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Animal Crossing: New Leaf Diary Day 5- Good Public Servant

by Prima Games Staff

Yesterday I succumbed to assistant Isabelle’s wishes and attempted to perform mayoral duties, only to learn that a development permit was required to do anything.  Approval took less than 24 hours, and that being said, I ran to Town Hall in the hope of assuming full governmental control.  Wire taps?  Debt ceilings?  Work stoppages? I’m there.

Being the Animal Crossing: New Leaf mayor isn’t nearly as controversial.  On the contrary, citizens expect you to do a lot of good.  You achieve this through two key ways, ordinances and public works.  The former impacts how the town is run, while the latter lets you construct new buildings using donated funds; you can only work on one public works project at a time.

Isabelle had a list of public works requests and I chose to build a cobblestone bridge to help Delfino residents get around for the price of 128,000 bells.  Then it was a matter of locating the best place, which wound up being the left side of town that lacks a connection across the river; tip- you can have only three bridges in town at one time.

Now I had to collect donations with the help of a gyroid named Lloid. Hopes of residents digging into their pockets was eliminated the moment Isabelle suggested I chip in some bells, which I did to the tune of 20,000.

Upon leaving, Winnie the horse mentioned something about moving and my disappointed response convinced her to stay. Asked if she was the owner of a lost item I picked up yesterday, but it’s someone else’s.

With the bridge under construction, I returned to Town Hall to learn more about ordinances; an ordinance costs 20,000 bells.  Having spent 20 grand on the bridge, this didn’t sound appealing so I left for the day.

In desperate need of funds, I visited Re-Tail to sell a whole mess of fish and bugs; 3,340 bells for the haul. This inspired me to do some fishing near the shore, where I managed to reel in seven zebra turkeyfish and one sea horse; so much for variety.  Price at Re-Tail? How about 7,100 bells?  Not bad, but a far cry from the 108,000 bells required to finish the bridge.

Time to visit this tropical island I’ve heard about.

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