Forza Motorsport 5 whisks you across the globe, and one of our favorite locations is the Yas Marina race track, located in Abu Dhabi. Designed to get the most from competitive drivers, Yas Marina contains a number of challenging turns that you'll need to master in order to achieve a first place victory. We've got a few tips on how you can do that.

When you begin the race, you'll be able to get up to speed right away, as you'll have a straightaway with no immediate turns. Granted, your opponents will do the same, so it's important to keep an eye where they're positioned. Most will play it safe on the inside track, while more aggressive drivers may try to find a way to pass on the outside.

That opportunity to pass will come sooner than later, as a big hairpin turn signals just how tricky Yas Marina's track design is. It's here where you'll want to let off the accelerator and brake a little bit. If you've got the driver assist turned on, watch for the green arrows to turn yellow, then to red – and start to take the turn. Stick to the outside when you begin, because most cars will be on the inside. This will give you a chance to pass a couple of competitors – and even bump them if you're that kind of driver.

From there, don't accelerate right away, as you'll have to deal with a couple more turns back to back, first swerving right and then going left. It's easy to throw off your momentum and accidentally spin off the road, so try to keep a casual pace and stick with the outside corners. Do it right, and you'll pass a couple of cars in the process.

You should be able to get back up to a good speed after that, as the next couple of turns can be managed at a decent pace. Some may find braking an easier way to get around them, but depending what kind of car you're driving, a slight deceleration will get you through with ease. You'll soon come upon another hairpin turn after that, so brake accordingly and remember to stick to the outside.

Don't get too crazy on the accelerator after that. Make sure you keep up a competitive speed, but if you go overboard, you'll go flying right off the track. Stay at a good level and look for an open opportunity to pass cars over the next couple of small turns. 

Following that, you'll return to the straightaway, where you can hit the gas and get right back up to full speed as you complete the first lap. Again, your competitors will do the exact same thing, so make sure you put yourself in a spot where you can find open gaps and pass them. Don't be afraid to get a little pushy, because chances are they'll do the same and perhaps try to run you off the road. Burnout it's not, so don't worry about wrecking your vehicle. 

The key is to keep up your momentum without going overboard with speed. With your accelerator, you should be able to keep pace with cars and handle the small turns without having to go brake happy. Watch for the gaps as they slow down, but watch your own speed as well. This will give you the chance you need to overtake and eventually dominate.

Driver's aids go a long way. Not all driving fans prefer to use them, but they'll help rookie players. The arrows in particular are a great indication of where you'll want to apply your brakes and where you'll coast along, and the driving and braking assist systems also prove useful. Give them a test run for a couple of laps to see what they do for you, then adjust as needed.

Abu Dhabi has a great race track, and it will soon become one your favorites. Just keep in mind what you're in for.

Forza Motorsport 5 is available for Xbox One.