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GTA 5 Online: Most Wanted Downloadable Content

by Prima Games Staff

Ever since its launch earlier this month, Grand Theft Auto Online has presented an immense world for gamers to explore, either on their own or with members of their Social Club. It also provides a number of events to take part in, as well as the ability to create your own, in case you can think of a race or shoot-out you’d like to see take place in a particular area.

That said, we’re still not satisfied. Don’t get us wrong, we’re having fun, but there are little bits and pieces missing from Grand Theft Auto 5’s online counterpart that we’d like to see. We know that downloadable content is on the way, but we’ve got a few ideas for the world of Los Santos.


Rockstar Games apparently has no problem providing digital cash to its users, as it’s giving away $500,000 to folks for all the trouble they went through with the game’s turbulent launch. Why not offer more cash by way of monthly tournaments? Rockstar could easily host competitions where clubs go against one another, game show style, to eliminate certain targets, finish races or take part in a criminal triathlon of sorts, where the best team earns the reward.

Seasonal Events

We know that Los Santos is a bustling city, filled with trouble around every corner and plenty of people trying to get around – and in some cases, out of your way on big jobs. Still, they don’t really do much in the way of holidays, do they? We’d love to see some more signs of festivities around the city, like Christmas trees and streamers along buildings, Thanksgiving décor and maybe a few turkeys to hunt, and of course, with Halloween coming up, plenty of spookiness.

In fact, speaking of Halloween, why not add something players can relate to, especially if they played Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare? That’s right, we’re talking…


Grand Theft Auto Online seems to be the ideal place to spring some sort of zombie campaign, or even competitions where players can run from, or take on the undead horde. There could even be events where zombies act as checkpoints in races, and the person who runs over them first scores bonus points. For that matter, why not give us the option to have a zombie join our group and create a little mayhem? It’d be ideal for those players who get wasted on missions, mainly because they don’t quite have the skills to keep up with the competition.

More Guns and Outfits

This goes without saying. There are plenty of guns and clothes to choose from in Grand Theft Auto Online, but like Jell-O, there’s always room for more. We’d love to see some new outfit choices that let us go wild, including clown garb and various other choices. For that matter, some more weapons would hit the spot, including more powerful assault rifles and rocket launchers. Why not offer a few land mines and turrets? Those would let people go crazy in the city – maybe a little too much.

More Surrounding Cities

Los Santos and Blaine County have a lot to offer, but why not open up a new quadrant of the city? We’d love to be able to drop in to Las Venturas again and gamble the night away, or maybe even find a connecting bridge to Liberty City. That might be asking a lot of the developers, but it would also give players a heck of a lot more room to run. 

The Return of Older Characters

This is a Grand Theft Auto universe, isn’t it? So why not introduce particular missions that involve some older faces from the series? It’d be interesting to see Niko Bellic from Grand Theft Auto 4 make a return and host some events. For that matter, long-time San Andreas native Carl Johnson could also make a stop, especially if he’s got ties to Franklin. Finally, maybe Tommy Vercetti can sit a spell and bring us a blast from the past with some 80’s themed events. We’d be down for racing with Wang Chung’s “Everybody Have Fun Tonight” playing in the background.

Cars That Transform From Flying Vehicles Into Cars

Hey, why not? They work well for Michael Bay.

Grand Theft Auto Online is available now on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network as a supplementary download to Grand Theft Auto 5.

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