Return to the richly-detailed worlds of the Bioshock series in HD with the upcoming release of Bioshock: The Collection. The official guide has comprehensive coverage of all three Bioshock games, including DLC! Take a look inside the guide:

Bioshock: The Collection guide preview - Bioshock walkthrough

An Updated 560 Page Guide for the BioShock Series: All of the content in this guide has been painstakingly checked and updated by the author against the new versions of all three games, along with fully recaptured HD screenshots. This guide also includes all of the playable DLC content, never before covered in a print guide, for every adventure.

Bioshock: The Collection guide preview - Bioshock 2 walkthrough

All Area Maps—Including New Maps for DLC Missions: Key locations are called out on every map to give you the edge for finding every collectible, improvement, and upgrade machine.

Bioshock: The Collection guide preview - Bioshock Infinite walkthrough

Vigors, Plasmids, and Weapons Detailed: Every power, weapon, and tool in each game cataloged—with descriptions and strategies for their use in myriad situations.

Enemies, Bosses, and NPCs Documented: Tips and tactics for surviving every encounter. Learn to save your ammo and special abilities for the events that require them most.

FREE eGuide! Use the enhanced, mobile-friendly eGuide for strategy on the go, optimized for a second-screen experience.