As all NFL teams prepare to do battle over up-and-coming NFL prospects during the last few moments of the draft, a few miles away, over 1,000 of the best Madden NFL players prepare to do battle at the Madden NFL Virgin Gaming Tournament.

Prima Games' own team of Madden NFL experts, the gents at, have brought their skills to tournament in hopes of taking the top prize.

Labbin time is over

Welcome to the tournament

Things getting heated

Steve "Sgibs" Gibbons

Zach "Zfarls" Farley

Sgibs putting in work

The tournament is currently underway, so stay tuned for updates on how Steve "Sgibs" Gibbons, Zach "Zfarls" Farley, Rob "Dreamkillas" Jablonski, and Zachary "Zan" Neal perform. For more up-to-the-minute updates, be sure to follow @MaddenBible, @Sgibs7, and @PrimaGames on Twitter!



UPDATE: Click here to read about how Sgibs performed or here for Zfarls's account of the tournament.