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Animal Crossing: New Leaf Diary Day 7- Big Fisherman

by Prima Games Staff

Tortimer Island is so peaceful I chose to stay the night, and with it being Friday, I skipped all that mayor stuff and did some well-deserved bug-catching and fishing. No talk of public works and ordinances.  Just me, a fishing rod and net. What did I catch? Here’s the first haul.

Insects: 109.9mm monarch butterfly, 118.5mm tiger butterfly, 33.3mm grasshopper, 49.4mm agrias butterfly.

Fish: 116.10-inch ocean sunfish, 120.85-inch ocean sunfish, 10.50-inch surgeonfish, 36.50-inch sea bass, 51.70-inch ray, 50.10-inch ray, 12.20-inch squid, 14.10-inch horse mackerel, 68.65-inch Napoleonfish, 70.25-inch giant trevally, 40.35-inch sea bass.

I intentionally left out the greatest prize of all, a 245.90-inch whale shark. It’s about time New Leaf lets me hook big game, and this rather large fish put plenty of bells in my pocket after taking it to Re-Tail, to the tune of 42,000 plus combined with other high value items. Now with 87,896, I’m that much closer to paying off the cobblestone bridge on the other side of town.

Catching something like a whale shark boosted my fisherman’s confidence, and I actually returned to the island for more angler antics.

Yarrr…here be my second catch of the day: a 15.30-inch squid, 15.60-inch horse mackerel, 39.25-inch sea bass, 54.45-inch ribbon eel, 40.50-inch sea bass, 13.95-inch puffer fish, 46-inch sea bass, a 77.20-inch blue marlin and a 37.45-inch moral eel.

At this point, I may stay the weekend.

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