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Evolve: 5 Survival Tips for Hunters and Monsters

by Prima Games Staff

Direct from the team working on the official Evolve Game Guide, we’ve got the top 10 best strategies for staying alive in Evolve. We break down the five best strategies for team play as Hunters, and for playing as the Monster.

Hunter Tips

1. Team work, team work, team work. Each Hunter has a role in the group; be sure to play your part. One player who decides to do his own thing can have a huge detrimental impact on the fight.

     Assault: Deal damage.

     Medic: Keep the team alive.

     Support: Assist teammates and deal damage.

     Trapper: Track and pin down the Monster.

2. Communicate with your teammates. Mark waypoints, shout out locations, and let everyone know when your equipment and class ability are available. This gives the group a huge advantage compared to a team that does not share important information.

3. Many Hunters are best played from a position of superior elevation. Find a good vantage point where you can overlook the battlefield. When you need to, drop down to use abilities, such as Healing Burst and Cloaking Field.

4. The jetpack can be challenging to master. Running into a big cliff or the Monster on empty fuel can be a huge setback for the player and the team. Learn to use fuel efficiently. Tap the Jump button when you attempt to clear a gap, using short presses to keep your character in the air. Hold the button only when you need to reach greater heights.

5. Pay attention to Character Mastery. Completing the requirements boosts the Hunters’ skills, yielding an easy advantage over newer players. You must use all of a character’s equipment to complete the mastery.

Monster Tips

1. When you play as the Goliath, don’t use Rock Throw right away! Temporarily holding the Rock Throw ability before you use it may force the Hunters into using up their jetpacks, making them easier targets!

2. In Nest matches, if possible, always hatch damaged eggs. Doing so not only spawns the minion at full health, but the minion will go straight for the Hunters, helping to damage them!

3. Maintaining high ground as the Monster not only increases the effectiveness of your special movement abilities, it also prevents the Hunters from seeing your footprints from the ground below.

4. Feeding on passive animals in the environment is the most effective way to progress toward evolving and gaining armor. Doing this also leaves more threats in the world to engage the Hunters and keep them off your trail!

5. As the Wraith, activating Supernova before using Decoy considerably increases the Decoy’s damage output. Follow up the Decoy with an Abduction to pull any stray Hunters back into the Supernova area.

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