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User Generated Content Guide

by Prima Games Staff

This will outline what makes a good user generated guide, what Prima finds acceptable and what it does not, and how to use the site formatting in your guide.

What is a User Generated Content Guide?

A User Generated Content Guide is a guide written about a specific game that advises and aides on strategy for it. It could be anything from a simple breakdown of the weapons available, or a thorough walkthrough for the entire game.

What guides does Prima Games accept?

Walk-throughs, weapon guides, character guides, class guides, level guides. In general, if something provides strategy-related information about an aspect of a title, we will put it on the site.

What guides does Prima Games not accept?

Prima will not publish the following (or similar) types of guides: Multiple titles, unreleased titles, lists, fictional pieces, copyrighted manuals or work. Whilst we will accept cheats and codes (albeit on another section of the site), we will reject any guides that encourage online cheating or highlight exploits in games.
We also will not publish guides that are similar to existing guides on the site. Unless your guide is significantly different to another user’s guide that is already published, we probably will feel it is unnecessary.

How should I write a guide?

We look for guides written plainly and simply in English, without profanity, inflammatory language or prejudice. We suggest writing in a word processor in plain text or rich text format, then copying and pasting it into our content form when complete.

What makes a good guide?

Punctuation, spelling and grammar. That, combined with an easy-to-read guide that stays on topic and clearly explains itself, will be a strong candidate for publication.

Can I update my guide?

Of course. If you include a version number either in the game title, summary of main body, we will match your submission up to the current guide on the site and over-write it. Please note, you will not gain Prima Points for each version (they will be subtracted from your account when we post the new one) and we will not accept placeholder guides with little content.

What formatting can I use in my guide?

For security reasons, Prima Games does not allow users to submit content using HTML tags. However, you can style your content using our custom tags. These are:

##This will be a big header

###This will be a medium header

####This will be a small header

*This content will be italicized.*

**This content will be bold**

A minus ‘sign’ will create a bullet point for a list

What type of images / videos / links can I use in a guide?

Due to code security reasons, unfortunately we do not accept guides with additional files either embedded or linked to from a guide.

Copyright, Trademark and Plagiarism

Please see our Terms of Use for details and our policy on plagiarism.

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