She’s also quick and her attacks are extremely mobile. Ruto's speed and variety of attacks make her a Warrior I absolutely love playing as, and I enjoyed selecting her to get through some of the tougher stages in the game.


Ghirahim is a Warrior of misrepresentation. When you first see him in-game, he seems like a goofy, failed court jester who couldn’t fight a simple Bokoblin, let alone an enemy Warrior. After a Scenario or two, I quickly realized that this failed jester is actually a master assassin. His goofy side is quickly eclipsed by the sheer devastation of his attacks, and we’re not talking about how hard they hit. All of his attacks look otherworldly and brutal as heck. Very few Warriors can mop up enemies as quick as Ghirahim, which undoubtedly makes him a Warrior to have in your roster. He's a blast to play, and I know fans of Skyward Sword are certainly going to love him.

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