In Grand Theft Auto V, you hardly want to get anything done on foot. Sure, there are opportunities to get in some good foot chases, but for the most part, you'll want to travel using a vehicle.

Now, there are three general types of vehicles to choose from – land, air and sea-based ones. You'll use land ones most of the time, whether it's riding in a car to get to a nearby mission location or hijacking a train and riding it out to wherever you send it to go. The aerial ones are great for getting around the city in a hurry or simply admiring the view – and maybe even battling enemies if you're in a well-armed jet. Finally, sea vehicles are useful for going around Los Santos, whether you're in a boat or cruising on a jetski.

Here's a general breakdown of vehicles you'll use in the game.

Hitting the Road

When it comes to land vehicles, the main ones you'll run into are ones you'd find in typical traffic. Four-door sedans are usually common in general areas, along with hatchbacks and occasional sport and super cars.

When it comes to these vehicles, the smaller the vehicle, the faster they'll go. Obviously, sports cars like the Cheetah, 9F and Infernus are more top-end models, going over 100 miles per hour on a good stretch of road. There are some drawbacks, though. For one, excessive speed and recklessness are likely to get attention from the police, raising your wanted level a star – or worse if you're driving like a maniac. Secondly, when you're going at a top speed, your handling is much looser, which could result in a spinout or even a wreck if you don't maintain control of your vehicle. If you can, use Franklin's slo-mo ability – clicking in the L3 and R3 buttons – to regain control while keeping your handling at bay.

Though not as fancy as these cars, lower-end vehicles can still get you somewhere within a decent time frame, including average models like the Dilettante, Emperor and Premier. If you have the cash, you can always buy a better conditioned model to keep in your garage, though such modifications should be reserved for the higher class of cars you'll find.

Trucks go slower than your common vehicles, since they're bigger in size. They also carry more power, though, which is useful if you're looking to confront vehicles that are pursuing you. The tow truck, for example, is dead slow, so losing cops via outrunning isn't really possible. However, you can ram them into objects and then try to duck out of harm's way in a garage – provided you aren't carrying a vehicle behind you. If you can, stick with general pick-ups when it comes to confrontations.

Motorcycles won't do you any favors when it comes to facing off against enemies, since you have no ramming power to speak of – you'll go flying off the bike if you try. Bicycles are even worse, since you're using foot pedal power to gain speed in the first place. That said, both of these are excellent for getting through tight spaces that cars can't access otherwise, and they can also weave through traffic easier. You can also show off better with these, popping wheelies and jumping off ramps easier than you would with a four-wheeled vehicle. Just make sure you keep an eye open for obstacles that could make you crash. Ouch.

Finally, trains are very limited when it comes to movement, since they have to remain on a certain set of tracks laid throughout the city. Still, they're powerful mothers, and once you get one running up to full speed, it'll really take you places. It's also spectacular to watch a train wreck in action, with cars flying all over the place. Be sure to use caution, though – the last thing you want to do is be in the middle of it all.

Let's Take To the Air

Aerial vehicles are superb when it comes to mobility and seeing the city from a distance. Some are a little faster than others – the Fighter Jet can easily outrun the Blimp in a race – but they're fun to use when you've got a little free time. 

The Blimp is the slowest of the bunch – obviously because of its size – but it's still fun to fly around and, if you're crazy enough, send crashing down into the city below.

While a Cropduster in the city of Los Santos may be a little out of place, you can really have fun with one, dropping dust bombs onto unsuspecting passerby. They're also good when it comes to maneuverability, as you make tight turns with ease – always useful if you're fleeing from someone.

The Buzzard military helicopter may be slower compared to most of the Fighter Jet class, but it's very effective for getting around the city with. It also has slightly better turning capability due to its lower speed – though you can easily lose control of one if you try to do tricks with it. Stay on the straight-and-narrow with this one.

If you prefer something a little more high-class, the Shamal executive jet plane will suit you nicely. Even though it's much bigger than your typical aerial vehicle, it provides a way to travel around in style – and with Grand Theft Auto V, some people are all about style.

Then you've got your fighter jets, which are tremendously fun to play with. Some are better armed than others, and even come with a custom paint job – like the Hydra – that stands out in the skies. Regardless, once you get your hands on one of these, you're likely not to fly anything else – even if you do run low on missiles. Take one for a test drive and you'll see exactly what we mean.

Let's Hit the Water

When it comes to getting around in water, there are several options available. We've already talked about scuba diving, which is helpful when you're scavenging underwater, but for this particular chapter, we'll cover what you'll be driving above the surface.

First up are speedboats. So far, we've only discovered the Squalo, a speedy little number that will have you coasting over waves in a hurry. This is a good boat to use if you're hauling a few friends around with you.

Next up, jetskis. You'll likely use these when it comes to completing one-man missions, though a two-seater, the Speedophile 2000, is available if you feel like adding some style to your ride. Otherwise, the basic Los Santos Coastguard Jetski will do. It has very sufficient handling, and is perfect for taking tight turns without sacrificing speed. 

Finally, there's a submarine hidden somewhere within the city. We're still on the verge of trying to locate it, but we hear it's rather convenient when it comes to evading enemies. Don't expect to be carrying heavy weapons with it, though. 

There are hundreds upon thousands of vehicles to find in Grand Theft Auto V, so this guide is merely scratching the surface compared to what you'll find out there. Don't be afraid to go look and take some for a test drive. Who knows, you just might get some favorites out of it. Now…where's that ambulance?


Grand Theft Auto V is available now for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Be sure to check out our Free Guide for complete coverage on the game!