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Destiny – Tower Plaza – Tower Watch

by Prima Games Staff

The following is an excerpt from the Official Destiny Digital Guide:

The Tower Watch is situated in the center of the Tower and holds the basic amenities that you need for your adventures.


Accepted Currency: Glimmer

Reputation: N/A

There are few weapons that Banshee-44 has not seen, and fewer still that he cannot fix.


Weapons: A mix of level-appropriate guns in exchange for Glimmer.

Miscellaneous: Ammo Synthesis, Special Ammo Synthesis, Heavy Ammo Synthesis replenishes the corresponding weapon’s ammunition. There is a five-minute cooldown after using one, so use these items wisely.


Accepted Currency: Glimmer

Reputation: Cryptarch

Crypto-archeologists decode the past and our enemies, seeking new discoveries in matter Engrams and Artifacts returned by Guardians.


Acquire Engrams: Purchase Engrams with Glimmer and raise your Reputation with the Cryptarch. Raise your rank to purchase better Engrams. The Cryptarch rewards Guardians for interesting finds. Return Artifacts that you find through missions in exchange for Glimmer.

Bounty Tracker

When a Guardian’s prowess in the field is required, Bounties are posted here.

Once you reach Level 4, the Bounty Tracker offers a selection of Vanguard and Crucible Bounties. Gain Crucible and Vanguard Reputation as well as experience by taking on these extra missions. Choose wisely, as you are limited to five Bounties at a time. Access them inside your Inventory, where you can abandon them at any time to make room for more. Note that additional Bounties are available once you reach Level 12. You can find a list of Bounties at the end of this chapter.


Deliveries and messages are left with the Postmaster to be collected by Guardians when their travels bring them home.

This is where you collect rewards, messages, and sometimes new Bounties.

Special Orders

Tess is a broker of special goods delivered to the Tower from the City, and beyond. These special deliveries can occasionally be found here.


The Vaults provide safe storage for armor, weapons, and general items. These are accessible to all of your characters. Give your new Guardian a leg up by transferring a sweet piece of equipment or item to his or her inventory.

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