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Deep Diving on Dante: Top 10 Tips for Surviving Limbo

by Prima Games Staff

Before immersing yourself in the awesome new DmC experience, here are a few reminders, challenges, and pieces of advice for dominating with Dante and leaving Limbo.

Tip 1: Upgrade Whatever You Want

Seeing the huge menu of upgrades (with demonstrations and training!) possible for Dante might make it hard to pick just one. But know that you can undo and redistribute these points—fully and at no cost—at Divinity statues and between Missions. No bad choices, and no permanent ones. If you’re not feeling especially confident with combos, go for the bonuses that enhance the basic combos you already have.

Tip 2: Dig Into the Story

If you’re the type who skips cutscenes because you find plot in games to be a little “out there,” give this game a chance. Flip the subtitles on and do some viewing this time around (no familiarity with the Devil May Cry series required). DmC does a great job of keeping a small cast of characters, and laying off the excessive lore. A good script and facial motion capture make for some awesome cutscenes. And the concept of Limbo as a hellish space superimposed with reality is just rad.

Tip 3: The Exit Isn’t the Entrance

There are no maps in DmC. That’s because there aren’t any layered dungeons to sweat your way through. The way forward is probably at the other end of the room. Sometimes the camera will position itself behind you, making it obvious where you should keep moving.

Tip 4: First Timers Don’t Get to See it All

On your first playthrough, your mission report cards won’t show up complete. It’s not because you’re in an incompetent explorer, but because you don’t have some of the later items and abilities that allow for full access. Often, obstacles won’t even appear to you unless you have the right tool to clear them. So don’t worry about the missing lost souls or unopened doors. They’re kept in store for the diligent replayers.

Tip 5: Go Green

“Environmental” kills are often possible, and are a very efficient way of dealing with high hitpoint enemies. Every weapon has a simple move for knocking enemies skyward, so use them near an edge and do a simple sword combo to push them into the void. You’ll collect all the orbs you’d get from a more conventional kill.

Tip 6: Use the Piggy Bank

You’ll get red orbs from everywhere: walls, broken junk, fallen enemies. You can spend them on consumable items at the green Divinity statues and between missions. Two purchasable items aren’t consumable, but give Dante permanent boosts to his maximum health and Devil Trigger bar. For a rewarding challenge, see if you can restrict your buying to these items.

If you’re concerned about Deaths lowering your mission score, know that using an item will reduce it by the same amount: 10%. So do you really need those Vital Stars?

Tip 7: Your Arsenal is Just a Trigger Away

At a consistent clip through DmC, you’ll pick up new weapons. They’re for everyone. Get comfortable playing with either trigger held down to completely change Dante’s set of moves. It might not be in line with Devil May Cry’s past mechanics, but boy does it keep things fresh.

Tip 8: “djABe”

djABe? djABe! I’m coining it, and it’s pronounced (job-ay). It means double jump + Angel Burst + evade. When you’re going through tricky platforming sequences, remember to do all three of these things to maximize your air time. Remember to hold down the jump button for your first jump, and to hold down the Angel Burst too. Evade is useful to adjust your landing point.

Tip 9: Sweep Out ‘dem Corners

There’s not that much square footage in DmC for you to get hopelessly lost in. So before moving along to your next clear-cut objective, get off the beaten path a little. It’s where you’ll find keys, doors, and lost souls.

Also, whenever you take control of Dante in a new level or sequence, remember to turn right back around to explore what’s behind you. The secret stuff is often right there.

Tip 10: Have Fun?

It’s easy to get obsessed with the letter grade on the right side of the screen, and the report card at each mission’s end. But don’t let all that get in the way of your schooling (I mean, demon-squashing). It’s why we’re here in the first place.