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10 Tips for LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens

by Prima Games Staff

1. Whenever possible, hold off on collecting the studs in an area until you build up your multiplier. Studs that are out in the open remain in place until you collect them. However, studs that appear after objects are destroyed must be picked up before they vanish, regardless of the multiplier.

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2. Use what the environment provides as a fill-in for character abilities. Luggabeasts can break down Cracked LEGO bricks and turrets can blast through Gold LEGO objects.

3. Your first Red Brick purchase should be a value multiplier, such as Studs x2. Save up the studs you collect until you have enough to buy it. The fun Red Brick modifiers can wait!

4. When your combat bar is nearly full, try to get in the middle of a group of enemies. As soon as the combat bar fills, use a special attack to eliminate that group all at the same time.

5. Take a break during Blaster Battles when your health gets low. Characters regenerate health when they stay behind cover.

6. Watch for the button prompt during Blaster Battles that indicates your combat bar is full. Press the flashing button to slow down the action and supercharge your weapon.

7. Use Multi-Build bricks in every possible location before you move beyond them. Not all Multi-Build bricks can be used multiple times, but when they can it’s almost always a sign that a minikit or Red Brick is nearby.

8. Only two characters have the Aquatic ability (both versions of Admiral Ackbar and Bollie Prindle), but three of the first four levels have minikits reached through dive pools. To get to these minikits quickly, complete the Before the Awakening mission “Poe to the Rescue” as soon as you collect 10 Gold Bricks.

9. As soon as they’re available, use a vehicle every time you’re traveling around the hubs. Vehicles are much faster than running, and they’re also much better at destroying objects and revealing hidden studs.

10. When you’re controlling a starfighter, watch for purple spheres. Flying through the sphere begins a timed run through the area. The arrow that appears in the gates points you in the direction of the next gate, so angle your starfighter to make your next turn easier.

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