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Top 5 Tips for Surviving the Lands of Oros in Far Cry Primal

by Prima Games Staff

It’s 10,000 BC and you’ve set up a small camp in a cave. Now you have the open wilderness of Oros to explore, but the farther you travel into Oros, the more difficult your journey will become. Here are five tips to help you survive the harsh lands of Oros in Far Cry Primal.


Crafting is essential for your survival. You are only as strong as your tools, and you’ll definitely want some strong tools if you plan on facing the Elite enemies or stronger Mammals in Oros.

Far Cry Primal resource collection screenshot

Certain types of special materials are found in specific regions of Oros, but most standard materials like Hardwood and Flint can be found throughout the map.

Applying Skill Points to the Show Resources and Show Plants skills early on will help you gather a large amount of resources for crafting later in the game.

Use your Owl

While your Owl cannot attack any targets initially, it is still the most valuable tool for planning your attacks. Early on, you will have a very limited amount of weapons at your disposal, making every shot count.

Later in the game your Owl can be used to command your other beast companion and even take out enemies with bombs or a diving attack.

Far Cry Primal owl view screenshot

Enemies marked by your Owl will stay marked once you leave your Owl’s view. This allows you to stay concealed as you plan your attack on the unsuspecting enemies.

Timing is Everything

Just like the real world, Oros has day and night cycles. Takkar does not have to sleep during the night, allowing him to raid Bonfires and Outposts while the enemy sleeps. Not all enemies will be sleeping during the night, and the amount of enemies that are present will not change.

Far Cry Primal day/night comparison screenshot

While traveling the land at night, beware of Predators such as the roaming Wolves of Oros; they are much more common at night and will easily sneak up on you.

The daylight hours allow for much easier navigation throughout Oros, but you are at a much higher risk of running into hunting groups of Izila or Udam.

Sometimes they may have a Wenja tribesman held captive. Kill the surrounding enemies, then approach them to free them and they will join your camp.

Become a Beast Master

Quickly learning how to tame all of the Beasts in Oros will make your travels much easier. Not only will you have the ability to call in any beast you have tamed to fight by your side, but you will be able to avoid fights with the larger beasts like Cave Bears by opting to tame them instead of killing them.

Far Cry Primal beast taming screenshot

Having your beast lead the way into a fight with multiple enemies is extremely helpful. They can be healed afterward with meat or revived with a few Red Leafs.

Beasts can be tamed even if you already have a tamed version of that Beast in your Beast Menu.

Use the right tool for the right job

Each weapon and Beast provide you with different benefits. Use your Bow for long range engagements, aiming for headshots to pick off enemies quickly.

Far Cry Primal weapon selection screenshot 1

Your spear should be used against lone enemies, aiming for the head if you choose to melee them. The Spear gains a damage buff if you throw it, allowing you to kill enemies quickly at close range.

Club type weapons are the best for taking on groups of enemies; with their swiping attacks, they can injure multiple enemies with each swing. Clubs should not be thrown as they will deal much more damage if they are used until they break.

Far Cry Primal weapon selection screenshot 2

Beast Companions also offer some great bonuses. For example, having a Wolf by your side will increase the amount of land shown in your minimap. This expanded view will make it harder for enemies to sneak up on you and allow you to spot resources that you need for crafting.

During any mission that requires you to loot, having a Sabretooth Tiger at your disposal is great. The Sabretooth will loot the body of any target it kills. The loot will be immediately placed in your inventory allowing you to loot your kill while staying concealed from sight.

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