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In Case You Missed It: Seven Favorite Plays From Madden NFL 16

by Prima Games Staff

With each new season of Madden NFL, ZFarls dives into the playbooks to check out new plays, get re-familiarized with tried-and-true plays, and narrow it all down to his favorites. Whether you are looking to build a custom book or choose a solid playbook for Madden Ultimate Team, these plays will win you more games! We counted down some of his favorites during Madden NFL 16 launch week. Now that the NFL season is getting started, here’s a look back at a selection of those plays!

#16: Gun Bunch WK—HB Cross Screen

The cross screen can really burn aggressive defenses and allows you to get your playmakers the ball in space.

#15: Gun Split Viking—Shovel Option

This play gives the QB plenty of players to pitch the ball to in the run game.

#14: Big Dime 2-3-6—Cover 4 Press

The press look can really throw off opponents and allows you to mix in other coverages with the same look!

Our 13th favorite play is the perfect defense to use in the red zone.

#13: 5-2 Normal—Fire Zone 2

This is an aggressive defense that forces your opponent to spread out if they want to get you out of it. Use it against players who want to go for a two-point conversion.

Second down is a solid time to use our number 12 favorite play, since most players don’t check down to the flats or call screen passes here.

#12: Nickel 3-3-5 Odd—3 Buzz Sting Pass

This play usually frees up a blitzer off the edge, and most QBs won’t see him coming from their left side.

#11: Pistol Ace Wing—TE Cross

The crossing patterns from this formation should force defenses to pinch down and potentially leave a shot open on the sideline.

Diving a little deeper into the list, check out our #7 favorite play this year:

#7: Gun Ace Twins Offset—PA Verts Shot

The protection on this play is perfect for players looking to go downfield, and the crossing route is excellent for medium-range passers.

For the entire Top 16 list, plus full coverage on the new Draft Champions mode, expert strategies to dominate in Madden Ultimate Team, and up-to-date fantasy football tips all season long, grab the official game guide!

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