Every year EA Sports manages to improve its Tiger Woods series, and this year is no exception with PGA Tour 14.  The game features several historical greats that you can challenge for golfing glory.  Let's not forget the fun you can have online with your friends as well, thanks to real-time ball tracking (no more "waiting your turn") and plenty of unlockable goodies.

You've also got your work cut out for you when it comes to Achievements/Trophies, as there are 49 of these bad boys to unlock.  Some are easy, like nailing a 400 yard drive with a power golfer, but others are going to take a lot of work.  Regardless if you're a casual club swinger or a golfer supreme, you'll find these worth unlocking.

Without further ado, the Achievements!

Power Player (10 points) – Hit a 400 yard drive with a Power Golfer.

Accuracy Player (15 points) – Hit a hole-in-one with a Control Golfer.

Shot Shaper (10 points) – Hit the fairway with a Draw Golfer using a Draw shot (note: Shot Shaping has to be set to Normal or Advanced)

Tigers have FIR (25 points) – Complete an 18 hole round with 100 percent FIR (Fairway In Regulation) shots.

That was Grrrreat! (25 points) – Complete an 18 hole round with a 100 percent GIR (Green In Regulation).

Going Green With a Hybrid (25 points) – Land on the green from over 175 yards away using a Hybrid.

No Picnic (15 points) – Sink a 40 foot putt with Green Grid Beads turned OFF.

Gone With the Wind (15 points) – From the Fairway, land within 1 yard of the flagstick from 150 yards out with the Wind Display turned OFF.

Shouting at Amen Corner (10 points) – Complete Amen Corner (Augusta 11, 12, 13) with a birdie or better on each in a single round.

Night Life (25 points) – Play an 18 hole round of golf at Night.

It's Five o' Clock Somewhere (15 points) – Play an 18 hole round of golf with LIVE Time of Day ON.

The Real Deal (25 points) – Play an 18 hole round of golf on Simulation difficulty.

In the Spotlight (10 points) – Finish in 1st place of a Featured Event.

Boost Your Game (15 points) – Play an 18 hole round with Boost Pins equipped.

Pin Collector (30 points) – Complete a Bronze or better Boost Pin set (can be done on any course).

Legendary Rivalry (10 points) – Win the Marathon scenario in Quick Tournaments with Nicklaus and Palmer in the U.S. Open at Oakmont.

PGA Tour Top Four (15 points) – Play a Quick Tournament with Snead, Woods, Nicklaus and Hogan.  (This can be done with any PGA Tour tournament.)

PGA Champions, Repeat? (10 points) – Play Holding the Lead in Quick Tournaments with Woods, McIlroy, Bradley in the PGA Champ at Oak Hill.

High Heels (15 points) – Win On Their Heels at Kraft Nabisco with Thompson against Lewis and Creamer in Quick Tournaments.

Past, Present and Future (25 points) – Play the In the Hunt scenario with Jones, Woods, Watson and a Created Golfer at the Masters.

Troon Open Champion (15 points) – Win Two In the Running in Quick Tournaments using Palmer in the Open Championship at Royal Troon.

Living Legend (50 points) – Become the All-Time Win Leader in each of the four Major Leaderboards in Quick Tournaments.  (This'll take a bit.)

Never Leave Home Without It (15 points) – Earn PGA Tour Card in Career.

LPGA Carded (15 points) – Earn LPGA Tour Card in Career.

Green Jacket (25 points) – Win the Green Jacket in Career or Quick Tournaments with a Created Golfer.

U.S. Open Trophy (25 points) – Win the U.S. Open in Career or Quick Tournaments with a Created Golfer.

Claret Jug (25 points) – Win the Open Championship in Career or Quick Tournaments with a Created Golfer.

Wanamaker Trophy (25 points) – Win the PGA Championship in Career or Quick Tournaments with a Created Golfer.

First Class (25 points) – Win the FedEx Cup (in Career mode only).

King of the Hill (50 points) – Become #1 in the EA Sports Golf Rankings.  (Good luck with this one, a lot of competition.)

Record Breaker (75 points) – Become a Legend in Career Mode by completing all the PGA Tour goals.

Golden Boy (10 points) – Defeat Bobby Jones in Legends of the Majors.

The Hawk & Slammin Sammy (10 points) – Defeat Ben Hogan and Sam Snead in Legends of the Majors.

Supermex (15 points) – Defeat Lee Trevino in Legends of the Majors.

The Big Three (15 points) – Defeat the Modern Triumvirate (Palmer, Nicklaus and Player) in Legends of the Majors.

Spaniard (15 points) – Defeat Seve Ballesteros in Legends of the Majors.

Eye of the Tiger (25 points) – Defeat Tiger Woods in Legends of the Majors.

There Can Be Only One (50 points) – Defeat the final Legendary Event in Legends of the Majors.

Last Name Legend (20 points) – Legend all events in Legends of the Majors.

Legendary Matchup (15 points) – Play a four player online match with all players using Legends.

In Good Company (25 points) – Play in a Connected Tournament.

No Sweat! (15 points) – Play in a Country Club Tournament.

Frequent Flyer (15 points) – Earn a Five Day Loyalty Bonus.

Tigerchat (15 points) – Join your Country Club's Chat Session.

Howl At the Moon (15 points) – Find the Werewolf.

Little Grasshopper (5 points) – Earn Golfer Level 5 with a Created Golfer.

The Dragon (10 points) – Earn Golfer Level 25 with a Created Golfer.

Pai Mei (25 points) – Earn Golfer Level 50 with a Created Golfer.


And finally, here's a hidden Achievement that's a real goodie…

Morning Glory (10 points) – Sink a birdie on Pebble 7 with Time of Day set to Morning.


Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 is available now for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.