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Gran Turismo 6: Brands Hatch Grand Prix Circuit Track Tips

by Prima Games Staff

Gran Turismo 6 is a great racing game that teaches you the driving skills needed to advance your way up the ranks. When you first begin, it’ll be in the novice circuit, where you’ll get to play around on the Brands Hatch, Autumn Ring and other courses while you learn the ropes.

However, if you want to get anywhere, you’ll have to take on the Novice Cup Championship, which will truly prove you’re ready. The first two events in the race, which you’ll need to complete before you access the final challenge with the Brands Hatch Circuit Grand Prix, are a smaller portion of the United Kingdom track, followed by an opened up Autumn Ring. Once you complete these and rank up, the Circuit Grand Prix will open up – and you’ll want to be ready.

That’s because the full Brands Hatch track has some of the toughest corners you’ll find in the whole game, and if you don’t manage to take them in succession, you could drop out of place rather quickly. Fortunately, we’re here to help with a full walkthrough of the track, so you have an idea what to expect – and can graduate to the beginner portion of the game.

When you first start out, you’ll be able to gun the accelerator for a little bit before coming up on a rather modest right turn. Here, you’ll be able to gain a place on the opposition depending how they’re braking. They usually take a little precaution and brake on the inside, so, if you can, find a good pace around 60 to 70 miles per hour in speed, make sure you tap the brakes a bit to avoid going off the left side of the track, and do a quick swing-around. This should move you up from 6th to 5th right off the bat, but be sure to watch out for that driver later on in the course.

Once you get through the small right corner, prepare yourself for a really tight right hairpin turn. You won’t want to be foolish taking this corner, because it’ll be easy to ram into the wall. Turn on your driving aid and keep an eye out for any sort of red line that forms on the track. If it’s long, you could very well find yourself off the track. Slow down to the point that only arrows appear, and then begin steering into the direction of the turn. As you’re making it and slowly coming out, press on the gas again, so you don’t lose too much speed.

Following the hairpin, you’ve got very slight breathing room on a straight route before another sharp left turn comes your way. Don’t go too crazy on the speed here, but do prepare yourself by slowing down a bit and taking the outside lane. By doing this, your opponents will take the inside route, and you could pass someone with just the right bit of finesse.

Upon completing this left turn, you’ll have a gradual left curve that leads into another sharp left. Follow the same instructions as before, taking the outside corner and moderating your speed so you’re not going overboard. Get through the turn and go back on the assault. The rest of the course is moderately easy from here, though you’ll still want to keep on your guard.

After coming out of the tight turn, you’ll have it easy for a little bit with a straight route, and then it will start to go right a little. Once it does, slow down a tad, but not too much. Around 65 MPH should be fine for taking these corners, depending on the handling of your vehicle and its tires. If you’re using a rookie car, like the FIT RS ’10, you should be fine.

You’ll take a medium sized corner to the right and have a little more track before tackling a gradual right turn, one that lasts a pretty good while. Even if you hear some screeching of your tires, keep on the assault with a moderately high speed. If you start to lose a little control, don’t hesitate in braking a little, but don’t slam your foot on the pedals. Tap it and get around the corner, and you should be fine.

Get through this, and you’ll have a quick left you’ll need to take, which should be easy enough as your guiding line will indicate when you need to slow down. Take it, then prepare for one last right turn, which is moderately sharp but not nearly as bad as the ones you took prior in the race. Remember, a good amount of acceleration is what you’ll need to keep your lead.

Finally, you’ve got one last piece of slightly curving road ahead of you. As you’re headed to the finish line, be sure to keep an eye open for cars from behind that will try to vault in the lead. Don’t be afraid to get in their way and keep your position. 

Finish this race with a good ranking and the Novice Championship will be as good as yours.

Gran Turismo 6 is available now for PlayStation 3.

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