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Grand Theft Auto V Character Guide

by Prima Games Staff

When Grand Theft Auto V launches next month, it’s going to bring more than you typically might expect from a GTA-related experience. Rather than dealing with a single character this time around, there are three to choose from. Each one brings their own personality and skills to the table, but also their fair share of problems.

With the game just about one month away from release, we’ve put together this character guide to explain more about what they’re all about, and how they’ll help leave a dent in Los Santos by the time they’re finished.


Michael has managed to complete his dream when it comes to making a living as a criminal. He’s spent his earlier years successfully robbing banks across the East Coast, while pretty much getting away scot-free thanks to a deal with an agency. When we’re first introduced to him, he’s enjoying the sweet life of retirement. Unfortunately, it’s a life that doesn’t last long.

While Michael hasn’t been troubled by pesky partners or the police, his burden lies within his family. First up is Amanda, his wife, who has managed to whittle away a good part of his fortune on unnecessary spending. Then there’s Tracy, his daughter, who’s a spoiled brat who insists on being pampered. Finally, there’s Jimmy, his lazy son, who spends most of his time gaming. With his money gone and no other options available, Michael returns to the place he knows best to rebuild – the criminal life.

Over the course of the game, Michael also sees a therapist, who explains that, despite his retirement, he can’t seem to “shake the game.” He thinks that Michael appreciates the chaos that comes from a heist, and the unpredictability of it.

Michael may carry a lot of emotional baggage over the course of the game, but he’s an effective, experienced man – the perfect one for the job.



Next up is Franklin, a young man who’s trying to find his place in Los Santos. He’s a former gangster who’s given up – mostly – the violent life, trying to find a new opportunity. He’s enjoying a somewhat comfortable living as a repo man, working alongside a shady Armenian luxury car dealership.

Despite his business success, Franklin has his own share of problems, including a girl in his life with her own responsibilities, as well as former business partners who aren’t ready to shake him loose just yet.

He gets involved over the course of the game through his relationship with Michael. The two are good friends, following the success of a job where they worked together. Michael considers him like “the son he never had” – brushing off the otherwise useless Jimmy – and invites him to take part in his upcoming crime spree. With the promise of plenty of cash and prosperity, Franklin accepts, eager to see what possibilities could result.

One of Franklin’s most reliable assets is his dog, a Rottweiler by the name of Chop. He’ll be used over the course of the game as a distraction, allowing the team to sneak in undetected. He can also pursue enemies, as indicated in a trailer released a few months back. We’re unsure if he can do any direct attacks, but considering his vicious nature, we wouldn’t be surprised if he could.



Finally, we come to the true oddball of the group, Trevor. He’s almost Michael’s polar opposite, a down-and-out thug who spends his time living in a trailer park, trying to maintain his day-to-day life in sloppy fashion. This former pilot likes to wreak havoc, whether it’s setting fires, trashing a toilet that’s no longer working for him, or causing mayhem on a chase with the police. He also doesn’t mind doing all this while he’s running around in his underwear. No joke.

Trevor had a huge falling out with Michael long ago. Though Rockstar hasn’t specified exactly why yet, it could be over a botched job from years ago. It also isn’t explained why he’s teamed up with Franklin and Michael for these missions, but it could have something to do with “payback” for what went wrong years ago.

With his unpredictably violent behavior and his “nothing to lose” attitude, Trevor could be the most entertaining character of the three, even if that means running around in your underwear.

Over the course of the game, Trevor will deal with certain characters that Michael and Franklin won’t bother with. First, there’s his bounty hunter partner, a lady who is less than thrilled with her job, but gives him assignments anyway. Then there’s his paranoid neighbor Ron, who will pop up to talk to him about a variety of conspiracy theories. If you stick around long enough, he might have some useful information. However, there’s a heavy emphasis on “might”.

Grand Theft Auto V releases on September 17th for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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