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Destiny – Know your Character

by Prima Games Staff

The following is an excerpt from the Official Destiny Digital Guide:

In Destiny, you will forge a legend, the tale of your deeds. You will explore the solar system, finding lost and forgotten secrets.

You are not alone, because other Guardians fight beside you. In the Tower, at the edge of the City, the Vanguard seeks to reclaim what was lost, to protect the City, and to push back the Darkness that remains on the planets.

However, before you go anywhere, you must decide who and what you are. Are you a mighty Titan, the foremost bastions of humanity’s defense? Are you a wise Warlock, the brightest, sharpest among us? Or are you a nimble Hunter, a roamer, a seeker, a trailblazer?

Your Class defines what you can do in Destiny, the armor you wear, and the abilities you can use.


Your race (and your gender) have no impact on your performance, so choose who you want to be in the online world of Destiny.


Survivors of the dark ages after the collapse, the remaining humans are tough and resilient, determined to retake the solar system from the enemies of humanity.


War machines from another age, the Exos were built in humanity’s image. These synthetic intelligences are each as individual as the humans who created them.


Not all of humanity remained on Earth during the collapse. Some fled out into deep black space. And something changed them. Now, many live in the distant Reef, but others call the Earth their home again.

Made for the ultimate Destiny fan, the Destiny Limited Edition Strategy Guide is a beautiful 400-page guide that comes with two exclusive lithographs, a gorgeous premium double-sided dust jacket (featuring a unique cover design on the exterior and additional artwork direct from Bungie on the interior), as well as one of Three Deluxe, Collectible Covers based on the Hunter, Warlock, or Titan. This Limited Edition book is a must-have collectible for Destiny fans.

The Destiny guide is also available as a Signature Series Guide and as a Digital Guide.

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