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Best Breakout Strategies in the Halo 5 Beta

by Bryan Dawson

One of the most talked about new features in the Halo 5: Guardians Beta is the addition of the Breakout gameplay type. This mode pits two teams of four players head-to-head, with each player only having a single life per round. The teams battle it out until one team wins five rounds. To make things a bit more interesting, your shield is cut in half in Breakout. In Slayer, each player has a main shield, as well as a secondary shield. You must deplete both shields to score a kill. With only one shield in Breakout, deaths come much faster.

With the faster pace and higher risk of death in Breakout, you can’t simply use the same strategies in Slayer. Don’t worry, we have you covered. Check out some of the best strategies for taking down your opponents in Breakout!

Run for the BR

Everyone starts with an SMG and a Magnum in Breakout. However, the Battle Rifle is a short run from your spawn point and should be one of your first pick-ups. While the SMG is powerful at mid-range, it’s important for at least one player on your team to have a BR so they can cover the rest of your team from a distance.

If one player on your squad has a BR, it’s much easier for the rest of your team to make a push. You can also camp your spawn point and pick off opposing players before they get within proper SMG range. However, once you’re in a fire fight at close to mid-range, it’s best to switch to the Pistol or SMG to finish off an opponent. It takes about four head shots to kill a target with the BR, which means the SMG is the better choice at close range.

Don’t Push Alone

Teamwork is the key to winning just about any mode in FPS games, but in Halo 5’s Breakout, it’s that much more important. If you push alone, you will die. With only one shield to keep you alive, deaths come fast and furious in Breakout. If you don’t have your teammates to cover your approach, it’s very easy to get outnumbered and taken down.

Of course, if you’re going to push as a team, you need to have good communication. On the Xbox One that pretty much means you need to have your entire team in party chat. You need to discuss opposing player position and your general attack strategy. It’s also good to have fallen teammates watch your back as you make a push or defend your position. They can’t see everything, but they generally have better eyes on the map than you from their higher perspectives.

Watch the ‘Nades

You only have one shield in Breakout, which means that a single grenade is more than enough to kill a player. Grenade kills aren’t that uncommon in Slayer, but they almost always require an assist of some sort. In Breakout, you need to be extremely cautious of grenades since they can and will kill you in a single attack. Even if you’re able to quickly move away from a grenade, if you’re still within the blast radius you’re going to take considerable damage. It won’t take much more to finish you off, so be extra careful in that situation.

While you need to watch for enemy grenades, it’s also important to make proper use of your own grenades. You only start with one, so a bad toss can leave you high and dry. However, a well-placed grenade toss can stifle an opposing team, especially if they’re trying to push hard on your position. There’s a lot of cover on the Breakout maps, which means grenades can really come in handy to thin out the opposing team’s numbers.

Always Regen Your Shield

One of the most talked about aspects of Breakout is the fact that you only have one shield instead of the normal two shields in Slayer. While you only have a single shield, it still regenerates just like it would if you had two shields. Even with a full shield, a single grenade can take you down, but most of the guns require a bit more finesse to finish you off. This is why it’s extremely important to let your shield regenerate before you engage the enemy again.

When your shield has been hit, it won’t regen if you’re boosting. In fact, if you use the boost ability when your regen timer is almost up, it will reset the timer. This means you’ll have to wait the full regen time once you stop boosting. It’s tough to think about not making a quick escape when you take damage, but it’s something you must do in Breakout. A full shield can save you in a firefight, while a partial shield means you’ll likely die if anything even grazes you.

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