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Achievement Hunter: Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3)

by Prima Games Staff

Though it arrived at the same time as the much more popular Bioshock Infinite, EA’s Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel continues a strong trend that the first two games in the series developed for exquisite teamwork with your online (or local) partner while mowing down all sorts of vicious criminals.  The gameplay continues to deliver when it comes to thrilling action, and since the game utilizes the Frostbite 2 engine technology, you can expect plenty of sweet destruction as you run through it.

As is standard these days, The Devil’s Cartel comes with a bunch of Achievements and Trophies to unlock throughout.  Some tie in with the story while others require you to meet specific goals in order to add them to your collection.  But no matter what your skill level, you’ll find that these are well worth earning.  (And it doesn’t hurt to have an able partner back you up along the way as well.)

So let’s get rolling into our latest Achievement Hunter with a run-down of The Devil’s Cartel’s rewards.  Note: there are some minor spoilers ahead in the “Secret Achievements” section, so proceed with caution…

Sir, Yes, Sir!  (20 points) – Level yourself up to Rank 5.

Keep It Up! (30 points) – Make your way up to Rank 15.

Blood, Sweat and Guns (50 points) – Achieve Rank 25 in the game.

My Baby (10 points) – Fully customize your weapon with six customizable parts or more (should be fairly easy considering the shop interface).

Overkiller (20 points) – 200 targets killed in single Overkill.  (Keep in mind it must be triggered by you.)

Whack-a-Mask (20 points) – You manage to take out 500 targets while you’re hiding behind cover.

Double Trouble (50 points) – You kill 200 targets while you and your partner are engaged in double Overkill.

Moocher (20 points) – You manage to take down 200 targets in a single Overkill.  (For this one, your partner has to be the one to trigger it.)

Let ‘Er Rip (20 points) – You kill 100 targets either by using the MMG or MGL guns.

Barbarian (10 points) – This is a fun one that unlocks once you manage to destroy 500 objects.  Cars, walls, whatever.  Destroy!

Armed To the Teeth (25 points) – Acquire all the guns offered in the game.

Look At You! (25 points) – Acquire all the in-game outfits, through the shop.

Look Mom, I Made It! (100 points) – Finish the game on Insane difficulty.  (Good luck with that – and get a reliable partner.)

Deep Pockets (100 points) – Buy all the weapons, tattoos, masks and outfits offered throughout the game.

Army of TWO (75 points) – Perform 250 Flank, Surprise and/or Tag Team kills with your partner in tow.

Aggro-er (40 points) – Take the Aggro for 100 Flank kills.  (Do this by drawing heat while your partner does the work.)

Headache (30 points) – Perform 100 headshots on your enemies.

Blood Sport (25 points) – Achieve 100 melee kills.

Just a Scratch (25 points) – You don’t get wounded once in a mission.  (Note: this is for medium, hard or insane difficulty only.)

Combo Master (30 points) – Perform a X 10 Co-Op Combo (easy to achieve with certain kills).

Melee All Day! (10 points) – Execute a Melee kill while you’re running through Overkill (doesn’t matter who activates it).

Cover Hopper (10 points) – Perform 10 cover to cover transitions, but they must be done in a row.

TWO Heads (10 points) – Complete a mission – excluding the New Blood chapter – with the help of a human partner.  Can be online or local.

Secret Achievements

(The following Achievements tie in with the story, and there are a few others as well.  Again, minor spoiler warnings.)

Let’s Do This (10 points) – Complete the New Blood mission.

Now What? (10 points) – Complete the Cause and Effect mission.

FUBAR (10 points) – Complete the Rally Point mission.

From Bad To Worse (10 points) – Complete the Outside Contact mission.

Massacre In Paradise (10 points) – Complete the Last Resort mission.

Forgive Our Sins (10 points) – Complete the Salvation mission.

Behind Enemies Lines (10 points) – Complete the Enemy Territory mission.

Drugs Are For Losers (10 points) – Complete the Narco Hell mission.

War Comes Home (10 points) – Complete the Assault mission.

Revenge Is a Bitch (10 points) – Complete the Confrontation mission.

And Now What? (25 points) – Complete the Campaign.

(NOTE: These above Achievements unlock with any difficulty.)

David vs. Goliath (10 points) – Kill 10 Brutes in Physical Confrontation.

Party Pooper (10 points) – Kill three targets with a single grenade.

Environmentalist (10 points) – Kill three targets or more using an explosive object in any level.

Backstabbing Bastard (10 points) – Perform 50 Backstabs on enemies.

Art Is Not a Crime (10 points) – Create your own Custom Mask for in-game use.

Michelangelo (10 points) – Apply the maximum number of layers on a customized mask.

Demolition Derby (10 points) – Take out 50 cars.  (Doesn’t matter how.)

Money Shot (10 points) – Perform a headshot on a target while you’re blind firing.  (It helps to have them in closer range.)

And Stay Down (10 points) – Execute ten melee kills on wounded targets.

Fashion Police (10 points) – Perform 50 Hat Shots.

1-2-3 Go! (10 points) – Players simultaneously execute two unaware targets.  (It doesn’t hurt to coordinate online chat or coordination with a local partner to get this.)

First Blood (10 points) – Make your first kill as a rookie in the Cause and Effect mission.


And there you have it.  Most of these Achievements are fairly easy, unlocking either by finishing the missions or acquiring certain goals with killing enemies. For those that are more challenging you should grab a friend and see if you’re up to the task.  We’ll see you in Mexico!

Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel is available now for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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