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DuckTales Remastered Strategic Preview

by Prima Games Staff

In 1989, Capcom began a favorable relationship with Disney across a slew of games based on properties from its afternoon line-up, such as Chip n’ Dale’s Rescue Rangers, TaleSpin and Darkwing Duck. The most popular was DuckTales, a game that originally came out in 1989 for the NES. It introduced Scrooge McDuck as he set out across the globe looking for treasure with the help of his nephews, niece and hapless pilot Launchpad McQuack, among others. The game sold over 1.5 million copies worldwide, cementing its place in gaming history.  

Next week, Capcom makes its long-awaited return to Duckburg with DuckTales Remastered, a remake of the NES classic with high-definition visuals, several voice actors from the original effort and the classic gameplay we grew up with. Capcom recently invited us to go hands-on with a near-finished version of the game.

Although Scrooge uses his cane to swat enemies, he also relies on defensive tactics. The most noteworthy involves hopping with his cane. Jumping, pressing down and tapping the attack button turns Scrooge into a pogo machine, able to bounce off enemies’ heads. He can use this tactic to his advantage, like nabbing an otherwise unreachable treasure chest; he can also use cane hopping to get across spikes

Scrooge’s cane even acts as a golf club of sorts. He can line up and strike objects that get in his way, such as rocks or treasure chests. This serves as an offensive tactic, as he can hit these objects into enemies if they’re too dangerous to cane hop, or strike treasure chests from above. Whatever the case, make sure you keep an eye out.  In addition, hit a wall every once in a while. Scrooge’s dazed response is funny to watch. Just try and make sure there aren’t enemies around when you do it.

To keep this billionaire on his toes – or webbed feet– WayForward added a series of new boss battles. For example, in the Himalayas, you’ll face off against an enormous yeti that stomps around. You’ll need to avoid his attacks, drop an ice block onto its head and then finish the creature off with a pogo jump.  

Flintheart Glomgold, Scrooge’s long-time Scottish adversary, also shows up, seeking to get treasure for himself. You’ll contend with him in an aerial battle, doing away with Beagle boys launched from a cannon while knocking sticks of dynamite back towards his plane.

Finally, Magica De Spell reappears in the Transylvania level, proving to be a real pain in the tail feathers with ghosts and haunted mirrors. You’ll need to figure out where she’s hiding and strike her a few times with a pogo attack in order to get past her.

Luckily, not every character from the show serves an evil purpose. Some are rather helpful. Bubba the Caveduck, for example, shows up in the Himalayas. Once Scrooge frees him from his icy captivity, he can bash enemies and objects that get in his way for a short time. In addition, other characters such as Launchpad and Gizmoduck provide their own services, though Capcom didn’t show what all they could do in our time with the preview build. We’ll have a breakdown of each level – and what purpose they serve – in the days ahead.

With its retro-style gameplay and plenty of new challenges thrown in by the good people at WayForward, DuckTales Remastered is likely to appeal to both old and new players alike. The challenge is just about right and the gameplay feels as timeless as ever. You can discover this gem for yourself when it releases August 13th for PlayStation Network, PC and Wii U eShop, and September 11th for Xbox Live Arcade.