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Making the Guide: Madden NFL 16

by Prima Games Staff

Preparation for the Madden NFL 16 guide started as soon as Patriots CB Malcolm Butler sealed Super Bowl 49 with a game-saving interception. After a full week in Arizona attending Madden Bowl and other Super Bowl festivities, it was off to EA SPORTS to see the newest version of the Madden NFL franchise.

Madden NFL 16 Player ScreenshotI met with the developers who personally make the game to learn about this year’s improvements and new features. Then it was time to go hands-on with Madden NFL 16. Playing the game early is still one of the biggest perks of writing the game guide—and it never gets old.

Working on the Madden guide takes hundreds of hours of preparation and gameplay before I can even put a single word on paper. This season, I spent 10+ weeks in California and Florida playing the new game and scribbling notes in my notebook: what had changed, what was new, which players rose to the top, and how the new modes played! My fellow Madden expert, SGibs, recently joined the communications team at EA SPORTS, so with him and our previous guides in mind, I knew I had to get focused and deliver the product the community expects and deserves!

After competing and winning at EA SPORTS Game Changers tournaments, I’m sharing my offensive and defensive gameplans with the community. These have been tested against excellent competition to bring TDs on offense and #LockUp on defense! Although the Madden NFL 16 guides available this year have evolved to different formats than previous offerings, I have you covered with the expertise you need—ready to help you win at launch!

As a result all of that preparation, hours of play, and piles of notes, here’s an overview of the print and digital products available:

1. The Madden NFL 16 Official Strategy Guide—This 240+ page print book covers all of the new features, your favorite teams, MUT, the brand-new Draft Champions, and Fantasy Football. As always, each guide comes with a code for a free mobile-friendly eGuide with bonus videos!

2. The Madden NFL 16 Digital Bundle—This comprehensive digital bundle includes the eGuide, Offensive and Defensive Playbooks, and plenty of bonus videos that will help you kick-start your Madden season and give you the advantage.

Madden NFL 16 Digital game guides

These guides will get the hardcore player quickly up to speed on all the newest plays and schemes in Madden NFL 16!



In case you still have any questions about available Madden NFL 16 game guides, here’s a helpful FAQ about the products from Prima Games:

Q: What happened to SGibs?

A: SGibs is loving his new full-time gig on the communications team at EA SPORTS. Although we miss the ZFarls + SGibs Madden strategy power duo, we’re very pleased that ZFarls is back this year to deliver the Madden strategies players need.


Q: How is this year’s Madden NFL 16 Digital Bundle different from last year’s Winner’s Kit?

A: Although the full Winner’s Kit with MUT Packs and individual team videos isn’t available this year, we still have you covered with the Madden NFL 16 Digital Bundle. It includes the Offensive and Defensive playbooks, the complete eGuide with a brand-new Draft Champions Cheat Sheet for all 32 teams and videos of ZFarls’s Top 16 Plays, plus a bonus “What’s New in Madden” video. All of this is offered at a new low price of $39.99. 


Q: Will there be updates?

A: Yes, but they’ll look a little different than in previous years to reflect the new product lineup. The expert Fantasy Football tips in your eGuide will receive regularly-updated player rankings from  

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