Comic book characters possess signature combat styles, whether it's Spider-Man’s swing kicks or Wolverine’s brute strength and adamantium claws.  With the assassin Deadpool, High Moon Studios changed things up for his self-titled game.  Rather than stick with typical swords and guns, it allows for variety.

As you go through the eight chapters, you'll unlock new toys you can change automatically with presses on the d-pad.  That said, here’s a look at the weapons you'll find in Deadpool broken into three areas: melee, guns and projectiles.  

Melee Weapons

Beauroyre Blades: Deadpool receives these two katana swords at the start of the adventure. He can chain them together with combinations, chopping enemies to bits with ease.  However, they don't do nearly as much damage against armored foes unless you strike from behind.

Bang Lee Sais: If you're a fan of Raphael from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, this weapon will suit you.  The smaller Sais allows Deadpool to destroy enemies faster, stabbing and even cutting off a limb or two.  Similar to the Beauroyre Blades, they don't do as much punishment to armored baddies.

K-Soh 20 LB. Hammers: Prepare to do major damage a pair of croquet mallet-like sledgehammers.  Deadpool can smash a thug into a bloody pulp or deliver a beating on a larger rival, eventually bringing him down to size.  On the downside, these hammers slow Deadpool’s attack patterns since they take longer to swing.  This leaves him wide open to attack.

Best bet: The Hammers are ideal when you're surrounded, as you can clear the playing field in a hurry.  However, the blades and Sais shouldn't be ignored.  Mix and match to see what's right for you.


DT 1981S: Once Deadpool begins his self-titled adventure, he automatically scores two pistols.  They're quite effective, as you can aim with utmost precision and bring down most enemies with just a few shots.  They carry a decent amount of ammunition –36 bullets total – and you should have no trouble reloading.  They do very little damage against larger enemies, though – even via headshots.

Nuthals 220S: Technically the "next level" of the DT 1981S, these pistols perform better, as they don't have nearly as much recoil as the originals, and benefit from an increased rate of fire – perfect for clearing out a room of smaller enemies.  Again, though, they have a tough time against the big guys, and still take a good amount of time to reload, should you run low on bullets.

Kingmaker Shotguns: Now we're talking.  Yes, Wade is able to carry around a pair of shotguns, mowing down anyone who gets within range.  These babies pack a punch, shredding bad guys up close.  They do come up short from a distance, particularly with enemies on higher platforms.  

Harrison Cls. Pulse Rifles: This is probably the best handgun you'll find in the game.  The pulse rifle has a decent firing range, as well as accuracy capable of taking off an enemy's head from a distance.  However, you'll need to snag upgrades to see its true potential, since it fires slowly at first.  Max out the Pulse Rifle to help achieve all Gold on all the in-game challenges.


Flashbang Grenades: Most people consider the Flashbang as a weapon best used for throwing enemies off, rather than killing them – and that's the case here.  You'll use this to stun large groups of thugs, allowing Deadpool to run in and cut them down.  Just keep in mind these are best used sparingly to distract someone than flat-out kill him.

Frag Grenades: Prepare for massive damage.  Even bigger enemies will lose a good chunk of energy to these things.  However, there's only so much space they can cover, so save them for more enclosed hallways and rooms, where you know they'll be most effective.

Bear Traps: Set this down and whoever gets caught in it will practically bleed to death – unless you run up and kill them first, obviously.  This only works on one enemy at a time – there is no group bear trap, sadly.

Land Mines: Last but certainly not least, we have the Land Mines, which work kind of like Bear Traps but with a more explosive result.  Set these up in open doorways and then wait for enemies to come in and walk around them, and BOOM! Like the grenades, land mines will only damage those close enough.  Still, they're useful against larger groups, which you'll find in the game's Challenge areas.

Have fun – and remember, don't hold back.  The real Deadpool never would.

Deadpool is available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.