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Prepare for Titanfall with Author-Tested Multiplayer Tips!

by Prima Games Staff

Whether you’re a veteran or brand new to the Titanfall series, Titanfall 2 has an incredible amount of both new and classic features. This combination of features has expanded on the gameplay introduced in Titanfall to create a completely new feel and style for the modern shooter.  For those coming back to the series, some of these tips may seem familiar because Titanfall 2 is still Titanfall to the core.

Mobility is Survivability

Titanfall 2 is a high-mobility first-person shooter: running and gunning is almost mandatory if you wish to stay alive and complete your objectives. Find wall-running paths all over each of the nine maps to optimize your travel speed. Gain speed wherever you can to keep your momentum going; you don’t want to waste any time or energy when your team needs you most. Slide off of edges like roofs or containers to get a small boost.

Titan Selection Matters

With six all-new Titan characters, you are forced to make a much larger decision when choosing which Titan drops when you call in for a Titanfall. Don’t be intimidated; when you break it down, there are now two characters for each of the chassis you may recognize from the original Titanfall. There are two Stryder class Titans, two Atlas, and two Ogre, and the chassis vary relative to the armor level, speed, and amount of dashes they are equipped with by default. Spend some time with each Titan and learn which ones best fit your style for each map.

More Weapons Means More Utility

Titanfall 2 contains far more primary and secondary weapons than the original, creating an arsenal that gives you more flexibility and more room to subtly change up your game. If you’re a run-and-gun sniper, pick up the Double-Take and stay on the move with each shot; or, take your time and equip the Kraber-AP. Choose the weapon that best fits your playstyle, then finely tune it so that you become an expert, unlocking everything you can with that weapon.

Play the Objective

Sometimes killing enemy Pilots is not the main objective in Titanfall 2. Sometimes focusing on killing the enemy instead of the objective is actually what will directly cause your team’s defeat. In every objective-based game mode, you must play the objective if you wish for your team to succeed. You will definitely need to get your hands dirty from time to time as the enemy will try and stop you from completing your objectives, but the objective and preventing them from completing theirs is your top priority.

Play with a Squad

You don’t have to be a social gamer to have fun in a squad while playing Titanfall 2. With the new addition of Networks, you can find like-minded Pilots that want everything you want and only play with them, or switch it up and play with several different networks throughout your session. Find a network that fits you and your gaming preferences best and prepare for Titanfall! It will increase your experience further than ever before!

These tips should provide a good foundation for any Titanfall 2 multiplayer adventures. I hope to see you Pilots on the field soon—if you have my back, I’ll have my thermal-explosive-launching, flame-shielding, Ogre class Titan named Scorch ready to light up a path to victory for us both! Be sure to check out our campaign tips and tune in to our Titanfall 2 launch-day live stream (hosted by me and my co-author David Knight) from 10 AM to 1 PM (PDT) today (10/28) to see these multiplayer tips and more in action!

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