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Battlefield 4: Tips from the Pros

by Prima Games Staff

The gaming pros that wrote the Battlefield 4 official game guide (Michael “StrongSide” Cavanaugh, Dave “Walshy” Walsh, Mike “Flamesword” Chaves, and Marcus “Elumnite” Lovejoy share their favorite Battlefield 4 tips with you . . .

Michael “StrongSide” Cavanaugh– “I’m really happy to be involved in a new era of multiplayer strategy guides. We took this guide to another level with multiplayer strategy and tips. We were able to put in many hours to BF4 to come up with strategies and tips for every game-mode on every map for a beginner to advanced player. When reading through the guide you’ll start to understand and see the game in a strategic way. Don’t ever look back because your noob days are over! One of the biggest things I tell gamers to remember in BF4 is Teamwork. You don’t need to have the best shot to overpower the enemy..Overthrow them with Numbers. BF4 is a mass multiplayer game and riding solo just won’t cut it.”

Here are a few quick tips that I use all the time:

  1. When using Automatic fire at a distance, tap your “fire” trigger to get better accuracy and when at a close range hold down your trigger like there is no tomorrow! Using the Automatic shot is much easier than switching from Single shot and Burst shot.
  2. Peek-a-boo..The new peek shooting action is a competitive players dream. Use the peek shoot every chance you get, especially when defending an area. Quickly poke out and kill a enemy or two and drop down for cover. When dropping down you can also go prone to move away from your initial position to throw off your enemy.
  3. Teamwork. Run and gun with your teammates to overthrow the enemy. This doesn’t mean run right next to them in every case but work together towards an objective.
  4. Take time to become familiar with all the maps. Find all the tunnels, alley ways, stairways, and ladders to have the advantage on your opponents.
  5. Not so fast, wait to reload until your magazine is nearly empty. Many players get killed when reloading. I don’t see many players use their pistol and try to reload their primary weapon which ends up getting them killed. Reload your weapons when you have cover.
  6. Mark the enemy! In BF4 it is much easier to mark enemies with the button being switched to right bumper(xbox 360). You’ll find your teammates can help you out much more when they know the exact location of the opponent.
  7. Keep a player in your squad alive near an objective or the center of the map. The worst thing is having to spawn at Home base and travel back to the center of the map or near the objective.
  8. Attach a Suppressor to your weapon to keep your self will not be revealed on the mini map and this will keep your enemies guessing your location. This will keep you alive longer when you take cover after killing an enemy and are moving location. Suppressors are especially helpful within a building or small area.

Dave “Walshy” Walsh– “I loved the fact that Prima has been using top professional gamers to write their guides. It shows that they only want the most beneficial tips from the best gamers. This guide has been a joy to work on for me because I love nothing more than working out new strategies for top competitive games. Being able to share these tips with the rest of the world through Prima means that the people who are interested in taking the game serious will be able to get a head start on their competition.”

Mike “Flamesword” Chaves– “Working on this guide was something new and an incredible experience. The Battlefield 4 PrimaGames guide was taken to a whole new level, tips for both the beginner and advanced player. Every game mode and map is covered, the beginner will quickly be able to understand how the game is played while the advanced player will expand on the tactics we have provided. No worries if you are just starting off as a beginner, these tactics will surely have you beating the best players in no time!

One of the coolest things about this guide is that many of the tactics and tips we found can be used on more than just one map. If you see something interesting in one game mode and map, try it on others, it won’t be a coincidence that it works just as good.”

Marcus “Elumnite” Lovejoy– “We all wanted to be taken in a whole different direction, and really focus on teaching the everyday house gamers the tips and tricks that they wouldn’t find out about until they had played for a month. Gamers looking to take it to the next level will find this guide to be exactly what they need. These players will know what to look for right from the start, will callouts, places to position their team, and areas to control to insure victory! If you are a sniper you find plenty of angles on rooftops that you most likely would have had to find out the hard way unless you have this guide”

Read more about the Making of the Battlefield 4 guide, and get ALL the expert BF4 strategies today!

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