Sega's reimagining of the Sega Genesis classic Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse is now available to download. The team at Sega Australian Studios have done a great job retaining the nostalgia that made the original game so great, while at the same time introducing some fun new level designs that will challenge even the best of platformer players.

If you're stuck getting started, or you just need a little guidance, don't worry. We're here to help with some beginner's tips to get you on your way into this fantastic journey.

More Bounce For the Mouse

Mickey Mouse has two basic forms of attack in Castle of Illusion. The first is throwing projectiles, such as marbles and apples, which can easily eliminate enemies that get in his way. The second is the classic platforming routine of jumping on their heads to defeat them.

Out of both methods, jumping is the most effective. Not only do you save throwing objects for later on in the level, but you can also boost yourself higher into the air if you land your jump just right. Wait until you're about to hit your enemy, then hold down the jump button. If you do it right, you'll launch high up, where you'll find out-of-reach ledges and hidden goodies, including golden Mickey ears – which can give you a one-up – and diamonds.

Getting Around

Most of Castle of Illusion's level design is pretty straightforward, with one path to follow in order to get to the exit doors, so you can move on to the next rooms. However, there are occasional puzzles that have to be solved. Fortunately, they're easy to figure out.

The first one comes in the Enchanted Forest, where you come across a spinning signpost and various paths. The key here is to pay attention to where the signpost directs you. As you take each new path, the post changes, showing how many routes are left. It's a matter of taking all four routes and eliminating the signpost as a result, then moving on through the open door.

Another level, taking place in Toyland, is more of a stretch. You actually have to work your way to the top of the level in order to reach a key. Along the way, you'll have to contend with soldiers, jack-in-the-boxes and flying planes. Most of these enemies can be defeated with a simple head bop, so make sure you use that to your benefit.

Once you reach the key at the top of the stage, running back down is a cinch. However, don't just take the simple running path. Diamonds are strewn throughout, including multiple strings of them at jump-off points. Collect as many as you can and watch your score climb up.

Dealing With Ghosts

As you proceed through the Enchanted Forest, you'll come across ghosts. There are three different types – green, blue and red. Green are the easiest to deal with, as they stay in one place while you bop off their heads to get to a higher platform. Blue are also rather simple, as they go from side-to-side like a moving platform, chained into a block.

However, you’ll need to watch out for the red ones. These are really mischievous ones, as they'll jump out of the way at the last second when you head towards them. When it comes to them carrying around platforms, avoid them completely, instead sticking with the blue ones. Otherwise, you're in for a steep drop-off – and the possible loss of a life.

Don’t Get Stumped

There are various bosses in the Castle of Illusion, but the first one is easy to beat once you figure out his pattern. He's an angry stump that isn't too crazy about Mickey being in the forest, and will do anything possible to roll him out of it. When he first gets started, he'll roll your way, go up a ramp, and then roll back at you. Jump out of his way each time. On the way back, he'll run into a tree, dazing him for a few seconds. Run over and jump on his head, then step back and prepare to evade his rolling attack again. Make sure to watch out for the falling wood pieces that come from above – getting hit by one will cost you one of your life stars.

Once you hit the stump a couple of times, he'll launch a new attack, one where he jumps up and stomps into the ground four times, then rolls right back into the ramp. When he comes jumping, time the opportunity to run underneath him, then avoid his rolling attack when he returns. He'll hit the tree upon doing so, once again dazed and wide open for a jumping attack from Mickey. Do this a couple more times and he's finished, and the red Illusion gem is yours.


Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse is available now for Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. If you're looking for more classic Disney fun, be sure to check out our DuckTales Remastered coverage as well, including our Walkthrough 101 video.