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Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Gets Some Gnarly Screens

by Prima Games Staff

Following the opening of a goofy 80’s style website a few days ago (one that offered a chainsaw and washing machine for sale – which we totally would’ve bought of they were real), Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon now has some new screens to gaze upon, through a rather convenient leak from Ubisoft.

The spin-off to the popular first-person action/adventure looks far different from the island surroundings, taking place in what appears to be a Blade Runner-like environment, with neon lighting and plenty of funky weapons that really stand out from the traditional assault rifles you used the first time around.

We also learned who the main hero of the game is – a Mark IV Cyber Commando named Sergeant Rex Power Colt.  You know it’s badass now, right?

Ubisoft does have a digital day event coming up next week, so maybe it’ll confirm the title around then.  We certainly hope it lives up to every bit of its awesomeness, dude.

Look for a strategic preview soon.  In the meantime, gaze upon the screens below!

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