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Team Up for Victory with These Gears of War 4 Horde Mode Tactics!

by Prima Games Staff

Keep Enemies at a Distance

The Fabricator suppresses enemy spawns, allowing for added strategies when planning for your defense location. Once a defensible position has been found, keep in mind that enemies will not appear within a set radius around the Fabricator. Don’t waste this space by tucking it too deep into a corner. Enemies also join the game away from players, so use this to limit possible spawn points.

Keep an Enemy Alive

Since you must venture out onto the battlefield to collect the power left behind from defeated foes, it is best to take them out closer to your location. If sniping enemies from afar, let your Scout know where to collect the loot. The best tactic is to keep the final enemy alive while the crew collects the power. Leave a weaker foe behind, such as a Peace Maker or Swarm Drone, so that it doesn’t harass you too much.

Multiple Bosses

Each enemy type has a point value associated with it, as well as the entire wave. With a select pool to choose from, enemies are randomly selected to until there are not enough points to spawn more. Since one of the four bosses is present in the enemy pool at each tenth wave, it is possible for another boss to appear after you defeat one. Therefore, it is often best to defeat the smaller enemies before taking down the superior.

Dying Isn’t All Bad

Allow one player to collect all the power and then die before the last enemy is taken out. Use a Scout, equipped with the Deposit Bonus skill, to collect the player’s loot for a big bonus. You can repeat this process if the bonus is worth more than the cost of a revive. Two Scouts can increase the earnings if one collects the power left by the enemies and the other collects the first Scout’s power.

A Diversified Team

Select between five classes in Horde mode: Engineer, Heavy, Scout, Soldier, and Sniper. Each class plays an important role in Horde mode, from the power-collecting abilities of the Scout to the fortification-building prowess of the Engineer. A well-rounded team is key to victory. This doesn’t mean that you must stick to one of each class. If three players excel at sniping, then select three Snipers. Of course, things could get hairy when the enemy makes a big push.

Auto Deposit

Auto Deposit can be disabled when accessing the Fabricator. Press Y when using the device to toggle this feature on or off. For the most part, it is a good idea to keep this feature on. There may be times, though, when you want to save up for an item, and carrying the power yourself keeps others from spending your savings. This is a risk. Get taken out on the battlefield, and someone else may collect your bounty. Good communication and team play can make this tactic unnecessary.

Create Extra Cover

The Fabricator can be used as cover and is indestructible. Find a spot with limited access points and place the Fabricator across one opening. This provides extra cover when defending your base.

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