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DuckTales: Remastered Moon Tips

by Prima Games Staff

Today’s the day!  You’ll be able to download DuckTales: Remastered for PlayStation Network, Wii U and PC/Steam by the time you read this, with all five of the levels from the NES game, along with some bonus content, remade for a new generation of gamers.

One of our favorite levels has to be the Moon, where Scrooge McDuck seeks the Green Cheese of Longevity with the help of his faithful scientist buddy Gyro Gearloose and business partner Fenton, who can transform into Gizmoduck to help him get through new areas. It can be a tough place, especially if you haven’t mastered the pogo hop move yet.  Don’t worry, though.We’ve got some tips to help you out…


There are various enemy types on the moon, with three in general that you’ll have to keep an eye out for.  The first are some big roaming aliens that simply move from side to side. They’re easily beaten, simply by timing your pogo jump to land on them as they come around, or hitting them with a rock or drum with a swing of your cane.

The second type of enemy is the “robo-duck,” who comes flying in either from the left or the right side of the screen, stopping to take a swing at you. These guys can be a pain when you’re trying to get over chasms.  Luckily, they’re dumb enough to fall in, so rather than worrying about pogo-ing off of them,  just bop them on the head with a projectile and move on.  Be careful, though – they reappear often.

Finally, there are floating octopus-like aliens scattered throughout the stage. However, if they’re moving in a certain section, it helps to bop off of them the right way.  You’ll be able to access an out-of-reach treasure chest, or, better yet, a secret area where you can score even more goodies.  You may need to hop off of more than one in succession, but practice makes perfect – and there are plenty of ice cream cones to go around if you run low on health.


Fenton, who gets captured by aliens, is being held in a containment grid in the upper left part of the alien space ship.  When you find him, he’s able to turn off a security field holding one of three Gizmoduck parts.  Unfortunately, in the process, he also turns off the system’s gravitational field, leaving everything floating in mid-air.  In order to reactivate the gravitational field, simply float over the three power switches hanging above the grid in a matter of seconds, and the gravity will return.

The Tricky Gizmoduck Piece

The first two Gizmoduck parts are easy enough to find, located in areas cluttered with aliens and treasure chests.  The third, however, is quite tricky to get to, as you’ll have to contend with spikes way above the spaceship.  You can get through these by carefully hopping along on your cane, timing each bounce so you make the distance between them.  Show caution, though – if you let up on your cane bounce, you’ll not only take a hit, but possibly drop off the stage, losing a life in the process. Take your time, get the part and move on.

More Enemies

In the second part of the Moon stage, which opens up after Gizmoduck blasts his way through the otherwise impenetrable door, Scrooge has to deal with a new enemy, the Beagle Boys, who were brought to the Moon by his nemesis, Scottish millionaire duck Flintheart Glomgold. They are quite simple to deal with, as they simply move back and forth, like the large aliens did.  Time your pogo jump and pounce on their heads, or hit an object into them. 

Boss Time

The main boss of the Moon stage is a rat, who grows to enormous size after taking a bite out of the Green Cheese of Longevity. Its behavior is hard to predict at first, as it runs around and jumps up onto the higher ledges of the stage. However, once you figure out the pattern – which should take a few seconds – you can hit it with ease. Wait for it to make its run and return to the center part of the stage, then jump on its head.

Do this a couple of times, and it’ll initiate a “speed run,” where it uses nuclear-like energy to teleport all over the stage. When it runs along the ground, stay on the higher platforms until it passes.  If it appears above you on the platforms, run out of the way and hide underneath until it runs by.  After this “speed run,” it’ll return back to normal, where you can quickly jump on its head.  Do this enough times, and the rat returns to its normal size, giving you the opportunity to grab the Green Cheese of Longevity.

Have fun, and enjoy the return of this classic favorite!

DuckTales Remastered is available now for PlayStation Network, Wii U eShop and PC/Steam, and releases September 11th for Xbox Live Arcade.

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