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Combine Abilities and Stack Mirages to Power Up your World of Final Fantasy Gameplay!

by Prima Games Staff

World of Final Fantasy—A Closer Look at Combination Abilities

On the surface, World of Final Fantasy seems to have simple party gameplay mechanics, with its throwback to familiar combat and party systems (appearing as early as 1987 in the original Final Fantasy). However, with the introduction of a new and unique character-stacking mechanic, the game offers an advanced and intriguing ability-progression system that allows players to obtain superior spells earlier than they would through conventional means.

Although the in-game tutorials do an excellent job of explaining the basics of strengthening abilities by combining character abilities and Mirages in a stack, there are several details that aren’t thoroughly covered regarding the rules and requirements for unlocking specific types of hybrid abilities. Let’s go over those aspects in order to give you a better understanding of how to piece together abilities to produce enhanced versions.


The unlocking of spells (pure magical attacks like Aero, Thunder, Quake, etc.) is based on a hidden point system within an element. Most unlockable spells follow a predictable pattern (as seen in the following examples), while special ones can be obtained by boosting multiple types of elemental points. For instance, unlocking Meteor requires boosting fire, ice, and thunder elemental points to at least 4 within a single stack.

  • Tier 1 = 1 point (Examples: Fire, Blizzard, Thunder)
  • Tier 2 = 2 points (Examples: Blaze, Ice Storm, Thundara)
  • Tier 3 = 4 points (Examples: Aeroga, Blizzaga, Thundaga)
  • Tier 4 = 8 points (Examples: Firaja, Blizzaja, Thundaja)

With this ruleset in mind, you can unlock a plethora of spells with the help of ability seeds and mirajewels:

Additional notes and rules for contributing to spells:

  • A member can only contribute points to an element equal to their highest tier spell learned for that element. This means a character who knows Fira contributes 4 fire points. A character who only knows Fira and Fire also contributes 4 fire points
  • It’s possible to unlock more than one ability in certain cases, such as Curaga + Curaga, resulting in the stack learning both Curaja AND Cura.
  • Unique elemental spells like Blaze and Ice Storm also contribute to their respective elements, so it’s not restricted to only the standard spells. These types of spells are generally wielded by Mirages with high elemental affinities (Ifrit, Shiva, etc.)
  • A good rule of thumb without having to wrap your head around the point system is that combining two of the same tier results in unlocking the next tier.

Channel Element Abilities

Unlocking these physical-based attacks is relatively straightforward. Reynn and Lann in Jiant form automatically contribute to a “Channel Element” ability when they’re part of a stack (as long as there’s at least one Mirage on top of them). The resulting element is based on the total elemental affinity of the other two Mirages in the stack. For instance, Jiant Lann + affrite + quachacho results in Channel Element: Fire, since the stack’s highest elemental resistance is Fire.

Cross Slash and Helldiver

These high chance critical strike attacks are unlocked when at least two characters in a stack are “flagged” with said ability. For example, adding a black nakk to a stack where Lann is in Lilikin form unlocks the Cross Slash attack.

Cross Slash-enabling Mirages:

  • Small: (black nakk, fritt, weeglee)
  • Medium: (affrite, deathskull, entom guard, Gilgamesh, gleed, goblin guard, Lann, metalliskull, mordskull, princess goblin, red captain, Reynn, sistertaur)
  • Large: (elefenrir, fenrir, undead princess)

Helldiver-enabling Mirages:

  • Small: (bombino, death searcher, garchimacera, ice bat, imp, kupicaroon, kupirate, master moogle, searcher, security eye, werebat)
  • Medium: (blood eye, bomb, chocobo, deathskull, demivampire, floating eye, hyperion, metalliskull, mordskull, vampire)
  • Large: (ahriman, buer, einhänder, king bomb, maduin, nirvalefor, undead princess, valefor, vampire prime)

Large-Mirage-Based Abilities

Most other combination abilities you can unlock are based on the large Mirage in a stack. The rules for these are much simpler—a large-sized Mirage plus anything stacked on top results in a unique ability. The following is a list of a just a few of the many possible unlockable abilities. Remember—the large Mirage must be coupled with at least one or more members in a stack in order to unlock the combination ability!

  • Fenrir OR Magna Roader OR Mecha Chocobo unlock Lunge
  • Ifrit unlocks Enfire
  • Undead Princess unlocks Unholy Darkness
  • Tonberry King unlocks Bullet Rain

There are myriad abilities to learn by experimenting with your stacks, especially by swapping out your large Mirage. Watch the handy “Stack Abilities” window while building your stacks to see what’s available within your current configuration and play with your Mirage builds to see if you can reveal even more abilities.

In summary, unlockable combination spells possess a specific ruleset, while other combination special attacks require certain conditions and Mirages to be present within a stack. For a comprehensive list of combination abilities and the required combinations to unlock them, check out our World of Final Fantasy Strategy Guide!

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