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Exploring the Vigors of BioShock Infinite – Part 2 of 2

by Prima Games Staff

You’ve come this far with Part 1. Don’t stop now. Here is the rest of our exclusive Vigors overview!


Shock Jockey is obtained in Columbia after defeating Slate. It causes electrical crystals to protrude out of the hands of Booker. This Vigor has multiple uses. During combat Shock Jockey is used to electrocute enemies.

The Shock Jockey vigor can also be used to create traps for enemies. Electro traps can be formed that will electrocute any enemy that activates it. Once upgraded, the vigor can electrocute more than one enemy.

Combat Uses
-Very useful in puddles of water.
-Once upgraded, can take out multiple enemies.
-Vigor effects most enemies in the game.

Combination Shock
-Shock Jockey + Murder of Crows: Electrifies Crows and electrocutes nearby enemies.
-Shock Jockey + Undertow: Combining electricity with water makes the Shock Jockey’s power stronger.


This vigor will prove the most useful in the final battle of the game. This water based vigor causes large porous suckers, similar to those found on squids and octopus, to form on Booker’s hands.

Undertow is a range attack that can be used to both bring enemies closer to Booker or push them away. The latter will be very useful at the end of the game so upgrade this one first. Upgrading this ability makes its effects stronger.

Combat Uses
-Very useful when facing enemies you need to bring in closer.
-Great for throwing enemies off ledges or ships.
-Weak when used on a Siren.
-Proves very useful in the last battle.
-Can be used to pull enemies into traps.

Combination Shock
-Undertow + Shock Jockey: Combining electricity with water makes the Shock Jockey’s power stronger.


This vigor causes the skin of Booker’s hands to harden and spread apart. This vigor may have a weird name but it can be very powerful when used correctly. This vigor allows Booker the ability to raise enemies into the air and suspend them, leaving them open for attack.

When upgraded, Booker can suspend more than one enemy at a time. Enemies can not attack while suspended and Booker can attack with weapons or other vigors during this time.

Combat Uses
-This vigor can suspend enemies into the air, disabling their ability to attack.
-This vigor opens enemies to attack by weapons and vigors.
-Can also prove useful at the end of the game.

Combination Shock
-Bucking Bronco + Devil’s Kiss: Firebombs launch from floating enemy.
-Bucking Bronco + Charge:


This vigor causes Booker’s hands to grow to an unnatural size. It allows him the ability to target enemies and charge at them with a powerful melee attack. The vigor can also dismember enemies resulting in their death.

Once this vigor is upgraded, it allows Booker to create a stronger impact when used. The vigor is most effective on human enemies.

Combat Uses
-Very useful against human enemies that are at a distance.
-It can be used on turrets.
-The Handyman is immune to the vigor.

Combination Shock
-Charge + Bucking Bronco: Shoots a floating target forward into other enemies.
-Charge + Devil’s Kiss: Target spawns multiple firebombs.


Return to Sender causes the skin on Booker’s hands to turn black and begin to shed. This useful vigor allows Booker to absorb any projectile sent towards him from an enemy.

Booker can also absorb projectiles such as bullets and fireballs and send them back towards the enemy that fired them. When upgraded, Booker can absorb more projectiles at once and  return them to the enemy in a more powerful way.

Combat Uses
-Very effective on turrets and enemies with machine guns.
-Very useful for Motorized Patriots.
-Fireballs can be thrown back at Firemen.

Combination Shock
-No combinations can be made with this vigor.

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