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Animal Crossing: New Leaf- Buying Retail vs. Digital

by Prima Games Staff

Nintendo has embraced digital downloads through the 3DS eShop by releasing games the same day as retail to the delight of millions. Thankfully, Animal Crossing: New Leaf is no exception.  The highly anticipated title debuts June 9, and players possess different options to purchase it.  That said, there are benefits to going retail versus digital, and we’ll help you make the choice that suits you.

Be sure to let us know which method you chose in the comments section.

Buy Retail Because…

-Collectors always want the game, case and what passes for an instruction manual these days, so buying the hard copy means you’ll have something to display on a shelf and admire.  

-Retail games go on sale more frequently than digital titles, allowing you to capitalize on store-specific deals.

-Buying retail also means you can share a copy with your friends, who can return the favor with games of their own. 

-This is the only way to take advantage of the second-hand market.  You cannot trade digital games for cash and/or store credit, nor can you resell these titles on auction websites.

-It takes 6,000 blocks of free space to download Animal Crossing: New Leaf from the 3DS eShop.  Is your current SD card up for that, or will you need to purchase a new one?  The latter tacks on $10 at the minimum to your $34.99 purchase.

Buy Digital Because…

-You’ll always have Animal Crossing: New Leaf on your 3DS, ready to play at all times.  This also frees up the cartridge slot for another video game.

-It’s one less game to carry. The more space you save on trips, the better.

-Six-thousand blocks may seem like a lot, but a 32GB SD card can hold well over 220,000 blocks. That makes Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D’s whopping 17,665 blocks seem tiny by comparison.

-If for some reason the game gets deleted, you can always re-download it from the 3DS eShop, whereas losing the physical copy is potentially worse.

-Nintendo will release a special limited edition bundle that includes an Animal Crossing: New Leaf-themed 3DS with the game pre-installed.  You also receive a 4GB SD card.  Ideal for collectors; hardcore fans will probably buy both this and the physical copy of the game. This bundle will sell for $219.99.

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